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I really love Milton.

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He might just be my favorite poet. In college, I believe, I only read Paradise Lost. I might have read Paradise Regained, but I don't remember reading that one. The rest of these poems were brand new for me. Most of them I liked too. One of the main reasons I like Milton is because he's such a good w This book is actually only pages with pages of notes. One of the main reasons I like Milton is because he's such a good writer. Something about his poems give me light in my dark brain. I can see why William Blake liked him so much.

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I also like Milton because who he was as a person, but this is his poems, not his non-fiction, which I have to read at some point. If you never read Milton before, I recommended him. He's not really for everyone. Depends if you like old poets and don't mind pro-religious writers. His words are truly beautiful. Mar 21, Garrett Cash rated it it was amazing Shelves: british , christianity , classics , epic , favorites , historical-fiction , poetry , religious , fiction.

Milton is considered one of the few greatest poets in the English language, so obviously a complete collection of his poetry is going to be pretty good. As complete collections normally go, there's a lack of consistency in the interest level that some people are going to be bound to have as far as reading this straight-through goes. If I were to rank Milton is considered one of the few greatest poets in the English language, so obviously a complete collection of his poetry is going to be pretty good.

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I especially recommend reading Paradise Lost at least. View all 6 comments. Dec 16, Lancelot Schaubert rated it it was amazing. One of his poems, an early composition on the passion of Christ Milton quit halfway, hid this gem: Befriend me, Night, best Patroness of grief! Over the pole thy thickest mantle throw, And work my flattered fancy to belief That Heaven and Earth are coloured with my woe; My sorrows are too dark for day to know: The leaves should all be black whereon I write, And letters, where my tears have washed, a wannish white. Mar 07, Chantal rated it it was amazing.

How can you not give 5 stars to Milton? Dec 14, Christian rated it it was amazing Shelves: poetry , villanova. All appropriately staggering in their complexity and newly apparent to me their tenderness. I had read a smattering of the smaller poems before - a few sonnets and the poem on time. I mentioned to Jim Nance that I was taking a class on Milton and he proceeded to recite part of On the Morning of Christ's Nativity without moving from his chair, which was a surprise and a treat. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it was pretty amazing to see the consistency in Milton's poetry and how well it dovetails with what he says about poetry, education, and virtue in his prose writings.

He truly believed poetry was a divine calling, able to shape desires and teach people how to worship. His Arian leanings are probably the only reason he's not the patron saint of Classical Christian Education. View 1 comment. Feb 02, Dickson rated it really liked it. I had not read Milton for years and when I did, it was required reading. Ouch, 90 or so pounds, but what a treat! Yes, I've decided that our educational system may have gone a bit astray in the late 60's when dead white European males fell out of favor. Feb 04, Topher rated it really liked it. Some dreadfully bookish stuff mixed in with some truly breathtaking and inimitable poetry that I could read a dozen more times and gain something new with each reading.

Not for the faint of heart, but the guy was blind, wrote fifty meanings into every line and completely changed the face of the Christian religion which most modern Christians don't even realize. Maybe he's worth a read. Sep 12, Zayne rated it really liked it. I'm in the midst of this as a part of my Milton class. I'm learning the depths of allusion and Biblical mysticsm. And the poetic tradition of brag-adociousness. Milton to Mos Def Oct 03, Andy Magnusson rated it really liked it.

Farewell happy fields, Where joy forever dwells: hail, horrors! Oct 16, Trey Kennedy rated it it was amazing Shelves: st-johns-great-books-program , favorites. Spent most of my time with Paradise Lost.

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  8. With such simple scenes as this the book is full, giving nothing at all to those that look for a "message," but bringing a feeling of quiet from gleaming Irish evenings, a book to read between the Strand and Piccadilly Circus amidst the thunder and hootings. This is how he speaks of the blackbird in one of his earliest poems; he was sixteen when he wrote it, in a grocer's shop in Dublin, dreaming of Slane, where he was born; and his dreams turned out to be too strong for the grocery business, for he walked home one night, a distance of thirty miles:.

    Let us not call him the Burns of Ireland, you who may like this book, nor even the Irish John Clare, though he is more like him, for poets are all incomparable it is only the versifiers that resemble the great ones , but let us know him by his own individual song: he is the poet of the blackbird. I wrote this preface in such a different June, that if I sent it out with no addition it would make the book appear to have dropped a long while since out of another world, a world that none of us remembers now, in which there used to be leisure.

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    Ledwidge came last October into the 5th Battalion of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, which is in one of the divisions of Kitchener's first army, and soon earned a lance-corporal's stripe. Inniskilling Fusiliers. I N this selection that Corporal Ledwidge has asked me to make from his poems I have included "A Dream of Artemis," though it was incomplete and has been hurriedly finished. Were it not included on that account many lines of extraordinary beauty would remain unseen.

