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Homeopathic compact remedy mixtures may also remain without effect because classical homeopathy usually only allows one or, in individual cases, two remedies to be given to the patient at once that also have to be repertorised first. It is important that the patient, while under homeopathic treatment, avoids certain substances which will neutralise the effect of homeopathic remedies within a day.

These are: Caffeine coffee, tea, dark chocolate, any sweets that contain caffeine, etc. Medical herbs infusions, sweets, ointments, use of medical herbs, such as rosemary, in the kitchen, etc. Mint and menthol camphor, Japanese herbal oil, sweets, tooth-paste and mouth rinse that contain mint or menthol etc. Coffee can be replaced by barley coffee. Also, there are lots of lovely fruit infusions available on the market. Please buy toothpaste that does not contain mint or menthol. I cannot assume any liability whatsoever for the information given. If you have any further questions, please contact a trained and qualified homeopath.

Nervensystem gesteuert, auf das wir keinen willentlichen Einfluss haben. Der Trost aber beruhigt das Kind. Aus der Geschichte ist bekannt, dass Hahnemann sich gegen die damaligen allopathischen Methoden wandte, da sie nicht nur unwissenschaftlich und unwirksam, sondern auch barbarisch waren und den Zustand des Kranken verschlimmerten wenn nicht sogar ihm den Tod brachten. Kaffee kann durch Getreidekaffe ersetzt werden.

The treatment caused patients to get worse or even die, rather than helping them get well. Hahnemann was quite right to criticise these methods. Actually, nobody would contradict him today. In the meantime, however, this situation has changed profoundly. Modern diagnostic procedures, allopathic drugs, and operational methods enable diagnoses, treatment and operations of diseases and conditions that doctors could simply not treat two hundred years ago.

Even if patients make use of a cure from the eighteenth century, they do not have to restrict themselves to it in any way. Allopathic medicines required to be taken regularly for chronic illness should therefore not be discontinued without the consent of the respective medical specialist, and all necessary preventive medical checkups should, of course, be carried out. If the health of a patient improves with classical homeopathy, the GP or medical specialist will re-evaluate the situation. It should also be taken into account that Hahnemann had nothing but his observational capacities to fall back upon when carrying out examinations and gaining more experience.

At times, when a patient was questioned, it was quite possible that his or her family thought that a witch had cast a spell on their loved ones. Compared to that, Hahnemann proceeded in a very scientific way indeed, even if the old repertories contain entries that we know today to be obsolete because what they describe is not an illness. It was Hippocrates, Paracelsus or the Viennese psychiatrist Anton Stoerk who developed initial theories about homeopathy well before Hahnemann.

In the course of the decades, homeopathy has continuously been developed further. Research and experience has revealed information on the psychological effects of individual remedies. It has also become apparent which remedies act well when given at the same time, which remedies follow well and which ones are an antidote. They contain a mixture of various remedies which are thought to help, for instance, against pulled muscles or colds.

However, if the remedy that a patient needs is not among them, compact remedies remain without effect. This explains why some patients are happy with compact remedies while they do not work for others. Personally, I am all for the exclusive use of individual homeopathic remedies as pellets or drops that have been determined in a repertorisation process. If I spend money on homeopathy I would like to benefit from it as much as possible. It is not acceptable, in my opinion, that these mixtures may or may not help.

The Indian homeopath, Dr. He re-allocated homeopathic remedies to his own miasms. Sankaran assumes that somewhere in the family history a psychological trauma occurred which lead to a delusional idea that is passed on from generation to generation and causes all the physical illnesses in the descendants. The dreams and gestures of the patient, how he says something etc.

Sankaran believes he can heal all physical conditions as soon as the one right remedy is found. This method has been met with open interest as well as criticism. On the one hand, there are reports of successful treatments even by European homeopaths that have employed the Sankaran method. On the other hand, critics argue, totally justified in my opinion, that the cause of illnesses is not only found in the psyche. The repertorisation of a patient according to the Hahnemann method does not require any interpretation work but a compilation of facts about the exact nature of the symptoms.

