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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Fang, M. Taxidis, J. McKenzie, J. Grudzien-Nogalska, E. McDougle, S. Goyer, D. Salina, E. Bouckaert, R. Li, L. Shay, J. Fonseca Alves, C. Frimpong, F. Su, C. Mbuli, M. At the same time, Barcelona has moved up two places in the city ranking, thanks to the 30 additional international congresses and conventions it hosted last year - meetings in all Signs are that this segment will find this year just as interesting.

This was the third year that this conference has been held in Spain, with previous venues being Costa de la Luz and Costa del Sol Thomas Cook chooses the Canaries Similarly, tour operator Thomas Cook also chose Spain as a destination for holding their annual convention. Tenerife will be welcoming approximately 2, tour. Turismo de Barcelona invested aproximately Not only that, Future Travel chose to hold its annual conference in Palma de Mallorca. The event took place between October 20 and 22 in Magaluf and was.

The inaugural act is slated to take place at Siam Park. The Thomas Cook United Kingdom convention joins other prominent events that will be taking place on the island until December, in which another 2, tour. Likewise, the island will be the venue for the Thomas Cook Travel Games, which will have participants.

Furthermore, the economic crisis does not seem to have had a huge impact on congresses in APCE hosted 6, events with a total 4. This segment will not note the consequences of the turbulence in financial markets until late or early , according to explanations. Spectacular beachfront location hour all inclusive service Wide choice of mouth-watering cuisine Indulgent spa and wellness centre. Viva Cuba with Iberostar! Situated on a breathtaking stretch of the Varadero beach, this newly opened hotel has an elegant and stylish atmosphere.

Here, guests enjoy exceptional Iberostar service while staying in accommodation featuring either a private terrace or balcony. The daytime offers a choice of outdoor swimming pools, while the evening presents the delightful dilemma of which of the 5 world-class restaurants to dine in. E-mail ac accomunicacion. With 34 hotels among the Balearic islands and Barcelona, you will benefit from modern facilities, the best service and a wide choice of possibilities for all kinds of travellers.

We take care of you. Web direccion palcongres-vlc. Incredible, unbelievable, unmistakable, interesting, unexpected, inimitable, indescribable, unimaginable, unforgettable. This is Cantabria Spanish beaches: quality as value added With blue flags and Q for Quality Tourism certifications, Spain is the world leader in certified beaches.

This leadership is no accident, but rather the result of a tourism that has been in development for over 50 years. Industry entrepreneurs consider the Q for Quality Beaches brand promoted by Spain - a pioneer in its field - among the hardest to obtain in the world, because of the number of requirements that must be met to earn it, which range from facilities for public use to all the processes needed to provide top-quality service, including safety, environmental management, cleanliness and leisure. The leader in Blue Flags Spain is not only a leader in the certified quality of its beaches, it also leads the pack in the number of Blue Flags granted by the European Foundation for Environmental Education FEE to beaches that comply with a series of environmental conditions and facilities.

The FEE granted this environmental label to a total of beaches in Spain in , a figure that makes it the country with the most blue flags in the world. The requirements for this eco-label, which combines environmental values with environmental quality, have been ramped up in recent years, which is why beaches in only 37 countries in the world have earned it. To do so, beaches must meet demanding environmental and sanitary levels, have professional salvage, lifesaving and first aid services available and excellent quality waters where no type of dumping has occurred.

Spanish beaches have also won awards from the European Environment Agency. In its report on , the Agency indicated that The Canaries are implementing promotional campaigns and signing agreements with airlines and tour operators. The Canary archipelago looks to the upcoming year with optimistic eyes. The recovery of the British economy and promotional efforts in this country will help the Canary Islands continue to be one of the destinations most popular with British tourists. The Fortunate Isles are one of the destinations that has been hit the hardest by the crisis in , with a sharp slump in the influx of foreign tourists and in particular, the British.

Nonetheless, for months institutions and private firms have been implementing a variety of initiatives to recover lost ground. According to official figures from , the British accounted for 37 out of every. Expenditures at the destination by the British market bring in 2. Mild temperatures and enjoying the sun and sand are two of the main motivations of Britons when choosing Tenerife as a holiday destination and they especially value factors related to accommodations and the quality of the services and facilities the Island offers them.

Nonetheless, the crisis has left its mark. According to figures from Frontur, the number of arrivals of foreign tourists in the Canaries fell by Nevertheless, the archipelago was the third-ranking region in terms of foreign visitors until August. One of the signs pointing to this recovery is the improvement in the British and German economies, which would mean a rise in the number of tourists who visit the archipelago next year.

This is the opinion of Pedro Agustine del Castillo, president of Binter Airlines, who trusts that the Canary Islands will climb out of the crisis before the rest of Spain, aided by the British and German markets, whose economies seem closer to recovery. Predictions aside, the Canary government has already begun work on recovering lost ground.

