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It can be carried out in three simple steps:. It is important to remember that the draw length is likely to change for young archers as they grow mature over the years. The pullback weight is also likely to vary. These changes should be taken into account regularly so that the equipment is according to your size and stature. Everyone has a visual preference. It means that they favor the vision of one eye over another. This phenomenon is known as eye dominance. Before making the choice of a bow, you can visit the optometrist and determine your eye dominance.

Eye dominance is not related to hand dominance. You may be right eye dominant, but that does not mean that you will be right-hand dominant as well. There is no co-relation between the two. Nov 17, Jul 02, We have a wide selection of Archery Equipment including Archery Targets. Search our site or call us with any of your archery questions. You have no items in your shopping cart. Basic Equipment for Archers at Beginner Level The choice of bow and arrow is an important one when it comes to archery for beginners.

Where to Practice with Your Bow? Safety Rules and Tips for Archery Despite the intimidating equipment involved in the game, archery can be hailed as the safest sport that people can enjoy. Making the Right Bow Choice Length of the arrow For beginner archers, the only deciding factor is the draw length when it comes to determining the length of the arrow.

Eye dominance Everyone has a visual preference. Comments There are no comments under this post. Top most successful Bow Hunting Tips Nov 17, Find the best top hoyt bows for sale Nov 17, However, there is also some more advanced information that I'm not really sure is useful to someone just picking up a traditional bow for the first time, though I won't complain about the additional information.

The only real issue I take with the book is that it's resource lists are a bit outdated, though that's always the risk when including resources in a book that doesn't have plann Useful for the beginner and it includes information that I really wish I had known before buying my first bow. The only real issue I take with the book is that it's resource lists are a bit outdated, though that's always the risk when including resources in a book that doesn't have planned updates. I'd recommend this for beginners.

Dec 30, Sebastian Jones rated it really liked it. Great to have as a beginner archer. Shows solid training techniques to develop accuracy and coordination.

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Very good introduction to traditional and recurve bow archery. I've been shooting for about 8 months and probably should have read this 8 months ago, so I would definitely recommend this for new traditional bow archers.

Beginner’s Guide to Archery

Apr 28, Stephen Arnott rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction-archery. An interesting book, but covers traditional archery as practised in the USA, with a heavy emphasis on bow hunting. It's of limited use to someone using an English longbow as the book's author favours aluminium arrows not allowed in longbow competitive archery in the UK. Great prep for first bow hunt Read this book prior to going on my first bow hunt.

The training exercise is more than thorough. The instinctive shooting section was perfect for my use case.

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  • Quick read, I wish it was more detailed. It was still a pretty informative book. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Brian J. Brian J. Books by Brian J.

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    Trivia About Beginners Guide t No trivia or quizzes yet. You'll be amazed at what a single session will do you for you—you'll walk into the range a novice, and you'll walk out of the range Plus—here's the true value of a range: they'll give you the equipment you need to shoot for a few hours. They'll allow you to rent a bow that fits your size specifications, give you arrows that match the bow, and place a target at the appropriate distance. That alone is worth the price of admission, because choosing equipment when you're a beginner can be quite difficult.

    So where is your nearest range? Luckily, there's a fantastic site that has a state-by-state index of range locations. Archery is a site run by the Archery Trade Association, and they have a terrific database of archery ranges in every state.

    Beginner's Guide to Traditional Archery

    Their page here will tell you the closest archery stores and ranges near your house. If you do get involved in archery, the range may become your favorite place. Not only will you have access to archery leagues and some amazing classes the range near us has a axe-throwing class—how cool is that? For many people, the range starts out as a place to learn, and quickly becomes a place to hang out with friends.

    If you catch the bug and want to learn as much as you can about archery, there are some fantastic sites dedicated to archery that you can visit. The best one is: this one, obviously! There are other sites, of course, and some are pretty darn fantastic. Here are some of our favorites:. Archery We mentioned these guys above. NUSensei truly loves the sport of archery, and has dozens of in-depth, helpful videos about equipment, form, and style. Plus, he's got a great sense of humor, and that makes a huge difference, because there are some very, very dry archery teachers out there.

    Fun Fact: NUSensi has a goal of attending the Olympics, and has kept a strict training regimin to get him there. Go, NUSensei! We're rooting for you. The "Archery" subreddit at Reddit. Yes, there are some archery snobs there, but very few—the overwhelming majority of folks in the community are super-nice and super-helpful.

    Gear Up: 6 Essentials for Beginner Archers

    It's updated every day, and it's definitely worth a visit. Archery is an incredible parent-and-child sport, and we're glad you're here. Here are the 1 and 2 questions we get from parents who visit our site: Can my kids get involved in archery, and is it safe? Question 1: Absolutely! There are many, many kids who learn archery at a young age, and there are actually leagues kids can join.

    Archery Tips - 10 Things Beginners Do (And Why You Shouldn't)

    We've written a post about getting kids involved in archery, and you can find that here. Archery is a hobby, but a bow and arrow is not a toy—it is a weapon, and it can fatally harm the user or people around the user. So, yes—archery can most definitely be a safe and rewarding sport for kids, but only when proper safety rules are followed. So now you know about the two main types of bows, a little bit about arrows, the benefits of a range, and where you can learn more as you develop your skills. You should be excited—you're off to a great start!

    In the meantime, welcome to the wonderful world of archery! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Our Bow Recommendations for New Archers. There are two main types of bows: recurve bows and compound bows. Compound bows.

    The Riser. This is the handle of the bow; it's what you hold when you shoot. Risers get complicated, but here's what you need to know right now: the riser features the arrow rest, which is where you place your arrows before drawing. Recurve bows usually have an elevated rest which is basically just a platform that the arrow sits on—you can see one here , and compound bows usually have a containment rest which you can see here. One of the most popular types of containment rests is called a " whisker biscuit. These are attached to the riser; they form the actual bow, with the top limb attached by the bow string to the bottom limb.

    You'll often hear the term "takedown bow" when you're talking about recurve bows—this is a bow where you can detach the old limbs, and replace them with newer, heavier limbs. Takedown bows are great for beginners, because you can put new limbs on the bow as you develop strength and accuracy. The Bow String. This is the string that connects the top limb to the bottom limb. The Nock Point. This is the spot on the bow string where you place the end of the arrow. The nocking point needs to stay in the same place, so that you can aim and shoot consistently. The Bow Sight. The bow sight is kind of like the scope on a rifle—after you adjust it properly, the sight allows you to aim at your target.

    Many bows come with sights, but many archers opt for an upgrade.