This is matched with the respective remedies. Follow-on treatments are inevitable because a single remedy will never cover all the symptoms that a patient may have or that may become apparent in the treatment process when earlier symptoms recur. Even the above-mentioned substances that neutralise homeopathic remedies are subject to debate.

Some homeopaths allow the consumption of minor quantities of tea or prescribe x-potencies to be taken every day that also allow the consumption of limited quantities of coffee. The reason why I avoid these substances completely is that I have once made the experience that a homeopathic remedy was neutralised, and my symptoms came back within a day.

As long as I use homeopathic remedies and pay for them, I want those remedies to work as best as they possibly can. Therefore, I drink neither tea nor coffee, and I also avoid healing herbs, mint and menthol. I drink tea and coffee in between two remedies or after the treatment is concluded. How the Effect of Homeopathic Remedies is Tested When compiling the symptoms that the original substances mother tinctures cause in a healthy person, Hahnemann relied, among other, on contemporary medical literature.

Other sources of information were the tests that Hahnemann performed on himself and his family. Nowadays, test persons always take remedies in a homeopathised form and do not know which remedy they have taken. They write down the physical symptoms they develop as well as how external influences, such as cold or warmth influence them e. These are the modalities. Since the statements of one test-person only would be of little value, tests are always performed with several test-persons.

Thus, it can be confirmed that a certain remedy indeed causes specific symptoms in a healthy human being. If the test-person knows which remedy they have taken or simply places the remedy under their pillow and analyse their dreams at night, the results will be less than professional. Sometimes this is done, too, but, obviously, it leaves the door wide open for association and speculation.

Homeopathy and Conventional Medicine Apart from a few important objections that homeopaths mention repeatedly and which I have listed below, there is usually nothing in the way of a combined treatment comprising conventional medicine and homeopathy if a patient depends upon certain drugs to maintain his or her health. However, since classical homeopathy is very effective with many illnesses it simply outstrips conventional medicine and is, apart from that, much less expensive.

As a rule, the diagnoses of the General Practitioner or medical specialist help the homeopath evaluate the disease of his or her patient. Homeopathy, too, requires a comprehensive and reliable diagnosis. Yet, anybody can develop chronic or recurring health problems that cannot be cured with allopathic means alone because they are caused by family miasms, i. The symptoms of the patient point to the miasms that are active in the patient.

To illustrate this further, I would like to take medorrhinum, the nosode of gonorrhea which is assigned to the sycotic miasm, as an example. This shows that the sycotic miasm is no longer about the original disease of gonorrhea that is treated conventionally nowadays but about secondary diseases that have developed from that condition. Psora is also always involved so that the patient must be given anti-psoric remedies, too. Some remedies act more deeply and cover several miasms. Points of Criticism of Homeopaths Homeopaths argue that some methods of conventional medicine, rather than helping the body get well, cause long-term damage.

These are: An excessive use of antibiotics. Without doubt, it is sometimes necessary and reasonable to use antibiotics. However, due to an excessive use, bacteria that cause severe illnesses such as tuberculosis have developed a resistance against common antibiotics. Conventional doctors, too, are aware of this increasing risk.

Use of cortisone. This is a classically repressive allopathic drug. Taken orally, the body can hardly process it and gets bloated so that patients treated with cortisone gain considerable weight. Used externally, a skin disease will disappear but may come back, or new and more serious symptoms may develop all of a sudden. Whether cortisone is necessary or not depends on the situation, as always. Some minor skin rashes heal with a simple ointment or healing cream. Imagine you were a house owner and wanted to protect your possessions from burglary. You go to the police to get advice and fit good locks on doors and windows.

