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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Unmittelbar der Ladenzeilen ca. Zimmer 2. Enjoy the nature and the silence of my garden in the colorful hut. Less comfort but unforgettable. NO heating!!! Bring your sleeping bags!!! Shower - ONLY after arrangement!! The hut was painted by my daughter and her friends at a birthday party. Everyone loves it. It is a garden house - very simple inviroment - it fits for camper and lovers of nature!

Secret garden with mermaid house. Sonniges Appartment in Jugendstilvilla. Das Auto kann sehr gut geparkt werden. Die Ferienwohnung im 2. Herd oder Backofen sind nicht vorhanden. Eine Dusche ist nicht vorhanden. Wohnung Ruhiges und helles Zimmer mit Blick auf den Garten. Das Zimmer hat einen eigenen Zugang durch die Garage. Einzellage im Anbau des Hauses. Das Zimmer befindet sich im Anbau an die Garage und ist dadurch sehr ruhig gelegen.

Ein Waschbecken ist im Zimmer. Das Haus steht in einer Sackgasse mit sehr ruhiger Nachbarschaft. Lindow ist ein kleines Dorf, wir sind hier etwa 50 Bewohner. Auszeit Lindow.

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OR ask me - I can arrange something We have comfortable mattresses to lay on the floor for adult: 1,00x2m single-bed and 1,40x2m double bed for a child or light person: 0,8x1,8m folding mattress Inhale the oneness. Calm an Green. Forest and public garden 5 min away by foot. Saturday only Buffet. Relax in our Yoga-Room. Dein Schlafzimmer hat Tageslicht von einem Dachfenster und einem kleinen Seitenfenster, dadurch ist es selbst im Sommer sehr angenehm in Deinem Schlafzimmer.

In an undisturbed privacy you will live in a spacios and comfortable sleeping room direct at lake Wakenitz, sourrounded by water and nature. You will reach everything in walking distance, boutiques, supermarkets, restaurants, swimming places - for your perfect stay! Via your private entry see ground plan you get in your private sleeping room. It has daylight from a roof window and from a small side window, so there a good conditions even in the summer.

There is a very cosy King-Size-Bed for your stay - sleep fine. Doppelbett cm x cm, inkl. Privatzimmer 1. Explore nearby. Hamburg 56 km away.

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Hanover km away. Visit Humboldt penguins on the roof terrace, "Niki" the female sand tiger shark in the 2. Cultural delights around the fairy-tale castle. In Schwerin, the holiday destination par excellence, all our guests are given the royal treatment.

Built between and and using the edifices of the former monastery from the 15th century, the prize-winning ensemble of buildings belonging to the Pomeranian State Museum displays numerous pieces from prehistoric and early history, the age of Hanseatic towns, the emergence of the Imperial Resorts. The Mecklenburg Resort Railway Molli offers something for any train enthusiast. Built with mm gauge width, the Molli is among the world's oldest narrow-gauge railways, and like no other mode of transport forges a link between traditional resort culture and modern holiday facilities.

Visitors may take a peek into the habitats of forest, water, moor and air. Observe 50 different species of freshwater fish, crustaceans and aquatic plants kept in 25 tanks in Germany's largest aquarium landscape for native freshwater fish. Schwerin Palace is located on an island in Lake Schwerin and is among the most important historicism edifices in Europe. Get a whiff of the fresh sea air and indulge yourself in a mini-break to the seashore. Visitors to the largest zoo along the German Baltic coast will encounter 4, animals in species from all over the world. Otto Lilienthal Museum, holder of many awards, tells the tale of how the technical history of aviation became human flight's cultural history.

In addition to idyllic nature, castles are lined up in a row and shine with cultural richness. Enjoy the idyll while staying in one of the numerous castles and manor houses. Landscape parks and palace gardens invite you to take a walk that seems like a journey through time in the different eras.

Walk in the footsteps of history and spend a relaxing holiday in Mecklenburg Switzerland. The white sandy beaches of the seaside resorts are an attraction especially in the summer months, the coastal forests change their face in the changing seasons and along the cliffs there is always a good sea view. Already in , Grand Duke Friedrich Franz I and his personal physician recognized that bathing in the Baltic Sea had a healing effect on health.

