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The Journey Back: allu's Re-ascension

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In many ways, Natalie O'Reilly is a typical fourteen year- old girl. But a routine But a routine visit to the eye doctor produces devastating news: Natalie will lose her sight within a few short months. Suddenly her world is turned upside down. Morgan Rowlands holds profound magickal power. Though she knows she has A Face First. After a catastrophic automobile accident, twelve-year-old Kelley wakes up to find her face and body After a catastrophic automobile accident, twelve-year-old Kelley wakes up to find her face and body severely burned.

To recover, she must suffer through skin-graft operations, painful dressings, and hand exercises that seem akin to torture. Monday, July 1, Hello July! I hope you all have a wonderful month filled with fun and family! Simple Sunday. Tuesday, June 4, July 4th. I've been away too long. I have missed being here. I am striving to get in the "Groove" and Get My Mojo back. I googled the topic and found this. It kind of cracked me up. Address Stress. Remember What Fun Is. Take An Electronic Sabbatical. Be Fabulous.

Hang Out With The Best. Do Something Adventurous. Love Your Body. Lost Your Mojo? Well I have done 4. I would love to do 7. How about you? Well I don't know about the list but. For me I am going to start with going back to what worked before. And that was beginning today with Blue Monday. I loved this. On Monday the task is to share photo's in Blue. Here's a few. This one and a few others shared waaay back in when I was sill teaching preschool.

Click here to visit the post. Over at this post. I shared a sweet and toothy Blue Monday. Another fun Monday part was Mosaic Monday. I shared my. Fall mantle that included some Blue photos and I made a Blue Mosaic of them all. This was super fun! Here's the post. A favorite photo of my son shared on Blue Monday, Good Fences. This shot was taken at the barn where.

So many good changes since this one was taken in He doesn't have a pretty white fence like this one but he has his own business and it is thriving! Click here to see the post from Wow just looking at these memories makes me smile.

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I'm getting my Groove back! Sunday, June 2, Hello June. Have A Great Month. Wednesday, May 1, Outdoor Wednesday. Welcome to the first day of May! I am back to using the tablet to post. It is definitely a challenge so this will be a short post. I just wanted to share the story of this photo. This bloom appeared in January.

April showers did bring some pretty blooms but I have not be able to take photos. I am praying May brings us all a month of sunshine and beautiful blooms! A few weeks ago I stumbled across a group on Facebook of people that journal in their Bibles. A sub group is called Happy Mail. I joined and was given a swap partner. I mailed her a nice package last week. Yesterday I received a very nice package in the mail. There were stickers for journaling or other projects.

I am saving it to send to my grand daughter. There were some cute little cards for journaling. Stickers and a glittery Gold Journal. Some more journaling cards in pretty little envelopes. I pulled this paper from my stash as a background. It was. The Best Day receiving all these goodies. This was a fun 12x12 scrapbook page that was embellished. This was my first time to participate in the Happy Mail swap.

The next swap begins on May 1. I am looking forward to. If your interested look on Facebook for Happy Mail. It is a fun group! Monday, April 29, Meet Lola. In the midst of pain and sorrow see these posts here and here and sadness last Friday we added to our family. Lola in the Humane Society Green Bandana with her new. I texted the neighbors and told them they weren't seeing double! She is so sweet and cute. Look at the paw print on her back!

She is fitting in and loving it as part of our family. In this photo. It was originally in my Outdoor room. It's in my craft. Both dogs love looking out the window. Domino loves to look out the window too. She's the one with the Heart on her back. She also has a heart on her shoulder.

The Journey Back

Our days are filled with sweetness. Once I am back to normal this might become a Dog blog after all! Hello Friends. I know it's been awhile. And I apologize for my neglect. The last few months have been difficult and I have had a hard time putting into words. This morning I saw this on FB. I gasped when I began to read it and then weeped when I read it to The Cowboy. Yesterday we attended a Memorial for his brother who passed away a few weeks ago shortly after my mother passed.

Below is the most precious rememberance shared by my daughter. As I read this on my phone unable to really see it well I did not realize at first she had written it. Because we 'share' alot of other peoples horse stories. The photo's are hard to see and I didn't even know that she still had these. Here's her beautiful story.

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  4. But this story is about a horse named Bach. I rode him once and the memory will be forever etched my mind. You see, my uncle invited me to visit him in NYC back in My uncle had made reservations for us to ride through Central Park. It was like a movie. We waved and smiled. Our horses knew the path, they were well seasoned at carrying riders thru the park. Bach was a beautiful horse and I felt special to share that time with my uncle. The Claremont Riding Academy was such a neat place. There were multiple levels; one for stalls and an indoor arena.

    When you go for a ride they send your horse down a ramp to you so you can catch the reins. It was so foreign to me, so different than riding in TX where we have plenty of space. At that point in my life I had already been more trail rides than I could count and even competed in different states but I gotta say riding Bach in Central Park still ranks as one of my best riding memories.

    Uncle Bruce, thank you for the ride. Please forgive my absence. I am trying to get back to a routine. You are invited to the Inlinkz link party! Click here to enter. Before I begin my post this morning I have some sad news. It is hard to put into words. When I looked at my blog and saw this photo I felt like I should tell ya'll my blogging friends about MaMa. I got the little Welcome sign I used in the above photo at her.