This is totally inexplicable because the wall is made of concrete which nobody can penetrate easily. It would shock and puzzle you. Your body reacts in the same way. Its defence mechanisms concentrate on bacteria or viruses that enter the body via the mucous membranes of the mouth and the nose or via injuries.

The intact skin represents a protective barrier. The vaccines are inserted into the body through this protective barrier, right into the blood circuit. Your body is not prepared for this. This may lead to problems that may well be serious. After a flu jab, the body may, for example, no longer develop fever during common colds and infections. Yet, increasing the body temperature is the most effective mechanism against viruses and, moreover, also kills cancer cells in the body.

Thus, the body loses a powerful cleansing mechanism.

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Autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis can progress after vaccinations. Maybe such high-risk patients should simply not be vaccinated at all. It has also been assumed that vaccinations may trigger autoimmune diseases. Homeopaths have observed that routine vaccinations given to newborns may trigger family miasms.

Also, it may be better to wait until the child is developed further rather than vaccinating babies in the first months of their lives. In my opinion, postponing it would, at least in western countries, not pose much of a risk. Maybe vaccinations should be omitted altogether if a lot of illnesses are known to exist in the family history.

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This homeopathic magazine discusses the treatment of handicapped persons. Homeopathy can push the boundaries of the handicapped person considerably and improve their health. Depending on the severity of the handicap, some patients may even heal completely. Yet, on the other hand, it may be downright careless to travel to certain regions without getting the recommended vaccinations before. If you contract malaria during your holidays, you will have to deal with the consequences of this illness for the rest of your life. It is all about risk assessment. Additionally, in the opinion of homeopaths, intensive care of newborns can lead to physical damage e.

More information about that can also be found in the above-mentioned magazine. Allopathic drugs that, contrary to all claims, do not have any proven effect. This concerns drugs for common cold and certain overpriced drugs against cancer that conventional doctors criticised in spring Hahnemann only allows one remedy at a time that has to be given time to act unless another acute health problem sets in which requires another remedy. Our experience so far allows two remedies to be taken at a time or one remedy in two different potencies.

There are some remedies which have a general effect, for example arnica against hematomas. Hematomas are pretty much the same in everyone which explains why this remedy can be recommended generally. However, if the patient has a fever, the homeopath has various options, and belladonna, generally a good anti-fever remedy, may not be the first choice. Things homeopaths should do - Have a basic questionnaire ready, even though some homeopaths work through those questions by interviewing their patients.

If remedies act in a similar way, homeopaths should keep asking questions until the best remedy for the patient is found. Usually, a remedy has done its work after being taken once. A repetition at a later date, however, is not excluded. The Campaign against Homeopathy After publication of the results of the studies that had allegedly come to the conclusion that homeopathy was based exclusively on the placebo-effect, a little army was unleashed onto the world wide web to post the following statements: There is nothing in it; therefore it has no effect.

Especially the Lac Constance is mentioned frequently when, in fact, a simple dilution without shaking the remedy will lead to no effect so that this comparison is not, strictly speaking, correct. The truth is that nobody knows yet why homeopathic remedies are effective. However, it is indisputable that they are, and this can be confirmed by many patients. If you are lucky enough, your aggravation reaction to a remedy may force you into bed for a day or two or bother you for two weeks while you are at work. We constantly use methods we cannot fully explain but have found to work.

All that counts for me are the results. It is all based on belief and free invention. That is impossible. Just try believing that you experience any arbitrary aggravation symptoms. It does not work. Homeopathy clearly affects the body. The symptoms are listed in repertories and interlink exactly with the miasms. Homeopathy is a medical and scientific discipline that is based on observation and experience. Moreover, I noticed that those who posted the respective discrediting statements did not even know what a repertory was, let alone were able to even write the word.

In other words: Apart from the stereotypical comments these people post, they know nothing at all about homeopathy. One of their leading spokesmen, Edzard Ernst, an alleged homeopath who pretends to have realised in the course of time that homeopathy was a false doctrine, admitted in a German homeopathic magazine never to have passed any examinations. In fact, all patients will experience an effect as long as the remedy has been chosen carefully and as long as the patient is capable of reacting to a homeopathic stimulus which most of us are.

