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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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The Commission promotes wide usage of the Handbook for Police Cooperation and supports pan-European training for police officers and safety personnel to prevent and control violence more effectively. However, law enforcement authorities cannot deal with the underlying causes of violence in sport. To ensure that sport events are enjoyable for all those concerned and to minimise safety risks, competent agencies are encouraged to support social and educational measures to prevent spectator violence.

Developing close links with supporter groups should be an important element. The Commission encourages the exchange of good practices in this field. Thus, the Commission has no competence to regulate this matter at EU level. This project has, for years, been up against the opposition of the inhabitants of the island, who will be severely affected by the project, which will destroy the environment in the area and, as a result, the main local economic activity — tourism. This controversial project has been the subject of numerous questions and petitions, given its rejection by the people, as well as a number of legal proceedings.

It is worth remembering that in the High Court of the Canary Islands agreed to suspend the decision of the Government of the Canary Islands to remove the protected status of the seagrass meadows sebadales , which meant that the building works in question had to be stopped. Unfortunately, the work on the port, which will lead to irreversible damage to the marine ecosystem, is still continuing, as in May, the dumping of material for the construction of the external sea wall began.

The information reported in the local media as mentioned above would appear to contradict this answer given by the Commissioner for Regional Policy. Is the Commission aware of this report published in the local press in Tenerife? As regards the. Other sources claim that the construction of the Granadilla pier will not receive any EU funding whatsoever. What information does the Commission have at its disposal concerning construction work at Granadilla port, Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain?

Has the Commission made plans for any type of support mechanism for the construction of the Granadilla pier? Has any budget item been allocated by the Commission to support the construction of the Granadilla pier? The Commission is aware of the report published in the local press in Tenerife and underlines that it has acted in full accordance with the current regulatory framework.

The Commission had a range of observations regarding the project, notably related to the environment, economic viability and state aid issues, which required detailed explanations from the Spanish authorities, which explains the time required to deal with the application. Expenditure related to a major project can be certified to the Commission before the project has been approved by a Commission decision. The Commission has carried out a thorough examination of this application and has requested additional information, which has been provided, in order to be in a position to reach a final conclusion on its approval.

The Spanish authorities consider that this infrastructure is vital for the island of Tenerife and has been included as a priority project in their strategic plan for the development of seaports in Spain. In recent years, most EU Member States have had to reform their pension systems due to demographic changes higher life expectancy and low birth rate and economic changes the late age at which young people enter the labour market and the rise in unemployment in the EU.

The Commission has urged the Spanish Government to initiate a series of steps before the end of the year to avoid being sanctioned for excessive imbalances. The changes proposed by the Commission include pension reform and, more specifically, defining the sustainability factor in order to guarantee the long-term financial stability of the pension system by ensuring, among other things, that the retirement age increases in accordance with the rise in life expectancy.

It also calls for governments, employers and trade unions to reach a consensus on modifying the increase in the number of contributory years. What steps does the Commission intend to take to prevent the budgetary adjustments established by the troika from affecting the right to a decent quality of life for all in old age? Does the Commission intend to prioritise this issue in order to ensure that older people enjoy a decent standard of living and economic independence? Country Specific Recommendations on pensions and retirement have almost exclusively been aimed at helping Member States preserve the sustainability and adequacy of their public pension systems.

Linking the retirement age to changes in life expectancy — proposed in the CSR for the Spanish pension sustainability factor — could have a positive impact on both adequacy and sustainability of pensions. En oversigt over sprogkrav for brugsanvisninger for medicinsk udstyr til patienter — i hver af de forskellige medlemsstater? En oversigt over sprogkrav for brugsanvisninger for medicinsk udstyr til sundhedspersonale — i hver af de forskellige medlemsstater?

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The Commission thus does not possess the information requested by the Honourable Member. Betreft: Gerechtelijke stappen door niet-verzekerde depositohouders in Cyprus. Heeft de Commissie een behoorlijke effectbeoordeling van haar voorstel uitgevoerd? Gelet op de klachten van belanghebbenden en burgers, acht de Commissie het passend om een nieuwe, juistere effectbeoordeling uit te voeren? De volledig tekst van de effectbeoordeling is geregistreerd als document SWD final en is op de website van de Commissie beschikbaar op het volgende adres:.

