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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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In our survey, some 65 percent rejected the sentence The rise of liberal blogs was irresistible, given the broader climate of political debate. Switch to new thesaurus. He had an irresistible desire to hit her. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? Mirabel, on his social side, is an irresistible companion. View in context. The price of the irresistible gun would have been much greater, your Majesty, but for the fact that its missiles can be so effectively averted by my peculiar method of treating the armour plates with a new- " View in context.

But in the exulting illusion of irresistible might a long series of military successes brings to a nation the less obvious aspect of such a fortune may perchance be lost to view. That certain sultanism of his brain, which had otherwise in a good degree remained unmanifested; through those forms that same sultanism became incarnate in an irresistible dictatorship.

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Major Fitz-David set matters right in his own irresistible way. Later, while fixing dinner, Sophie senses that someone is in the house, but shrugs it off. Then Elly complains of the same feeling, and being frightened of it. Sophie has a look around and seems to notice things just slightly out of place, but again decides it's nothing of concern. Later, she has to pick up Craig because he has lost his keys. Sophie continues to feel on edge that night during their anniversary dinner. The next day, she finds one of her paintings destroyed and assumes her cat knocked over the inkwell.

She soon meets Mara, her husband's new co-worker, at a party. Mara and Sophie leave the party for a walk to the beach, where they have a talk. Mara offers Sophie her sympathy for her mother's passing, telling her she can relate because she lost her best friend, Kate, who had been an aid worker with orphans in Kosovo.

She told Sophie that someone threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of the orphanage, and Kate burned to death trying to save the babies.

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Over the next few weeks, items begin to go missing from Sophie's house, including one of her dresses and her daughter's favorite stuffed animal, causing the child great distress. She comes to suspect that Mara is stealing her belongings after seeing her wearing the missing dress, but Sophie has no evidence. She then breaks into Mara's house to collect proof, but gets caught and is given a restraining order. Craig does not back up Sophie in court.

Sophie soon suspects Craig may be having an affair with Mara, but he is quick to shrug it off. Sophie decides to take Craig's suggestion to stay in a friend's cabin, to spend time apart from the family and clear her mind. During a conversation with her father, it is revealed that Sophie became pregnant at the age of 18, and the baby had been surrendered to an orphanage against Sophie's wishes.

When Sophie returns home from the cabin, she realizes her cat is nowhere to be found.

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She suspects Mara is behind it, so she decides to sneak onto Mara's property to check. She finds her cat inside the house, but the burglar alarm goes off, attracting a neighbor's attention. Sophie hides in the basement just as Mara returns, who then searches the house to find out why the alarm was tripped.

Wielding a hammer, she checks the basement while Sophie hides behind a shelf unit. Mara seems to sense someone is there but doesn't say anything. She just goes back upstairs and bolts the basement door, locking Sophie inside.

Mara then goes to work. Sophie begins to look around for tools or a way out, and finds her missing items, including her daughter's beloved toy and family photos with her face cut out of them.

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She realizes her suspicions of Mara were correct. She also finds a birth certificate and a letter from an adoption agency addressed to Mara, informing her that, despite her request, her biological mother did not wish to make contact with her. Because of the details in the documents, Sophie comes to believe that Mara was the baby she gave up.

While this is going on, Mara attempts to seduce Craig at his office, but they are interrupted by a phone call from his children's school.

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The school informs Craig that Sophie has not picked up the children. Craig needs to attend a meeting, so Mara offers to pick up the girls and take them to her house. When they arrive at Mara's house, Sophie, who is trying to escape via the air ducts, sees them through a floor vent in the kitchen. She tries to get her daughter's attention, but Mara discovers her instead.