In collaboration with the General. Secretary of Tourism, it is now developing a campaign to promote the archipelago in the United Kingdom, Germany and Nordic countries, to which 2. Agreements are also being signed with the major airlines based in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Several airlines have already announced that they will increase or create new flight routes to the archipelago. In turn, the Gran Canaria Tourism Board and the British airline Monarch have agreed to carry out a joint promotion of Gran Canaria in the United Kingdom to boost sales of package tours and airline seats to the island for the winter tourist season.

The Canaries has been launching a series of initiatives over the past months to recover lost ground season between the island and the airports of Belfast Northern Ireland and LondonGatwick England , which will mean 54, seats, in addition to the more than 38, this company flew to Tenerife last year.

Cruises are another growth segment. Last year, , golfers and tourists whose main motivation for travelling was to play golf in Gran Canaria visited the island. In turn, Tenerife has enviable conditions for golf. Furthermore, each year the island hosts the prestigious Tenerife Ladies Open tournament, which counts towards the Ladies European Tour and is organised by Turismo de Tenerife. Lastly, the Lanzarote and Fuerteventura governments have decided to combine their respective golf tourism resources to promote themselves abroad as one sole destination.

LanzaFuerte will be offering seven modern infra-. Key target markets include leisure, families, MICE and specialist markets, such as golf, spa and luxury. Integrated marketing activities include joint partnerships with airline, travel agent and tour operator partners encompassing TV, print and online advertising campaigns. These will be supported by road-shows, the hosting of agent FAM trips and press trips, online training, attendance at key travel industry events and on-going media and public relations activities. Senior representatives from Tenerife attending the show will include the President of Tenerife.

Celebrating the historic connection between Canary Wharf and the Canary Islands, Tenerife Tourism Corporation will also be running a competition to win a holiday to Tenerife at Canary Wharf station on Monday 9th November. Three over-bran-. Six further over-branded taxis will be used to transport guests to the World Travel Market show on the Monday. In addition, the taxi drivers will be individually trained to talk about the merits of visiting Tenerife, providing an innovative and entertaining PR campaign promoting the destination. New initiatives TenerifeXpert is the new online community site dedicated to our Travel Trade partners.

TenerifeXpert will be the one-stop shop for the Travel Trade. A new free phone number is now operational from Monday to Friday from am through to pm for UK visitors to call and ask questions about the island: 00 These will continue in and onward in and present an excellent opportunity for hoteliers to interact with key agents and tour operators. Luxury Tenerife Tenerife Tourism Corporation continues to promote its luxury product offerings and new properties have raised the bar in terms of deluxe accommodation on the island.

This has been very effectively achieved through the continuing promotion of the Tenerife Select brand, representing a distinctive selection of quality hotels and resorts located throughout the island. The promotion of perennially popular attractions such as whale and dolphin watching and visits to Mount Teide National Park continue. Tenerife is one of only two places in the world where pods of pilot whales can be seen, testament to its rich marine life and clear coastal waters. Golf in Tenerife Tenerife continues to attract amateur and professional golfers from all over the world with its eight unique golf courses.

Once again this annual event - whose last two winners have been British Ladies European Players, Rebecca Hudson and Felicity Johnson - will highlight the. This prestigious event provides an excellent forum to showcase the multiple selling points of the destination to the leading media professionals in the United Kingdom. Son Gual Golf Club in Mallorca. The finest golf offer, a privileged natural environment and a valuable culture, whose roots continue to offer endless surprises, all make for a unique experience.

The Balearics led the pack last year In fact, 3. The region retained its traditional second place among most loyal visitors, who accounted for In the image, a spot being taped. Sport for all tastes The privileged natural environment of each of the Balearics makes them the ideal place for a wide array of different sports. Sailing, scuba diving, horse-riding, hiking, cycle tourism One of the sports with the most fans is golf. The number of golf courses has seen moderate growth in the past decade to reach a total of 25, but most notable is the increased quality achieved with an eye to sustainability.

The overall result is so attractive that the islands are poised to become the leading golf tourism destination in the European Union over the next few. The courses are making on-going investments in improving the terrain and services and in developing sustainable operations. The new course is ideal for beginning golfers, comments the Balearic Golf Federation, a welcome complement to the already complete offer of three hole golf courses: Golf Son Vida, Golf Son Muntaner and the Golf Son Quint. The new addition is a small-sized course with par-3 holes between 40 and metres long.

In general, all golf facilities are undergoing constant improvement that revolves around upgrading the quality of the grass, layout of the rounds and continued implementation of sustainability measures that are earning them international recognition and certifications. Down the path of culture For those who like to scour every corner of the islands, the best choices are the cycling and hiking routes that have been laid out in each island and are attracting more than , people a year, allowing them get to know nature and culture at the same time and take part in caring for a heritage whose assets are further.