If you rely on homeopathy, you risk your life and your health. This statement is wrong because a homeopath, too, requires a reliable diagnosis. Conventional medicine, if needed, is, of course, not excluded.

Since homeopaths have to concern themselves with their patients for such a long time, a homeopath is much less at risk of making a wrong diagnosis compared to a conventional doctor who is under time pressure because his waiting area is overcrowded. Homeopaths are no doctors and have not received any medical training. If you are ill, you have to consult a "proper" doctor. Homeopaths can be alternative practitioners, general practitioners or even medical experts. Alternative practitioners who have specialised in homeopathy, too, demonstrate a profound knowledge in the medical field which is something you can easily convince yourself of if you read their publications in specialised professional magazines.

Allopathic drugs are well-tested, effective and safe. It would be nice if that was true.

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Side-effects of allopathic drugs have worldwide lead to deaths or permanent health damage of patients. These risks have apparently not been found in the test phases. Moreover, some drugs are suspected not to be effective in the way they were intended to be. Chronically ill patients will be dependent on drugs for the rest of their lives so that allopathy does not heal anything that the body cannot cope with on its own.

Contact a homeopath to find out whether your health problem can be treated with classical homeopathy. A short while ago I read that homeopaths hope that epigenetics will be able to explain the effects of homeopathy. If you have ever experienced that after a new remedy a different aggravation effect sets in before the symptoms disappear, you will probably have no more doubts that homeopathy is effective.

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The necessity to repertorise every patient individually impedes randomized, placebo-controlled, clinical trials, demanded by homeopathy opponents to prove an effect. This is something that these people know all too well. It is merely a good opportunity to discredit homeopathy and to misrepresent it as ineffective. It is not consideration for the health of the people that is behind all this. The pharmaceutical industry, for example, would love to expand into those parts of the British health care system that are still dedicated to homeopathy. After all, Great Britain still has homeopathic hospitals while in Germany most homeopaths practice privately.

However, to demand, despite the right of choice of therapy, that patients should have no access to homeopathic treatment even though their condition cannot be treated conventionally, is effectively like saying that these patients should have no opportunity to get well at all and therefore will have to live with their pain throughout their lives. By the way, this campaign also extends to other alternative methods such as acupuncture. I have spoken to two persons who work in a medical profession who were very pleased with the effects of acupuncture, on account of their own experiences. Look through a repertory and read reports published by homeopaths to get an impression what homeopathy can do.

One treatment only will not be sufficient; there will have to be follow-up treatments in every case. I would like to go into more details with regard to homeopathic cancer treatment. In the last twenty years of the nineteenth and the first twenty years of the twentieth century, when radiotherapy was still unknown, homeopathic cancer therapy experienced a heyday. Reports about successful cancer treatments based on homeopathy date back to those days.

However, it is not the cancer itself that poses the biggest problem. Frequently, the cancer itself can be easily and thoroughly removed. Rather, it is the metastases that are often deadly and inoperable and spread throughout the whole body. We need more research in this field because when the conventional doctor has to break the horrible news to his or her patient that their cancer illness is inoperable, it is usually also too late for homeopathy. Homeopathic treatment should best start as early as possible after diagnosis, or, even better, as a precautionary antimiasmatic treatment as long as a patient does not have this disease, but may, however, find it in his or her family history or when various family miasms suggest such a menace may exist.

However, anybody can get cancer. Even if homeopathy may sometimes not be able to save a life, it can still ease the process of dying. Loved ones have been reported to wake up briefly after being given a homeopathic remedy to say good-bye before peacefully falling asleep, never to wake up again. There have also been reports that the death of a patient that everybody expected did not occur. Last but not least, I would like to point out that there is no such thing as a homeopathy that helps you lose weight. However, if there is a health problem that can be tackled with homeopathy, your weight may regulate itself.