Bij de voorbereiding van het voorstel heeft de Commissie zorgvuldig de implicatie van het bail-ininstrument ten aanzien van de bescherming van de mensenrechten geanalyseerd. In die omstandigheden zou, als niet tot afwikkeling zou worden overgegaan, de instelling insolvent worden. Een en ander zou garanderen dat deposito's pas na alle ongedekte niet-bevoorrechte passiva het voorwerp van bail-in kunnen zijn. De Commissie denkt niet dat in dit stadium een verdere effectbeoordeling nodig is. Has the Commission properly conducted an impact assessment in relation to its proposal? In the light of the complaints raised by stakeholders and citizens, does the Commission think it will be appropriate to conduct a new and more accurate impact assessment?

The full text of the impact assessment is registered as document SWD final and is available on the Commission website at the following address:. In the preparation of the proposal, the Commission has carefully analysed the implication of the bail-in tool with regard to the protection of human rights. In particular, the limitation to property rights entailed by the bail-in tool is justified under the relevant human rights rules as interpreted by the Court of Justice by the fact that the point of entry into resolution is reached when that the institution is no longer viable or is likely to be no longer viable.

In these circumstances, if no resolution action was taken, the institution would have entered into insolvency. It would ensure that deposits are bailed-in only after all unsecured non-preferred liabilities.

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The Commission does not think that a further impact assessment is needed at this stage. Mens det koster ca. EUR gennem EU's bidrag. Tuberculosis TB is influenced by migration, economy, and functioning of healthcare systems. The health services' organisation is competence of national governments including leadership for interventions to fight TB.

EU's structural and regional funds, pre-accession and European neighbourhood instruments could all be used to fight multidrug resistant TB MDR-TB if this is prioritised by the recipient countries. The budget available to prevent and treat TB is matter of setting priorities at national level as well as the choice of the most appropriate financial instrument. Research on TB has been one of the priority areas of FP7.

Tra i giovani europei si riscontra una mancanza di fiducia e spirito imprenditoriale. Sette progetti europei riguardanti temi chiave, quali la formazione degli insegnanti, una piattaforma on line per gli educatori e nuovi metodi per la valutazione delle competenze imprenditoriali, sono stati al centro di un invito a presentare proposte pubblicato nel Entrepreneurship is at the heart of the economy and fosters economic dynamism, growth and job creation. This is why the challenge for the European Union EU is to continue promoting the key factors for building a climate in which entrepreneurial initiative and business activities can thrive.

As attitudes and social understanding take shape at an early age, education can play a major part in successfully addressing the entrepreneurial challenge.

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  • Research has proved the existence of a positive correlation between business start-ups and economic competitiveness and growth. However, the benefits of entrepreneurship education are not only economic. Entrepreneurship is a skill that is useful in both personal and social aspects of everyday life. The EU offers many opportunities in the form of funds and programmes, such as Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

    However, it does not raise enough awareness of entrepreneurship and does not sufficiently encourage young people to develop this skill. This is why there is a need to promote and encourage entrepreneurship in educational institutions, and why more training should be offered to students as well as to teachers and professors.

    There is a lack of entrepreneurial spirit and confidence among the young people of Europe. Given the social and economic benefits of entrepreneurship, is there scope for greater promotion in schools and universities? Would the Commission consider developing a specific framework for this initiative? The Commission is working in close cooperation with national authorities and other relevant stakeholders to promote education for entrepreneurship. The Commission calls on Member States to give all young people the chance of at least one practical entrepreneurial experience during compulsory education since the priority is to make this type of learning a basic feature in our education systems.

    The Commission's activities have also recently focused on training teachers, as they have a key role in bringing entrepreneurship education into the classroom. Two European workshops in aimed to share and disseminate successful methods, followed up with the publication of a guide for educators in A call for proposals sees seven European projects addressing key issues such as training teachers, online platform for educators and new methods to assess entrepreneurial skills. Can the Commission explain why there remains such a disparity between some Member States in relation to charges for making calls on mobile phones?