At the start of this year, the Balearics kicked off this new digital platform that brings visitors even closer to their ample cultural heritage, monuments, traditions and nature reserves. The Balearic Ministry of Tourism and the Institut de Estudis Balearics have developed a very intuitive website that explains the resources of a wide range of material and immaterial heritage elements accompanied by spectacular photographs and audiovisual elements in English and three other languages. Places, experiences and personages provide a comprehensive image of what can be experienced on each island with the support of new technologies.

On its home page, the website highlights 10 sensations that can be experienced in this destination, which range from a tour of the Mallorcan countryside to a visit to the port of Mahon or a pleasurable sunset at Ses Salines in Ibiza. Of indisputable help in planning a future stay in any of the Balearics.

And for planning the most enriching afternoons and evenings, the Balearic Islands Performing Art website, up and running now for several years, is constantly being updated with new contents and links publicising its dance, opera, theatre, classical music and jazz offer, together with proposals for a traditional culture that contains endless surprises. The Balearic presence at the WTM Last spring, the Balearics took to the streets of Manchester to present its entire offer in one of the British cities most faithful to the islands.

Correfocs festivals with their demons, Menorcan horses, handicrafts, music, painting More than enough reasons to pay another visit to the islands when they are in London. The island of Mallorca has been putting all its efforts into sustainability, which joins the wide array of activities that can be enjoyed any time of year and keeps it number one in tourism. Exploring the island in search of surprising nooks, sipping its delicate wines and taking part in cutting-edge sports are some of the most exciting options. And inland Mallorca encloses much more for its visitors to discover.

In fact, there is an environmental treasure trove whose cornerstone is the Tramuntana Mountains, which the Balearic Government has already started arrangements to have declared a Biosphere Reserve. Other pleasant activities in both autumn and winter are excursions to different towns on the island, where local productive activities based on millenarian traditions are becoming one of the most interesting components of the tourist offer.

An unforgettable getaway Beyond summer holidays, the whole of Mallorca is an ideal destination, a special place for enjoying weekend getaways and. All this makes a wide range of sports especially enticing, such as rock climbing, hiking, cycle tourism and golf, now joined by a new sport that originated in northern Europe and is especially popular in the zone of Alcudia. A pleasure not to be missed.

If one had to point to the island of the future, it would be Menorca, which offers all generations the chance to enjoy a natural setting pampered by its inhabitants. Those who come to the island do not hesitate to recommend it because of its multiple attributes for all kinds of visitors, from exquisite wine tourism to sailing and riding fans or those who only crave leisurely hikes along its trails.

From groups of friends who come to enjoy active tourism through activi In fact, British tour operators continue to trust the island more and more as the ideal. This park is situated on the northeast part of the island and includes wetlands, shorelines, an islet and several farms on which traditional farming practices are still used. Located next to the village of Grau and the beach of the same name, it lies on a Palaeozoic basin fed by water from three torrents and separated from the sea by a dune system. Caring for the environment in Menorca is a commitment that harnesses the collaboration of the entire population and the tourism sector.

On bike or foot Menorca is well-prepared for partaking in the most varied kinds of sports. The island is replete with paths and trails that make modalities such as hiking or cycle tourism especially gratifying. These sports allow visitors to discover the island from an unconventional point of view, enjoying its inland Mediterranean landscape and green pastures framed by traditional dry stone walls, so typical of the Menorcan countryside, and scenes that change quickly to reveal the beauty of its untouched beaches.

Hiking and cycling trails allow visitors to get a good look at an unknown Menorca. A large part passes along dirt trails, which is why mountain bikes are recommended. Cyclists can take part in guided excursions or let their intuition take the lead in delving into the most authentic Menorca.

Hiking and other types of excursions also have specific routes of their own for enjoying the island scenery or watching birds in their natural habitat. The extensive network of trails enables tourists to enjoy leisurely visits to different towns on the island that maintain their surprising traditional architecture. The other routes split off from the main via and will soon connect to others to reach coastal zones with a completely safe signposted access for hiking fans and athletes.

On horseback Among the multiple fun-filled possibilities the island offers, those that feature horses encompass a wide range of choices, such as racing, popular fiestas, horse shows and riding trails. Menorca has the additional appeal of a prestigious local breed of horse, world famous for its bearing, elegance and strength. Fruit of the diverse lineages contributed by cultures that have passed through the island over its history, it is highly valued all over the world.

This style of riding was taken out of the exclusive context of the fiestas and worked on until becoming a show. Around the s, it was regulated as an athletic discipline and competitions have been held all year round since then. There are many riding clubs on the island dedicated to teaching riders this discipline. Visitors can also get to know the Menorcan school of riding by attending any of the numerous horse shows organised by centres or the trotting races that take place in the hippodromes each week. With the complicity of the sea On the high seas, there are innumerable sporting activities that can be enjoyed along Menorcan shores: sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing, recreational fishing and new favourites such as kayaking.