If you want to relax body and mind, we recommend a walk or cycle tour along the Baltic Sea. The Hanseatic City of Greifswald and its picturesque landscapes once inspired romantics to create masterpieces of art. For nature lovers, the pristine Peene is a source of new energy and a place for relaxation. The discovery and observation of rare animal and plant species make a canoe trip on the Peene an unforgettable experience.

The Hanseatic Cities of Stralsund and Greifswald offer a historical delight. Yes, the Mensur Corpsbruders, and there will be at least 15 of them all bring their bands to wear across their chests. They have done that every time we've attended a party with them in Germany. They even bring their bands when they visit us here in NorCal, just to have a beer in our home. Could you tell me please, if it is the custom for German men to rent Tuxedos and Formal Morning Dress tails for such occasions? Here, we do own our own tuxedos, but no one owns their own "cutaway".

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I could arrange for my husband to rent tails in advance, but he could not be fitted for them. Also, would the German men also wear top hats with the cutaways? Would it be appropriate if my husband brought his own dark blue Armani suit for both the wedding and reception and the evening event? I want to be respectful of all the unspoken wishes of this invitation, and want to put the best foot forward. The women must be a sister of the bride as her last name is the same as the bride's. I did not reach her, but will try tonight.

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Again, I am very grateful for your expertise, as one never wants to feel like a fish out of water when trying hard to follow another culture's customs. Nein, in Mecklenburg schneit es nicht im September. Hier besitzt auch niemand einen Cutaway, jedenfalls nicht der Durchschnittsmensch. Und evtl.

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  • Nur als Vorsichtstipp, dass man in Dtl. Comment If the husband is the one who knows the groom and is himself German, why can't he just e-mail or phone the groom and ask? It seems to me that the days when the wife had to do all the social work in a marriage should now be past, even among the social classes who belong to conservative fraternities.

    If he's a good enough friend for your husband to want to go that far to his wedding, surely they're close enough that he can just ask and get an honest answer. That is, it seems to me that it would be useful to know how much the groom himself really cares what the guests wear. If he is a fashion-conscious clotheshorse and really, really wants all his buddies to wear tails and bring a top hat, then he can say so and they will be happy to or suck it up knowing it will make him happy.

    But if the groom doesn't really care strongly himself about tails vs. Sometimes people who enjoy fancy dress want to give guests the opportunity to wear it if they enjoy it too, but wouldn't want anyone to feel obliged to rent it if they don't already have it in their closet and would have few other occasions to wear it. Comment the bride's last name is Mecklenburg, which my husband says will make the event quite formal.

    This could imply that the bride is a member of one the ducal houses of Mecklenburg these days, members of the [former] noble houses of Germany omit the "von" or "zu" if they do not want to stand out. If so, I would not be the least surprised that the event is going to be "quite formal".

    Flight and expulsion of Germans (1944–1950)

    Comment Goodness. The other approach would be, if you're already going all out just to make the trip, why not go ahead and rent the morning dress and take a tux and an evening gown, because the whole thing may be like one big costume party and you might as well enjoy the whole experience.

    I'm sorry we can't all see your photos when you get back. That seems awfully British, and it's surely possible either just to wear a hat, or simply not to wear a hat. Unless you think the family is so conservative that they expect women to have a token head covering in church, as well as covering for other bare skin -- in which case you could pack a large elegant scarf. Comment I would have thought your husband would be able to tell you or find out from the groom exactly what they expect, especially if they are, as you say, very close friends, but hopefully the bride's sister or possibly sister-in-law can help you out.

    And quite a few of my friends didn't marry in church anyway, but even at the church weddings I went to I can't remember seeing too many hats worn either by men or women, let alone top hats or fascinators and scarves sound more Russian-orthodox to me, can't remember ever having seen anyone under the age of about eighty ever wear one in any kind of church service here, not that I attend them if I can avoid it. In one instance the groom wore tails, but that's about it.