    The EU rules provide NRAs with tools to act in relation to any competition problems that exist within their national markets and to impose remedies on operators when appropriate. The Irish mobile market offers its customers a variety of services and tariffs, both as a stand alone or in bundles that allow consumers to choose services that best corresponds to their needs.

    The Commission has addressed an important issue which contributes substantially to end-user prices, namely the rates operators charge to each other when terminating calls on their respective networks. Application of cost-oriented termination charges will lower the wholesale costs for domestic calls, which in a competitive market should also lead to lower retail prices. Despite the tools available under the current regulatory framework it is true that disparities between Member States exist, which should not be present in a fully functioning single market.

    The Spring European Council stressed the importance of the digital single market for growth and called for concrete measures be prepared in time for the October European Council. In Renvyle, Co. Galway, Ireland, wave defences have been severely damaged by recent bad weather. Any further damage threatens to cause the seawater to contaminate a small freshwater lake. The lake is designated as a Special Area of Conservation SAC , because of a rare strain of weed which is growing in it. Could the Commission outline what support or funding, if any, are available to tackle coastal erosion where it threatens Special Areas of Conservation?

    The regulatory framework governing European Regional Development Fund ERDF projects includes environmental and risk protection as a potential investment area.

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    • The corresponding funding allocation supports investments in the fields of water source protection drinking water and promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Sligo, telephone Til trods for dette tal har lande som f. Prevalence in the definition of rare diseases has been consistently applied in EU rare disease legislation and policy.

      Despite this figure, countries such as Denmark, Sweden and the UK have defined rare diseases as having a different prevalence. In connection with this, can the Commission please answer the following questions:. Does the Commission feel there should be consistency in the definition of rare diseases across Europe?

      In its assessment report following the implementation of the national plans for rare diseases, will the Commission look at how rare diseases are defined in the national plans across Europe? The Commission is promoting one consistent definition of rare diseases across all its policies. At the same time, according to Art. This includes the definition of rare diseases. In the Implementation Report on action under the Commission Communication on Rare Diseases: Europe's challenges and on the Council recommendation mentioned above, the Commission is planning to report upon how Member States are using the definition of rare diseases for the purposes of EU-level policy.

      One of the growing public health threats in Europe is the spread of tuberculosis TB , especially in its drug-resistant forms. While one part of the problem is the treatment of people infected with TB, another part is the lack of sufficient measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

      What, if any, initiatives and support does the Commission have with regard to developing better prevention measures against tuberculosis, including new vaccine s? The Commission is aware of the importance of preventive measures for eliminating tuberculosis TB as a global health problem.

      The most advanced TB vaccine candidates are currently in phase II clinical trials, and developing these into final products will require the mobilisation of significant scientific and financial resources. This is a challenging task but in the most optimistic scenario, it could result in the introduction of a new TB vaccine by Om: Forskellig ordlyd af forskellige sprogversioner af et direktiv. Der kan imidlertid altid ske fejl, og der sker fejl. It is important that the meaning of EU legislation should always be clear, regardless of which of the official languages it is translated into.

      However, mistakes can and do happen. What does the Commission intend to do about this discrepancy in meaning between the language versions? Does the Commission know if this difference in wording has led to the Member States implementing the directive in different ways? If citizens, organisations or companies discover such a discrepancy among translations, is there an easy way for them to report it? And can it then be ensured that a correction is made — or at least a memo published explaining the differences and stating which is the valid interpretation of the text?

      Therefore, it is for the European Parliament and the Council to analyse the case and decide if any language version needs to be corrected. Citizens, organisations and companies can notify errors in legal acts through Eur-Lex public helpdesk eurlex-helpdesk publications. Does the Commission have its own estimates of the revenue that is currently lost to developing countries, and does it believe that it is appropriate for European taxpayers to effectively subsidise tax avoidance on this scale?

