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The relocation and reconfiguration of the armament — which was placed at the wings — and the resulting relocation of the fuel tank in front of the cockpit contributed to its location in the airframe, which in turn had to be elongated. This wing design also resulted in the Corsair having remarkable aerodynamics over similar airplanes of its type. The shape of the wing was also beneficial in the sense that the meeting angle between the wing as the fuselage reduced drag and saved the utilization of wing root fairings, although the bent wing tended to neutralize such benefits given its weight.

On a similar way to the Saab J 21, the supercharger air intakes, alongside the oil coolers, were placed at the wings, this case on the anhedraled center section of the wings. The flaps were changed to a NACA slotted type while the ailerons were increased in span. The fuselage, mainly the large panels, were made of aluminium and attached to the frames by spot welding, which eliminated the use of rivets.

The top and the bottom areas of the outer wings were made out of fabric, as well as the ailerons, the elevators — which were also made of plywood — and the rudder. Noteworthy to remark that the landing gear was hydraulically operated, alongside the cooling flaps, the wing flaps, the wing folding and locking, the arresting gear, the gun charging, and the dive breaks. The aft cockpit had some interesting features and modifications resulting from the assessed hazards while landing on an aircraft carrier. As this problem was the result of the nose and the location of the same cockpit, a rectangular plexiglass panel was fitted in the lower center section, so to allow the pilot to see below and perform carrier landings with more safety.

In addition, armour plates were applied to the canopy area, with the windscreen being a 38mm bullet-proof installed internally and the behind the curved windscreen. The aft section of the Corsair is also full of noticeable characteristics, with a projecting fuselage tip where the vertical stabilizer is placed, which is large. But as the abovementioned reports from the war in Europe obliged the armament to be modified, the final disposition was of 6 X 12,7mm machineguns at the wings, three on each side.

It was appraised by the pilots due to its performance and its capacity to remove the threat posed by the Mitsubishis A6M Zeros, as well as to break Japanese bombing raids. It was also capable of outfling and outfighting any land-based aircraft.

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It was capable of performing interception, bombing, ground-attack and fighter missions. Noteworthy to remark, the Corsair was also appraised by Admiral Nimitz giving its performance. The Corsair also performed dive bombing missions in the Marshal Islands as it dropped more than kg lbs of bombs against Japanese installations. It also took part on the Saigon and Tokyo Raids, which were diversionary attacks prior to Okinawa. It was also during Okinawa where they had to operate as fleet air defence against the Kamikaze attacks in the earlier stages of the battle, performing CAS with bombs, rockets and Napalm once the threat was neutralized.

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They reportedly achieved remarkable feats, like keep flying after ramming an enemy. The Corsairs scored Japanese airplanes with only Corsairs lost, along with 14 warships and 33 merchants sunk Saigon raid. The Corsair was among the few WWII-era aircraft to serve right into the earlier days of the Cold War, as it took part in low altitude attack fighter-bombing and CAS missions in Korea, as well as heckling the enemy in night missions. As tough as it was, it was able to cary alarge payload and remain more time in the combat zone for CAS missions, and even the Corsair even managed to kill a North Korean Mig The Corsair also had a high rate of availability and hard resistance against enemy fire.

These airplanes were to perform the last dogfight between WWII-era or piston-propelled engine airplanes, like two medieval knights clad in armour, ready to joust for a last opportunity as to write the last chapter of an era. The morning of the 17 th of July, , the encounter was bound to take place.

Soto shooting it down.

The Vought F4U Corsair

But there was to be a second encounter between the veteran aircraft, as late on the same day, during a bombing mission alongside another F4U-5, they encountered Salvadorian FG The result was that both FG-1 were shot down, making of Capt. P of the Salvadorian Air Force, piloted by US mercenaries, patrolled the Salvadorian skies and border, looking also for the Honduras Corsairs, with no avail. In Okinawa, it became the main defence against Kamikaze attacks.

Flying the Vought F4U "Corsair" Fighter (1944)

Many were also sold as surplus aircraft, serving in the air forces of Argentina, El Salvador and Honduras. Royal Navy F4U-1 F.

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In , British Corsairs took part in operations at the Indian and the Pacific Ocean, remarkably used in Java as bombers. It was during Corsair service with the British, that enhancements for carrier operation were made.

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