    He asked me if I did not think that it ended too abruptly, but so many pleasant things ended abruptly in the summer of , when this poem was being written, that the blame for that may rest on a meaner, though more exalted, head than that of the poet. The second poem in the book was written about a little boy who used to drive cows for some farmer past the poet's door very early every morning, whistling as he went, and who died just before the war. I think that its beautiful and spontaneous simplicity would cost some of our writers gallons of midnight oil.

    Of the next, "To a Distant One," who will not hope that when "Fame and other little things are won" its clear and confident prophecy will be happily fulfilled? Quite perfect, if my judgment is of any value, is the little poem on page , "In the Mediterranean—Going to the War.

    Written in Serbia and Egypt, it shows the poet still looking steadfastly at those fields, though so far distant then, of which he was surely born to be the singer. And this devotion to the fields of Meath that, in nearly all his songs, from such far places brings his spirit home, like the instinct that has been given to the swallows, seems to be the key-note of the book. For this reason I have named it Songs of Peace , in spite of the circumstances under which they were written.

    There follow poems at which some may wonder: "To Thomas McDonagh," "The Blackbirds," "The Wedding Morning"; but rather than attribute curious sympathies to this brave young Irish soldier I would ask his readers to consider the irresistible attraction that a lost cause has for almost any Irishman. Surely for this if there be, as many believed, gods lesser than Those whose business is with destiny, thunder and war, small gods that haunt the groves, seen only at times by few, and then indistinctly at evening, surely from gratitude they will give him peace.

    W RITING amidst rather too much noise and squalor to do justice at all to the delicate rustic muse of Francis Ledwidge, I do not like to delay his book any longer, nor to fail in a promise long ago made to him to write this introduction. He has gone down in that vast maelstrom into which poets do well to adventure and from which their country might perhaps be wise to withhold them, but that is our Country's affair. He has left behind him verses of great beauty, simple rural lyrics that may be something of an anodyne for this stricken age.

    He told me once that it was on one particular occasion, when walking at evening through the village of Slane in summer, that he heard a blackbird sing. The notes, he said, were very beautiful, and it is this blackbird that he tells of in three wonderful lines in his early poem called "Behind the Closed Eye," and it is this song perhaps more than anything else that has been the inspiration of his brief life. Dynasties shook and the earth shook; and the war, not yet described by any man, revelled and wallowed in destruction around him; and Francis Ledwidge stayed true to his inspiration, as his homeward songs will show.

    I had hoped he would have seen the fame he has well deserved; but it is hard for a poet to live to see fame even in times of peace. In these days it is harder than ever. Public domain Public domain false false.

    The Collected Poems : Sylvia Plath :

    Basingstoke Camp. To My Best Friend. Behind the Closed Eye. Bound to the Mast. To a Linnet in a Cage. A Twilight in Middle March. Desire in Spring. A Rainy Day in April. A Song of April. The Broken Tryst. Thoughts at the Trysting Stile. Evening in May. An Attempt at a City Sunset. The Singer's Muse. The Wife of Llew. The Hills. In Manchester. Music on Water. In the Dusk. The Death of Ailill. The Visitation of Peace. Before the Tears. God's Remembrance. An Old Pain. The Lost Ones. All-Hallows Eve. A Memory. A Song. A Fear. The Coming Poet. The Vision on the Brink. To Lord Dunsany. On an Oaten Straw.

    Evening in February. The Sister. Before the War of Cooley. Low-Moon Land.

    The Complete Poems by Philip Larkin, edited by Archie Burnett - review

    The Sorrow of Findebar. On Dream Water. The Death of Sualtem. The Maid in Low-Moon Land. The Death of Leag, Cuchulain's Charioteer. The Passing of Caoilte. Growing Old.

    The Complete Works of Robert Burns: Containing his Poems, Songs, and

    After My Last Song. A Dream of Artemis. A Little Boy in the Morning. To a Distant One. The Place. To Eilish of the Fair Hair. Evening in England. In the Mediterranean—Going to the War. The Gardener. Autumn Evening in Serbia. Spring and Autumn. The Departure of Proserpine. The Home-Coming of the Sheep. When Love and Beauty Wander Away.

    My Mother. To One Dead. The Resurrection. In , he founded Landfill, a poetry pamphlet press, and became an Associate Editor of Eggbox Publishing. Awards won by R.

    Langley's magnificent poems, and his prose journals too, sparingly and for the rest of your life, as you might read a book of meditations' 'Ghostly Mentor', Claire Crowther. Langley's Complete Poems Carcanet , edited by Jeremy Noel-Tod, preserves the work of a comparatively neglected figure, who died in and whose reputation is bound to rise. It's not a log book, but every single poem is exceptionally watchful and scrupulous. A life's work, to last its readers a lifetime' The Guardian,