      Various estimates of the amount of tax revenues lost in developing countries exist and show substantial losses as the Honourable MEP rightly points out. These losses are difficult to estimate in a precise manner due to their nature. However, the Commission shares the view that they are very high. Furthermore, the Commission strongly supports international efforts to curb tax evasion and avoidance and welcomes the international prominence these issues are given in international fora, such as the G8, G20, UN and the OECD.

      The EU also supports a large number of country-specific projects, capacity building initiatives and other activities. Tax avoidance by large corporations is now a major concern for governments around the world, and it is an issue that will feature prominently at the G8 summit that begins today in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Does the Commission support this initiative and, if so, does the Commission believe that such transparency should be restricted to banks or should it apply to all transnational corporations?

      Finally, what proposals on tax avoidance does the Commission intend to propose at the summit? To this end, the Commission will work closely together with the European Parliament and the Council to make sure that EU rules are adopted as quickly as possible in this area. The Commission's contribution concentrated on evasion rather than avoidance, notably the aim for automatic exchange of information between tax authorities to become the new global standard of cooperation in tax matters. New initiatives on automatic exchange of information which are ongoing at the international level could greatly benefit from EU achievements in this area.

      The Chinese authorities have responded by announcing the launch of an anti-dumping and anti-subsidy probe into wine imports from the European Union. This probe, which seems to be some kind of retaliatory measure, may seriously jeopardise EU wine and spirit exports to a fast-growing market. Although the Commission has already made it clear that there is no dumping or subsidising of European wine exports to China, how does it intend to respond to this anti-dumping probe?

      In its reply, the Commission gives no clear indication of what preventive or punitive measures it would take in cases involving the proven exploitation of workers. The monitoring and enforcement of the working and employment conditions and the actual remuneration of workers, including posted workers, fall within the competence of the Member States, which have specialized bodies such as labour inspectorates to make such verifications and determine the appropriate corrective measures.

      When the Commission becomes aware of alleged abusive or unfair practices, it first has to make a thorough clarification of the factual circumstances in order to be able to assess whether or not the allegations of social dumping practices constitute a breach of the applicable Union rules. If it becomes apparent that a Member State has not transposed EU legislation correctly, has failed to transpose it at all, or is applying transposed rules incorrectly, infringement proceedings are instituted to compel the Member State concerned to amend its legislation or the way in which it is applied.

      Wniosek Komisji zawiera jednak. Does the Commission foresee the possibility of implementing such a plan within a suitable time frame? Has the Polish Government made adequate efforts in this regard? Discussions between the Commission and the Polish authorities on the correct implementation of the Water Framework Directive WFD have been ongoing since The Commission made several recommendations aiming at ensuring that flood prevention infrastructure receiving EU support does not violate the WFD.

      At no point was the option to withdraw still unused EU funds in this sector discussed. All efforts are currently concentrated on making sure that all allocated money is spent in compliance with EU legislation. The legal framework for the European Structural and Investment Funds for is still being discussed with the Council and the Parliament, and thus no definitive answer can be provided at this time.

      Nevertheless, the Commission proposal includes an. The Guardian newspaper recently revealed how the British intelligence services had spied on visiting diplomats at the G20 summit in They reportedly tapped private communications and breached any number of privacy rules, with the express authorisation of the UK Government. Intercepting the communications of the visiting G20 politicians and diplomats was instrumental in enabling the UK to secure a negotiating advantage at the summit.

      The surveillance was authorised by the former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and constitutes multiple rights violations, dealing a blow to the legitimacy of British diplomacy and the results of the summit itself. As far as we know, this gross violation of national interests and privacy at such a high-level summit is an unprecedented crime which calls for concrete action to be taken against the UK.

      Does the Council intend to hold the UK criminally responsible for this shocking act of espionage? Has the Council taken any action to ensure the UK does not repeatedly violate the fundamental liberties and national interests of other countries? The Council has not discussed any of the specific issues raised by the Honourable Member. However the Commission has expressed its concerns and has sought clarifications from the United States on its reported surveillance activities to the extent that they concern EU individuals and premises.