These multiple possibilities are reinforced thanks to the three water sport resorts in Menorca, which in themselves are three tourist destinations specialising in active holidays in touch with the sea. Water sports and services, together with other holiday amenities, including accommodations, vehicle hire, restaurants, real estate and travel agencies.

Located in the areas of Mahon, Fornells and Ciudatella, they are one of the most attractive ways to enjoy the island. Congress, culinary and active tourism are some of the segments in which the islands has much to offer. The delicacies of its cuisine, its enchanting hotels, a cultural and congress centre in harmony with its traditional architecture and outdoor sports join its breathtaking beaches.

All in a relaxing, untroubled ambience perfectly compatible with quality nightlife. Yet, British visitors are coming back more and more convinced by the many other not as well-known ingredients of its tourism offer, which makes it a very complete destination especially well-suited for a relaxing getaway any time of year. Just as unforgettable are its lodgings, such as hotels in ever-higher categories to rural inns and agritourism hotels. From Dalt. Quality leisure twelve months a year Ibiza wants to shake up the image that links it exclusively to sunny summer days and bustling nights.

Hence, the Ibiza Municipal Council is putting concerted efforts this year into offering a winter leisure programme for tourists that also involves residents. Picture sent by Consell de Formentera. The island of Formentera retains all the charm and mystery that has made it one of the most alluring destinations in the Mediterranean, even in times of recession. After a successful summer, it is preparing to keep on showing the world its culture and superb conditions for enjoying the great outdoors on relaxing visits that can be complemented by a wide range of sport.

Its rugged landscape allows it to offer 82 kilometres of coastline available for a multitude of nautical activities, such as sail There are 20 kilometres of white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters with unforgettable blends of blue that range from small coves to more extensive spaces in a protected natural setting unmarred by crowds, despite its increasing popularity.

Accessible only by sea, Formentera is only 25 minutes from Ibiza, an island that matches it in philosophy and beauty, which explains the constant movement between one and the other all year round, to the point that this route has been declared of interest to tourists. Divers delight in excellent visibility - up to a depth of 50 metres - and a wide variety of. This also makes participating in other sports, such as water sports and surfing, especially alluring, which is attracting more and more fans each year. The sports centre under construction, to be finished in , will also offer a multitude of ways to enjoy sport.

Unique sunsets Formentera exudes peace and quiet at any time of day. The roads are improved with traditional, non-invasive techniques and all the services that this unspoilt, yet already famous island offers its visitors make it a priority to keep it just as we remember it.

Old farms and former manor houses in the heart of the islands have been renovated with care and attention to suit the needs of those discriminating visitors who want to enjoy the island experience, surrounded by natural beauty and far removed from the centres of mass tourism. The Association of Balearic Agrotourism is made up of many members and so we can offer many different choices but all are distinguished by their traditional character and authenticity.

We are all united by the love of nature and culture which is an in-. We are all striving for the same objective: to give to our guests a sense of the magic of hospitality to ensure that they feel completely at home. You can choose between a complete farmhouse, an apartment or bed and breakfast with all kind of services. First its image as an universal European city known as the capital of Mallorca; then for the easy access to it, excellent flight connections to national and international destinations on low cost flights; and last of all, for its resources, from its eminent historical, social and cultural and territorial importance to the top-quality highly diversified city hotels with the capacity to satisfy practically all segments and pocketbooks.

Additionally, for the close cooperation between the different stakeholders in the tourism value chain and differentiated culinary offer in emblematic establishments. What makes Palma different from other European capitals? One very banal differentiation is our stable climate all year-round. However, its main attractions lie in the resources it offers tourists: culture, shopping, hotels, entertainment, recreation, bars and restaurants Another completely differentiating aspect of our destination is its idiosyncrasy and historical links with the history of Spain, which is reflected in our buildings, our streets and our popular culture.

Who are the social and economic actors that should take part in profiling Palma as a destination with guaranteed success? All the members of the value chain are needed to achieve success, from the indispensable public administrations, in order to distribute consistent quality, to those who visit us, including the residents whose hospitality, kindness and behaviour help us differentiate the product.

Of course, both external and internal transport - mobility within the city, public transport, car hires - and later we should mention the entire shopping, culinary and cultural offer in the broadest sense: museums, historical buildings, art galleries and theatres, etc.. We are very satisfied. We have worked in depth in the British market with specialised agents at origin on advertising insertions, articles in the press and door-to-door work at clubs, golf courses, and specialised intermediaries, which has led to a great success in acceptation by all the groups.

