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And there are all sorts of things in those beards too, though mostly small nestling families of smiles. And teeth. Unfortunately, this fixation that beards can signify every feeling, small or large, hide 'wolfish grins' probably, gives a completely wrong, negative, effect, undoing previous good work. The wait was more than worth it, this is what Giles K can do when he concentrates. Nobody else, In my humble opinion captures the savagery, the brutality, the bloodthirstiness of the Viking age as well as Kristian but he also captures the joy, the camaraderie and the sheer fun of a crew with an open ocean and the world at their feet.

He manages to cram into a paragraph the ferocity, the viciousness and gruesome bloodiness of battle and such is the power of the descriptive narrative that as Kristian builds layer upon layer of noise, blood, terror and brutality you feel yourself drawn into the heart of the scene. Wings of the Storm is the fabulous final book in the Rise of Siguard series and the author once again brings to life the savage and brutal world of the Vikings in a way only he can. Apr 22, James Cox rated it really liked it. This is the 3rd book and another great read in this series. I really enjoyed the characters and the plot.

May 19, Bruno rated it it was amazing Shelves: favourite-foreign-works. The final chapter in this amazing trilogy is everything an epic work should have. The great conclusion culminating in a climatic confrontation between two sides. One seeking power,the other retribution. Each one with their own allies and subjects.

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Who will come out victorious? Who will see another day? Who is going to give up all to protect those he cares about? Some characters will seek redemption,some power,some glory and riches. You will find all of that in this final book of another excellent t The final chapter in this amazing trilogy is everything an epic work should have. You will find all of that in this final book of another excellent trilogy.

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Sure,it took some time to get to it,but it was worth all the waiting,build up and settings. Of course,when comparing it to the other works within this saga,this would take a number 3 place behind Blood eye and Odin's wolves ,giving the fact that it needs full understanding of the situation. I'm glad the author took it's time,so he could deliver us another awesome work within this great saga and I,also,hope he would return with a new work,regarding the great viking history and it's historical figures.

Perhaps someone like Ragnar Lothbrook, his sons or Harald Hardrada? Who knows? Only the time will tell. Until that,enjoy in this great saga or seek another great works like Bernard Cromwell and his Anglo-Saxon stories set in this period. For the time,I'm going to put aside new trilogy,until I finish reviewing the best known novels of Ernest Hemingway. As always,I'm opened for discussions regarding the works I've already read and giving or receiving new recommendations. I wish you all wonderful and pleasant evening.

Sep 11, Heather Jensen rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Enjoyed 'living' this. If I had read this last one in closer succession, I would have been completely enthralled. Time, I need more Time.

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I feel like fiction stories these days are more massive in their distinct information, for lack of a better summation. Maybe the battle scenes were overly long, but I give that they author is trying to put us in the scene, I am patient but a fidgeter, and woman reading what is arguably a book for people with more testosterone. Anyway - Wish I hadn't wait Enjoyed 'living' this. Anyway - Wish I hadn't waited on 3. Although, now I want to march through Blood Eye Raven again!

A foreshadowing. I thought Valgerd's final moments, while sad, knew it was the end of the series, was true to life. And, I guess, the only other thing would be Runa, felt like Runa's wyrds ; there is more to tell. Perhaps some day we shall find out. Jun 08, MarkP rated it it was amazing. A five star ending to the series. The best of the three books in my opinion where the story took some new twists and turns and the character development stepped up a notch particularly with regards to Sigurd's sister, Runa.

So easy. So fast. So Target.

The ending was more than satisfying and left me hoping for more of the same sometime in the future. Excellent read This is the best one of the series. I love these books, I do hope he continues the story to see what happens next. The battle scenes are brilliant and I recommend the trilogy to anyone. Sep 24, Diane Cranson rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. As another reader commented, this completes the Sigurd trilogy in spectacular fashion. I now want to read Raven again. I hope Giles Kristian returns to this story to tell us about the years between The Rise of Sigurd series and the Raven series.

I want to know so much more. I now forever say goodbye to Sigurd Haraldarson and his men. The trilogy will no doubt long remain in my top ten favourite trilogies for many reasons. Be it the story-telling, which is excellent and feels very in-keeping with how you would expect Vikings to act. The characters were top-notch as were the relationships they had with one another and the world around them in general.

It could also be the raw violence and the brutal ingenuity in which Kristian wrote his battle scenes. It could be any one of these things and many more besides, all I know is that I just wish there were more books featuring these characters. I am, however, very happy to know that I have his other trilogy to get stuck into at some point. So looking forward to more Viking goodness in my future. As a big fan of historical war fiction, and a big fan of the Viking period in general, it was great to see this trilogy done so well.

The no-nonsense style of the Vikings came flying off the page with every passing chapter. The Vikings give any author a rich amount of lore to go along with as far as society, religion, raiding etc … goes and Kristian used it greatly. I particularly enjoyed how well he captured the god-fearing ways of the people and how religious fear and the overwhelming desire to prove themselves to the gods came through. The trilogy was filled with memorable characters both good and bad. My personal favourites being Black Floki a man who, with a weapon in his hand, is a warrior of such skill that even the gods would think twice before fighting him.

Svein, a big, red-headed giant of a man who smashes his way through his foes and, of course, Sigurd. At its core, The Rise of Sigurd is a trilogy of vengeance. The only mistake the king made in killing Jarl Harald and his kin was that he left Sigurd alive. What ensues is three books of Viking brilliance ended perfectly with Wings of the Storm. Apr 29, Clemens Schoonderwoert rated it it was amazing. This exciting Viking adventure is the 3rd and final volume of "The Rise of Sigurd" trilogy.