      The Commission considers that the trade negotiations with the United States should not be postponed, but that conversations on US surveillance activities should run in parallel to the negotiations. The Commission will follow this matter with the utmost attention. Some of Spain's autonomous communities regional governments have put forward proposals concerning economic development plans for the construction sector, with the aim of promoting the improvement of energy efficiency in housing.

      These proposals comply with the energy efficiency directive, but the development of the plans depends on the availability of the funds in question from the EIB. In regions such as Andalusia, the political will to implement plans to comply with this directive exists, but the cooperation of central government is needed. Does the Commission have any information as to whether the Spanish Government has requested access to the EIB funds made available for projects relating to the implementation of this directive?

      May a regional government, such as an autonomous community in Spain, request access to this EIB funding directly, without passing through the central government? Requests have originated in the Spanish Government, regional governments, municipalities, and in public and private institutions. The pipeline of loans under study shows an increasing effort in this field. Furthermore, the EIB has additionally promoted the following special energy efficiency initiatives in Spain:. ELENA — European Local Energy Assistance — a European Commission technical assistance facility for accelerating the preparation and implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects developed by municipalities, regions and other local authorities.

      In Spain this facility has already been used in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, and in the region of Murcia for projects related to improving EE in public transport, lighting and buildings. Regional governments can request the EIB for loans directly. The projects must be in line with general EIB lending objectives and eligibility criteria for energy efficiency. In dem am They had to cope with difficult working conditions and often violent treatment, and without being paid.

      The testimony includes accounts of beatings, torture and murder which took place at sea and while the vessels were moored near the coast and information pointing to the complicity of Thai officials. The fish in question are processed to make meal which is then used as feed for Thai prawns, and those prawns are in turn exported to Europe. The EU shares the concerns raised by the Honourable Member. The EU will continue to monitor the implementation by Thailand of labour standards under the International Labour Organisation ILO Conventions and will seek in the ongoing Free Trade Agreement FTA negotiations with Thailand to include a reference to the implementation of core labour standards, including the elimination of child labour and forced labour.

      If so, what risks? Are there any European governments or services that are involved, cooperate or are connected in any way with this programme? Does the Commission intend to claw back any funds in view of the failure of the implementation of the project? Are you aware that a site exists at www. Does the Commission believe that this is an incentive to ask questions which leads to an abuse of the system?

      Does it consider that excessive numbers of questions asked to the Commission by MEPs leads to high administration costs and that these questions should be limited with this cost factor in mind? The Commission considers that this should not be an incentive to ask more questions. It is not for the Commission to judge whether the number of parliamentary questions is. La convention de sur l'interdiction de l'usage des armes chimiques et sur leur destruction confirme ce principe de droit international. La Syrie est donc clairement en violation du droit international.

      Evidence from a range of sources now confirms that such gases have been used several times. The use of such gases is strictly prohibited by international law, and the Geneva Protocol of declared the use of these destructive and inhumane weapons unacceptable. The Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction reiterates this principle of international law. Syria is, therefore, in clear violation of international law. At this time, without a sucessful deployment of a UN investigation mission, it is difficult to confirm the use of chemical weapons.

      The EU recalls that any use of chemical weapons by anyone under any circumstances would be reprehensible and completely contrary to the legal norms and standards of the international community. The Syrian authorities bear a particular responsibility to ensure that their chemical weapons are stored securely pending independently verified destruction and are not permitted to fall into the hands of any other State or non-state actor.

      Salafism is a fundamentalist movement which advocates returning to an original form of Islam through a strict and literal interpretation of the Quran and the Sunnah. The Salafist movement is growing very rapidly, and this is worrying as it could pose a threat to the very idea of democracy. Regrettably, the status of Salafist groups in Europe was not addressed, even though closer cooperation among the Member States on this issue is now badly needed. Without generalising, it must be acknowledged that Salafism is often a stage on the path towards a more violent form of Islamism.