We have just carried out a famtrip for a heterogeneous group of experts pros, tour operators, golf club directors, etc. The quality of our golf courses surprised them, as did the shopping and recreational offer we have on the island. Another group will also be conducting a test in late November to evaluate the product as a whole to help us position it in the British market. We expect that all these actions will begin to bear fruit in terms of generating wealth for the city in Palma ranks among the top tier in Europe in terms of hotels, with establishments of all kinds and quality as the common denominator.

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  7. The range runs from rehabilitated palaces reconverted into hotels to grand hotels with conference centres or small and medium-sized family hotels located in the city centre, with first-class extra services. Furthermore, business and health facilities are a constant in all hotels, with which the visitors can also complement their stays. Enjoy the fairways by day and the unique atmosphere and charm of Palma after dark, or mix modern city living with golf for the perfect vacation. Spanish landscapes have been inspiring writers from inside and outside the country for centuries and a slew of different itineraries have served as backdrops for distinguished works of universal literature.

    More and more people are attracted by this magic and choose to relive the routes trodden by famous characters by following in their footsteps along one of the itineraries that have been established. Characters from tales and novels rise again along pathways, in landscapes and with foods and aromas. One example of this is the Camino del Cid, based on the work Cantar del Mio Cid, which was composed in the late twelfth or early thirteenth century.

    Practically the entire Camino del Cid has been signposted this year and thus, it is slated to be promoted all over the globe in According to Alberto Luque, man The route extends for approximately 1, kilometres through eight provinces in four autonomous regions - from Burgos. The idea originated with Jacobs, who discovered the route last July upon the presentation of the second edition of the Camino del Cid Travel Literature Award to his compatriot Rory Stewart.

    It is designed to be followed in tokilometre stretches, which allows tourists to get to know different areas, many of which are rich in historical and natural heritage. All the routes can be driven; most of them can be fol-.

    Glossary of Arabic and Persian Transcription

    There is also an official 2,kilometre-long ecotourism itinerary called the Route of Don Quixote, made up of a historic network of migratory trails and paths that were used to pasture sheep in the olden days. This itinerary, which is. The Don Quixote itinerary has been growing steadily in popularity since it was declared a Pan-European Cultural Corridor in Don Quixote is a veritable symbol in La Mancha and his legend has generated a cultural tourism eager to view the social and geographical reality Cer-.

    It has been calculated that Andalusian culture, the main motivation A growing demand for cultural tourism has also been detected in Andalusia, to the point where one of each four tourists who visited the region last year did so primarily for this reason. Come to Madrid for the weekend! The region of Madrid is famous all over the world for its museums, wideranging cultural and leisure offer, endless shop-lined boulevards with prices for all budgets and the lively character of its streets any time of day or night.

    Yet, Madrid is far more than that and encompasses municipalities with innumerable attractions, nature reserves and special spots. History and modernity intermingle in Madrid, where the traditional and the avant-garde coexist in a region open to visitors. Madrid is also a shopping paradise. Antiques, furniture, prestigious topfashion brands, cutting-edge clothing and footwear, works of art, gifts, culinary products, design… the region of Madrid is an authentic showcase for top brands as well as the most authentic handicrafts.

    The region of Madrid stands out for its broad streets lined with exclusive shops, as well as for its flea markets featuring handicrafts and culinary products that boast their own Denominations of Origin. Visitors can also explore natural spaces. The dance and theatre offer is also wide-ranging and varied. For dinner, choose a restaurant or tavern in the centre city or some tapas in Plaza Santa Ana.

    Culture lovers can devote the morning to enjoying the exclusive museum offering on Paseo del Arte. For city lovers, another possibility is visiting the Rastro flea market, sampling tapas and savouring wines in the area around it and devoting the afternoon to a stroll in Retiro Park and the Botanical Garden. An autumn for going on excursions A number of towns in the region of Madrid are well worth a visit and strolling down their streets in autumn and winter is a special treat.

    San Lorenzo del Escorial, right in the heart of the mountains only 50 kilometres from the city of Madrid, boasts an exclusive architectural heritage encircled by breathtaking natural scenery. The elegant city of Aranjuez on the shores of the Tajo River is home to the grand Royal Palace, former summer residence of the Spanish monarchs. A general visit includes the Royal Palace, Royal Boat Museum and Casa del Labrador, all of which are ringed by magnificent gardens that have been declared Natural Heritage.

    Without a doubt, Madrid has the best leisure offer in all of southern Europe, since its permanent wealth of culture is joined by exhibitions, sporting events and shows that make up an agenda replete with different options. Furthermore, it is positioned as the only region to increase the number of arriving foreign tourists in the first part of the year, according to data from Frontur, the Border Movements survey.