However, these problems definitely require a thorough repertorisation and should remain in the hands of a trained homeopath. Alcoholics should restrict themselves to globules pellets since liquid homeopathic remedies contain alcohol. This blog represents my personal opinion and experiences with homeopathy. It cannot replace a medical treatment. I assume no responsibility for the information I have given. If you are ill, contact your doctor or an alternative practitioner. Die Behandlungen trugen mehr zur Verschlimmerung der Lage des Kranken oder gar zu dessen Tod bei, als dass sie ihm halfen, zu genesen.

Hahnemann kritisierte diese Vorgehensweisen vollkommen zu Recht. Zwischenzeitlich allerdings hat sich die Situation grundlegend gewandelt. Mehr dazu findet sich u. Diese Mittel enthalten eine Mischung verschiedener Einzelmittel, von denen man z. Ist aber das Mittel, das der Patient braucht, nicht dabei, bleiben Kompaktmittel wirkungslos. Es kann nicht sein, dass die Mittelmischungen vielleicht irgendwie ein bisschen helfen. Sankaran, entwickelte eine ganz neue Miasma-Theorie und nahm u.

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Dies wird dann mit den Wirkungen der jeweiligen Mittel abgeglichen. Die zweite Informationsquelle waren Selbstversuche Hahnemanns, in die er seine Familie mit einband. Welches Mittel es ist, erfahren sie nicht. Die Symptome des Patienten verweisen auf die Miasmen, die in ihm aktiv sind.

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Insgesamt fehlten oft Langzeitdaten, die Sicherheit und Unbedenklichkeit der Hormongabe belegten. Daher sollte ihre Einnahme kritisch betrachtet werden. Das Altern ist ein biologischer Vorgang, der mit der Geburt beginnt und nicht umkehrbar ist. Matthias M.

Weber, Mediensprecher der DGE. Hochwertige Studien haben keine signifikanten Effekte auf wichtige metabolische Parameter oder das Wohlbefindens ergeben. Doch placebo-kontrollierte klinische Studien beim Menschen sind schwer zu finden. Die versprochenen Effekte stammen aus Tierexperimenten mit zum Teil hohen Dosierungen. Das Melatonin ist kein klassisches Schlafmittel mit sedierender Wirkung. Ab etwa dem Sie ist besser belegt und hat zum Teil auch positive Effekte auf die eigene Hormonproduktion im Alter. Literatur: Araujo, Wittert Endocrinology of the aging male.

Best Pract Res Endocrinol Metab Davis et al. JCEM Elraiyah et al. Nair et al. NEJM — Bartke, Darcy Growth hormone and aging: Pitfalls and new insights. Sattler Growth hormone in the aging male. Jiki et al. Front Physiol 9: Snyder et al. NEJM: Onasanya et al. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol online.

Im Rahmen einer multizentrischen Studie werden die Effekte der Psychotherapie, insbesondere auch auf die Kinder, untersucht. Die Studie erfolgt unter der Leitung von Prof. Stefanie Jungmann am Standort Mainz. An wen richtet sich das Angebot? Wie ist der Ablauf? In einem Telefonat wird besprochen, ob das Therapieangebot passend ist. Medizin am Abend Berlin DirektKontakt www. Die Arbeit des Comprehensive Sepsis Center wird wissenschaftlich begleitet und laufend weiterentwickelt.

Ziel ist die Aufnahme in den Krankenhausplan des Freistaats. Da diese Erkrankung nahezu alle Organsysteme umfassen kann, sind gerade hier spezifische Behandlungsangebote und -konzepte besonders wichtig. Diese sind seit Jahren in der Klinik in Kreischa vorhanden. Thea Koch. Kann eine Darmspiegelung das Risiko verringern, an Darmkrebs zu sterben?