      By way of illustration, all the young people who recently travelled from Germany to join the jihads in Syria or Egypt had ties of one kind or another with the Salafist movement. Does the Commission intend to take steps to facilitate closer coordination between Member States with a view to tackling all possible threats? EU citizens travelling to Syria and other conflict zones are a serious concern for European internal security. This report indicates that increasing numbers of radicalised EU citizens travelled to regions of conflict to engage in terrorist activities, and refers to the threat posed by these people should they return to the European Union with the intent to commit acts of terrorism.

      The processing of PNR data, as envisaged in the Commission EU PNR proposal, provides an effective instrument to detect and prevent terrorist-related activities by analysing air travel routes. The Commission continues to addresses all forms of radicalisation and violent extremism as one of the priorities for internal security. Since the fall of the Mubarak regime, sectarian violence against Copts has made a sudden reappearance in Egypt.

      Guía para montar tu empresa

      The EU is aware and concerned about the constraints that different religious minorities face in Egypt and condemns all forms of intolerance, discrimination and violence against persons because of their religion or belief, wherever it takes place and regardless of the religion. The EU delegation is closely following cases of sectarian violence and emphasises the importance of avoiding discrimination on religious grounds in its contacts with Egyptian authorities.

      In order to support the improvement of freedom of religion or belief in Egypt, the EEAS is keen to engage with all the relevant stakeholders in the country as well as with the regional and international organisations sharing EU's values and objectives in this respect. The EU considers that cooperation and political dialogue are the most appropriate channels to encourage and put pressure on Cairo's government so that it will undertake concrete actions in order to protect Copts and other religious minorities. However, subsequent declarations by the European Commission render the agreement obtained meaningless and make a mockery of the defence of the culture exclusion.

      This will simply cause confusion, concern and defiance on the part of cultural players in Europe. The debate on the culture exclusion has revolved primarily around European cinema, especially national and European support and development policies for that sector. However, audiovisual goods also include music which, through the tried and tested system of radio quotas, is a sector which has managed to maintain strong national production. Quotas have allowed French song to be preserved and have generated a positive economic effect for the music industry.

      France is the only country in the Union today whose local repertoire accounts for an important proportion of registered music sales. The Commission can inform the Honourable Member that there is no discussion on the European dimension of cultural diversity: the defence of this principle is a fundamental objective of the European Union, but also a legal obligation, enshrined in the Treaty. The Commission and the Member States have discussed about ways to include the right balance in the negotiating directives of the TTIP between, on the one hand, the sensitivity of the audiovisual sector and on the other, the aim of extensive and ambitious negotiations.

      Audiovisual services are excluded from the chapter on trade in services and establishment. Although the Commission is willing to listen to the ideas of its partners on this issue, it is of course not in a position to negotiate liberalisation commitments in this sensitive area. Quest'anno cade il cinquantenario del disastro del Vajont. Molte cose sono state fatte in ambito europeo in questa direzione, ma non abbastanza.

      Le scienze della terra assumono quindi un ruolo centrale tanto nello sviluppo economico quanto in quello sociale. Reputa la Commissione che sia necessario lo stanziamento di fondi per la ricerca e lo studio di aree a rischio geologico sul territorio dell'Unione al fine di prevenire disastri evitabili? Reputa la Commissione che sia necessario promuovere uno standard europeo di sicurezza e di certificazione geologica per l'installazione e gestione dei siti industriali sul territorio dell'Unione?

      Reputa la Commissione che sia auspicabile un'implementazione delle funzioni della Federazione europea dei Geologi, anche semplificando l'iter di accesso al titolo di eurogeologo? Per proteggere l'ambiente sono essenziali norme di sicurezza in materia di realizzazione e gestione dei siti industriali. Occorrerebbe effettuare ricerche supplementari prima di adottare qualsiasi ulteriore misura. It has been shown that the Vajont disaster could have been avoided, particularly had geological studies been used properly.

      Since then, the importance of applying geology to civil engineering has been recognised. Barely a year ago, at the general meeting of the European Geological Service, it was reiterated how geology can offer Europe a great deal but also how geology needs direct commitment from Europe. It is not possible to develop the land without understanding the land.