    Beyond the coast The city of Madrid and its surrounding areas want to attract more and more In fact, the region of Madrid is among those with the most restaurants, theatres and clubs for all tastes and pocketbooks. Tourists can visit cities located in the areas surrounding the capital of Madrid such as Aranjuez, Segovia and Toledo, thanks to good transport connections between them and the capital. The boom in registered golfers and golf tourists in Madrid underscores the need for more courses in the region, where up to 15 projects for new spaces are planned for the coming few years.

    Madrid aims to become a European referent in golf, which is why it aspires to host the Ryder Cup in On the other hand, Madrid is also positioning itself as a major conventions and business tourism destination, thanks to its comprehensive infrastructure of congress halls and spaces for these ends, as well as its extensive hotel offer. With superb attributes such as cuisine, accommodations and service, Spain has established itself as an attractive destination for luxury tourism.

    Spain is poised to respond to their desires with elements such as its longstanding experience in the world of tourism, fine dining, internationally recognised range of hotels and attractions that vest it with an incomparable authenticity. Destinations such as Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the Community of Madrid benefit from the gamut of attractions they offer to attract the most select tier of travellers. Tailor made Turisme de Barcelona has created the Barcelona Premium programme, in which a whole team of professionals works to offer a unique, exclusive and personalised way of getting to know the city.

    The system allows anyone who desires a specific service or complete trip - always in the high purchasing power segment - to get in. In turn, the natural attractions of the Balearics is joined by a comprehensive network of nautical facilities on its 1, kilometres of coastline.

    Specific routes for complementary activities such as hiking, cycling and bird watching have been developed alongside the one-of-a-kind. Photograph: Climent Picornell. The Community of Madrid combines an outstanding cultural and accommodation proposal, activities for the whole family and a widely varied cuisine with its monumental and artistic heritage. The utmost expression of luxury cludes unique rituals and treatments based on the natural resources in the surroundings.

    Indigenous raw materials from the Canary Islands featuring marine extracts, volcanic lava and aloe vera are just some of the ingredients that have been used to develop the surprising, ultra-new protocols. Furthermore, the water used in the thalassotherapy circuit is extracted from the Atlantic Ocean floor.

    The villas boast a private outdoor swimming pool and gardens with tropical and subtropical flora. The three types of villas are classed by capacity, but each boasts a king-sized. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom villas of Las Mimosas accommodate four guests. The one-bedroom, one-bathroom villas of Las Palmeras, which feature a kitchenette and dining room, lodge up to three people. And the one-bedroom, one-bathroom duplexes of Las Retamas accommodate two people. The spa has 30 treatment cabanas, five open-air cabanas for facials and body treatments and two VIP suites for treatments especially conceived for couples.

    Each suite measures 70 square metres and has a private courtyard, relaxation area, showers and baths for personalised treatments in the utmost privacy. Furthermore, the airlines has invested seven million euros to renovate its VIP rooms in Barajas, among other airports, to capture more business clients and harness the potential of T4 as one of the finest hubs in Europe for business travellers. At the same time, each three months, Iberia has been renovating its wine menu, exquisite libations that the airline offers its business clients, both on board international flights as well as in its VIP rooms, in a service that has just celebrated its twoyear anniversary.

    Last year, the airline uncorked , bottles of wine for their business clients. Feeling unique in Spain The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism is clearly betting on quality tourism with the recent launch of the Privilegespain programme, which aims to diversify the offer by basing it on the creation of unique experiences. It makes good use of the wide diversity of resources and tourism destinations in Spain witha healthy potential to meet new market demands and reposition the country in its major markets.

    Exclusivity, character and guarantee are the three key attributes of the Privilespain brand. As the main factor of satisfaction for tourists coming to Spain,. Tourists gave Spanish cuisine an average rating of 8. Tourists rate Spanish cuisine with an average of 8. Catalonia is one of the leading tourist destinations in Spain and has been consolidating its foothold in recent years as the most comprehensive. Its visitors can enjoy the whole wide range of tourism modalities Spain offers.

    Diversification: the key to its success. Catalonia has a number of different routes for bird watching. In the photo, one of the lookout points in the Delta del Ebro Nature Park. Nine of these beaches have been awarded the Q for Tourism Quality certification granted by the Spanish Ministry of Tourism and have received the Blue Flag conferred each year by the European Foundation for Environmental Education to beaches that meet a series of conditions related to the environment and facilities.

    Its mountains also offer great potential for nature tourism in all its variations. The events, congresses and business segment has one of its main exponents in the Catalan community, as do golf, nautical tourism, bird watching and shopping tourism. Everything that tourism has to offer in Spain can be found in Catalonia, which also Barcelona was chosen the favourite in. Since then, the Catalan capital has been consolidating that position until becoming, together with Madrid, the most popular Spanish destination for weekend tourism.