At the beginning of the book you'll find a very well-drawn map of the West of Norway in AD of Sigurd Haraldarson's world, while at the end the book contains a superb glossary of Norse Terms to make the story so much more understandable. Story-telling is of a wonderful superb quality, because the author has the ability to bring the Viking world come alive with real feeling, so much so that it gets you gr This exciting Viking adventure is the 3rd and final volume of "The Rise of Sigurd" trilogy.

Story-telling is of a wonderful superb quality, because the author has the ability to bring the Viking world come alive with real feeling, so much so that it gets you gripped from start to finish. The story is once again set in AD , and it follows the adventures of its predecessor "Winter's Fire" in the same fantastic fashion where all his Viking characters come vividly to life within this thrilling Viking saga of the life of Sigurd Haraldarson.

The story itself is about Sigurd Haraldarson and his Oathsworn band, who after fighting and winning fame in Sweden are desperate to head back to Norway and defeat the oath-breaker and betrayer King Gorm. At first it all goes wrong when Loki the Trickster plays his part and a raid collapses, and Sigurd is taken prisoner by the powerful Jarl Guthrum and is taken to the sacred temple at Ubsola, but there Sigurd discovers a famous relic, Gungrir the great spear, which was once carried, people say, by the Allfather himself.

What will follow is an eventful saga where Sigurd and his Oathsworn band, with that famous relic in tow and the roar of Odin in the air, will assemble many a strong host and with Viking trickery and skill he will challenge King Gorm and avenge the death of his father and the murder of his family, and thus finally will he become a famous man among the Viking world. Aug 19, Richard West rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-fiction.

Great book! Great series! This is the concluding volume in the Viking saga of Sigurd Haraldarson and what a great ending! Has a conclusion you didn't see coming. You knew Sigurd and his people would win the epic final battle which saw many die, but his way of dispatching his nemesis King Gorm is one you won't see coming. Truly enjoyable - I read all 3 in order in just a little over a week - and it was just like reading one great, long novel. Having read his latest on Lancelot, taking us to King A Great book!

Having read his latest on Lancelot, taking us to King Arthur's England, you have to wonder where Kristian will take readers next. With luck, he'll go back and do a finish up on his Burning Land books on the English civil war since readers were left hanging at the conclusion of the second volume.

Kristian is a darned good writer, so if these type of adventures are your cup of tea, get a copy of each one and start reading! You'll be glad you did! Jul 05, Anna rated it it was amazing Shelves: vikings. Very enjoyable and satisfying conclusion to an excellent trilogy. I listened to these on Audible and the narrator was very good and made the stories and characters come alive. Apr 19, David rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-fiction. Great fun throughout and the ending certainly impresses. There are some nice twists to the plot and how Sigurd builds his army is great fun.

The author has a devious mind. I really enjoyed the series and the description of the period felt very real. Life was hard and those that went Viking, raiding, certainly lived on a knife edge. It was very easy to raid poor farmers at little cost to life and limb, but the rewards were clearly limited, so Vikings had to aim higher. This comes across very well Great fun throughout and the ending certainly impresses. This comes across very well in this tale and I particularly liked it when Sigurd's crew raided a poor farmstead and then ended up defending him against a more malevolent crew.

The ending is not clear cut and the fighting is very hard which makes for a good tale. Wings of the Storm Fabulous furious sword play, brawling mead drunk Vikings. Legends in the making, Sigurds Destiny finally archived. The last book in a trilogy of Viking honour,bloodlust, and revenge. I think the Author has captured the Viking essence perfectly.

The best I have read, don't miss it. Unbelievable saga Read all three books of this saga,one after another. Truly amazing,couldn't out them down, you are drawn to all the characters. All I can really say is this. If you love Vikings then you would be utterly foolish not to read these outstanding books. On to the next lot of this see inspiring writer. Jan 16, Hollie rated it it was amazing. So the series, all of the novels were great.

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View other formats and editions. Norway, AD A wild place, a place of blood, a place where the gods must be favoured. Sigurd Haraldarson and his oathsworn band are winning fame and reputation. But to confront his hated enemy - the oath-breaker and betrayer King Gorm - they must win riches too. When a daring raid goes wrong, Sigurd finds himself a prisoner of the powerful Jarl Guthrum.

Bound like a slave, he is taken to the sacred temple at Ubsola to face the sacrificial knife. But here Sigurd discovers a potent relic: Gungnir, a great spear that would give him the power to assemble a host strong enough to challenge King Gorm, and avenge the betrayal of his father and the murder of his family. The roar of Odin and the wild hunt will be as nothing compared to Sigurd's rage, for he and his warriors will be borne on the wings of the storm.

With Wings of the Storm, one of our finest young historical novelists brings his extraordinary Viking saga - an adventure to that is sure to satisfy any 'Game of Thrones' fan - to a triumphant close. The big set-piece battle that completes the book is one of the best that I have ever read. Wings of the Storm isn't simply an historical novel - it is the glorious embodiment of a time of adventure and passion, of dying old worlds and thrilling new encounters. Written in his glorious poetic prose with the lift and lilt of the waves beneath every sentence, the sense of the gods pressing in on each page, this remains Viking writing at its best: thrilling in its truest sense, heart-rending, and, yes, glorious The book plunges you into a gore-drenched, glory-decked time of treacherous jarls and lethal shieldmaidens; a time of dark magic and human sacrifice, of wild hunts and vicious feuds, a time of blood-letting and betrayal.

But it is also a time of comradeship and selflessness, when the bonds forged between men, and women, can endure beyond death. It's a time you may never want to leave. Added to basket. The Sisters Brothers.

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