      Earth sciences thus play a pivotal role in both economic and social development. Safety rules on setting up and running industrial sites are essential to ensure a secure environment. The Commission has recognised this necessity, which is reflected in the support of projects in the area of crisis management through the current Framework Programme for Research, Development and Demonstration Activities FP7. However, to date, no specific research has been carried out on the feasibility of developing European geological certification standards related to industrial sites.

      Additional research would be needed before any further steps are taken. This directive introduces a new system of automatic recognition based on a common set of knowledge, skills and competences. Oggetto: Valutazione d'impatto dell'ingresso della Croazia nell'Unione europea. Osservati nel loro complesso, i negoziati di adesione si sono protratti per circa 8 anni, dall'ottobre del ad oggi.

      La Croazia vive una particolare situazione economica, avendo subito anch'essa il contraccolpo della crisi finanziaria iniziata nel ed avendo perso nel successivo biennio, come sottolinea uno studio del Ministero degli Affari esteri italiano, circa sette punti percentuali di prodotto interno lordo.

      Results list of Browse by country - NATLEX

      La Croazia non dovrebbe fare eccezione. In dit kader stel ik de Commissie graag de volgende vragen:. Deelt de Commissie mijn mening dat de Europese Unie het zich niet kan permitteren een land dat zijn zaken zo slecht voor elkaar heeft toe te laten treden? Deelt de Commissie mijn mening dat als een land al in aanmerking zou moeten komen voor toetreding tot de Europese Unie, dergelijke alarmerende problemen eerst opgelost moeten zijn, voordat er sprake kan zijn van toetreding. De belangrijkste taak is nu om het concurrentievermogen van de economie te vergroten en snel werkgelegenheidsbevorderende groei op gang te brengen, terwijl ook de begroting wordt geconsolideerd.

      Met betrekking tot de tenuitvoerlegging van de zeer dringende structurele hervormingen van de economie zijn de eerste belangrijke stappen gezet om het concurrentievermogen en de groeiperspectieven te verbeteren. In het verleden zijn dankzij uitbreidingen concrete resultaten geboekt wat betreft groei en werkgelegenheid in de hele EU, alsmede meer investeringen. Het wettelijke en institutionele kader om corruptie te bestrijden is opgezet en begint vruchten af te werpen.

      Despite the lack of public support, despite the existential crisis facing the European Union and despite the general malaise in Europe, it has apparently been considered wise to allow Croatia to join the European Union. This gives rise to the following questions to the Commission:. According to a Reuters article 1 , Croatia has no sooner joined than there are budget deficits, conditions for business are poor, and neither the judicial system nor the machinery of government is functioning properly.

      Does the Commission agree that the European Union cannot afford to let a country which is performing so badly join the EU? Soy el " Usuario: Sr. Saludos, Sr. Alexei Armor. Si me ayudases te lo agradeceria mucho. Gracias de todos modos. Gracias de antemano y espero con ansias la respuesta. Gracias por darme la bienvenida al proyecto. Cualquier cosa que necesites cuenta conmigo. Atentamente, Daryl Mensajes.

      Hola, soy el Usuario:Alhufe. Fuentes fiables y contrastadas. Su labor es reconocida tanto nacional como internacionalmente. No se reparten dividendos entre accionistas y todos los ingresos se reinvierten en su actividad cultural. Esperamos que reconsideren su postura y no borre esta entrada, que intentaremos mejorar en lo sucesivo. Yo no tengo referencias. Te ruego que borres la etiqueta correspondiente o que me des permiso para hacerlo. Hola como estas. Gracias de nuevo. Edward Ortiz disc. Saludos Tarawa jo ta ke irabazi arte 22 jun UTC.

      Hola Perdona si ya te puse uno antes. Aun no entiendo esto de como mandar mensajes jeje. Por favor, ya he quitado esa foto y entiendo que no debo subir mas sin permiso. Hola, gracias por las indicaciones, se nota que soy nuevo en esto Hola, el wikiproyecto tuvo los apoyos necesarios para que se pudiera crear, [2]. Saludos Tarawa jo ta ke irabazi arte 23 jun UTC. He dejado lo que creo que era tu mensaje. En fin, saludos. Pues bien, ya las he incluido.

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