    In addition to Barcelona, Catalonia has other cities with long historical and cultural traditions: Gerona, which has some of the finest historical constructions in Catalonia including medieval city walls, Romanesque and Gothic churches, and one of the finest Jewish quarters in Europe; Lerida, which combines the Romanesque, late gothic and modernist styles; and Tarragona, with its Roman legacy that has been declared a World Heritage Site in perfect harmony with medieval and modernist art.

    Bird watching: an emerging modality As a tourism destination that has been consolidating its major segments - sun and sand, cultural, nature and events tourism - Catalonia has set out to diversify as a destination by developing emerging modalities in recent years. Bird watching is one of its main bets. And this is no coincidence. Each year, the wining team has identified more than species. Within Catalonia, the province of Lerida has the best conditions for bird-watching tourism.

    The average expenditure per person during a stay is approximately euros. British tourists opt for the following products: sun and sand, city breaks, culture, hiking, business trips MICE and bird watching as an emerging product. Spain has the most famous Denomination of Origin of them all, La Rioja, paired with some of the finest specialised hotels. Spain has all the advantages it needs to spearhead the development of wine tourism.

    Its qualities as a tourist destination are joined by a vigorous wine-making sector that has enabled it to create wine-associated services and leisure activities that offer unique experiences far beyond a mere visit to a winery. Although Spain is the number-one country in culti-.

    Somontano Denomination of Origin, where they are resorting to technologies to provide an impulse to wine tourism and it is possible to download the Somontano Wine Route on mobile phones thanks to a novel application. The routes in this project attracted nearly 1. The major wine-making regions, which are also the most popular with tourists, are spearheading the development of wine tourism alongside La Rioja, the most famous of them all, in the lead. Wine is the basis of wealth in this region and a frame of reference for its culture, since it is the most famous Denomination of Origin in the world, with more than wineries.

    La Rioja has the most highly developed wine tourism, with resources that highlight its wine-making heritage, such as the Museum of Wine Culture in Briones and the Wine Interpretation Centre in Haro. Following it are Catalonia and Andalusia by number of visitors as well as new initiatives and Castile-La Mancha and CastileLeon by production and innovative projects and Navarre.

    For example, there are 60 wineries in the Balearic Islands and close to different wines are made just in Mallorca. Although not all of them are open for visits, they configure a scene that adds appeal to the islands. There are also other new initiatives, such as in Aragon in the land of the. Sleeping among vines In addition to pampering the wine-growing product in itself and encouraging the creation of routes that make it easy to access this resource, the accommodations component is also becoming more important every day and the Spanish hotels specialising in this area can satisfy the choosiest wine tourists.

    No other country boasts so many hotels, since the list is completed by three hotels in France, two in Portugal and one in Italy. The cruise, which is offered by the Grimaldi Lines, links Civitavecchia and Barcelona on an itinerary for wines and culinary products from the regions of Campania and Lazio, in addition to several Spanish locations. Clients are transported in high range vehicles to comfortably enjoy wine-cellars, museums and monasteries and tour vineyards, in addition to savouring superb cuisine along with the finest wines.

    The impressive castle — fortress, as if predicting the power and influence that Pope Benedict XIII, better known as the Moon Pope, who was born in its walls, in , would have. Don Pedro de Luna, was elected Pope in the schism of Avignon, and became one of the most important people of culture and politics of his time. Fine plasterwork ceilings and Moorish, majestic Renaissance facades, monumental staircases that visitors will travel to a bygone era of splendour.

    Spread throughout the Aragonese territory, are a network of hotels owned by the Government of Aragon, of great quality and located in charming buildings such as monasteries, castles, palaces and elegant mansions. An idyllic place to rest and retire, among dense forests of beech, pine, fir, hazel and holly. The establishment of twenty-five guest rooms offers all the amenities of a luxury hotel, underground parking, rooms for banquets and events, spa pool, sauna, Turkish bath and gym.

    Integrated into the same monument, travelers will find two interesting interpretation centers. Its bell tower stands graceful and majestic. Inside an elegant staircase with four sections with wooden shutters and beautiful high relief greets visitors. The romantic spirit pervades the rooms. Mural paintings, mirrors, chandeliers, tapestries and halls inhabit a space of infinite relaxation. The building has been restored conserving the architectonic elements, furniture and traditional decoration.

    Wooden beams, decorative pottery, metal fences and beautiful banister rails in the stairs envelope the palace in the purest Aragonese nineteenthcentury style. Their 34 rooms do not forgo, nonetheless, the modern comforts. It has an ample restaurant, private hall and wine catering salon. The landscape is dominated by the imposing castle Loarre, from the XI century, considered as one of the most impressive castles of Spain and the most important Romanic fortress of Europe.

    The first floor still maintains all the mechanisms of the old wine cellar have been left, including its manual press, and even a special wine cellar, fitted inside the rock. Its functionality and quality-price value have served in the refurbishing of the Hotel. The third floor has an exceptional area: a quaint lounge with Glass arches decorating it. Guests can stay in a renaissance palace of the XVI century, a magical experience. Autum The leaves fall, temperatures start to lower.

    Pines, Beeches, Alamos, Willows, Black Poplars and Oaks make this chromatic symphony of reds, oranges, yellows and greens. Gastronomy The Aragonian cuisine consists in popular stews, which vary depending of the region where they are made. Meats, vegetables, fish or legumes are the main ingredients of this cuisine that is in transition towards modernizing its traditional recopies.

    Almost two million visitors chose Aragon as their holiday destination last season. The central Spanish Pyrenees have some of the most modern public transport systems in Europe. Formigal is the largest and most complete resort in all of Spain, boasting km of slopes and itineraries boasting the latest in ski technology. Our ski resorts have free lift passes and there is a ski pass which permits our guests to ski in all of our resorts. You may find further information, as well as purchase any of our services in our webpage.

    Our ski resorts are located near quaint towns, where you can find your entire ski related needs and also many other activities, such as spas, cultural tourism or enjoy our restaurant or renown home-made wines. Aragon ski resort in numbers - 7 ski resorts.

    What the Spanish Government aims to achieve with this promotional campaign focussed on wine and culinary tourism is not to turn Spanish cuisine into a reason for visiting the country - which it already is - but to consolidate it as such. Tapas: the jewel in the crown of Spanish cooking Despite the great wealth of dishes and recipes offered by Spanish cuisine, the real jewel in the crown are tapas, small portions of food served up in bars and taverns to accompany drinks. There are all kinds of tapas to please all tastes. Even modern cuisine shares in this culinary movement and offers tapas that preserve their roots, yet boast novel presentations.

    Omelette sorbet, goose foie pottage, chickpeas with prawns and gazpacho with lobster are a few examples of the tapas created by great chefs that have become popular in bars and taverns. Tapas, conceived as a snack always accompanied by a drink, preferably wine or beer, have such deep roots in Spain that they led to a typically Spanish custom: tapeo, or going from bar to bar to savour different tapas. Many foreign tourists who come to Spain interested in getting to know its cities have found tapas to be a quick and inexpensive way to slake their thirst and hunger and so have tapas for lunch.

    This helps them take better advantage of their time for visiting museums, sites of interest and shops during daytime opening hours. In most cases, visitors do not even have to go out of their way to find places for a few tapas on the go. All the villages and cities in Spain have bars and taverns specialising in tapas, of which there are over hundreds of kinds. The chance to sample a selection of different tapas in each Spanish region is another lure of this suggestive combination of small Out to conquer the world Traditional Spanish tapas are so deeply rooted and widely-accepted that they have already begun to spread beyond our borders and establish themselves in other countries.

    And the EN network continues to grow. Supported by its excellent harbours, seas, almost 8, kilometres of coastline and weather, it is an idyllic place to enjoy water activities and sport all yearround. Most of our destinations are open more than nine months a year and some of them are open all year round, which is why we are achieving total deseasonalisation and starting to see groups throughout the year, which is very important, since it extends the season.

    We are constantly promoting the nautical product through campaigns and making major contributions, although things do not depend exclusively on work by the brand. The AEEN has just signed a contract with Isango, an online agency that specialises in activities and excursions and is a partner of Travel Market, a well-known British firm. I think this will be a giant step. By the close of , this type of holidays is expected to represent almost one out of every eight holidays taken by Britons. As part of its strategies to capture the British market, the AEEN has been developing promotional campaigns that at first has been targeting travel agents, tour operators and the media.

    All these zones offer extraordinary natural and scenic values that make the Balearics an authentic paradise in the Mediterranean. Although they are natural treasures, these zones not always sufficiently well-known to the residents themselves and the millions of visitors the archipelago receives. These protected natural spaces are home to a wide variety of enormously interesting natural elements: wetlands, white sandy dunes, coves, spectacular cliffs, valleys, wild torrents, caves, forests and a rich biological diversity of flora and fauna.

    Many of these species are endemic, i. However, this must be compatible with the dissemination of this environmental heritage to bring it closer to residents, with special attention paid to students and tourists. Levante: Sun, beaches… and much more While bearing in mind that their stellar product is sun and sand, the Communities of Valencia and Murcia have been making major efforts to diversify their offer.

    A Pride of Carrots - Venus Well-Served / The Oedipus Story / Roughing It

    Health and beauty, golf and cultural tourism are just some of the products the two regions are promoting in the British market. Furthermore, according to the Ministry of Tourism, the profile of the British tourist visiting the Community has been changing in recent years, becoming younger and younger between 25 and 44 years old and motivated above all by enjoying leisure time and holidays.

    Thus, the two regions are also promoting their health and beauty, cuisine, cultural and adventure tourism, among