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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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As soon as the decision of the Ctfurt became known. Willie's removal to the hospital, his position in prison being preferable, to that which aw aited him in Santa Cruz. The efforts put forth were not without success, and up til] as late as Novem- ber 5 last Mr. Willie was able to remain in his old quarters, whilst- the necessary steps were being taken to procure, if possible, his release. Through the very kind mediation of Mr. Maunder, the respected station-master at the L. Willie under their guarantee to England if the Ministers at Madrid would be disposeel to accept this guaran- tee, and grant the removal.

Not a semblance of demand was or ever could be marie. Of this Soanish friends may rest assured. The British Government ha-s never dreamt of for- mulating a demand in the case, nor would they admit sue-h from a foreign Government. Recognising the fact that Mr. Willie was no longer insane, anel that in any case his re- moval to England would satisfy the con- ditions and requirements of Spanish law in case? Willie's sister, who personally waited on the Spanish Ministers in Madrid.

Nothing, we are in- formed, could exceed the kindness Miss Willie received at the hands of those gentlemen during her constant visits to them whilst- she was in Madrid They listened patiently to her story, and followed up the matter with generous in- terest, until, in accordance, with their con- stantly-repeated promises, the wished-for solu- tion was attained. And she has only the same story to tell of the treatment accorded her by the offi"ials generally at the Ministerial offices, where her visits were made.

It is felt that all this, coupled with the generous pity and sympathy shown by the Barcelona press and the people to the unfor- tunate man and his family at the time of his hial, deserves a special mention of praise, and the misconception that has arisen in the minds of some Spaniards concerning the mode of obtaining the release which so many of even themselves desired is all the more to be re- gretted. Our Rhyl correspondent telegraphs :—The Denbighshire police have been informed that a murderous assault was made Ivy six poachers on a night gamekeeper on the Gwrych Castle estnite.

The man was shot twice in the stomach, and lie. The police have arrested one of the lJOachprs. Four thousand persons were present. Lavigue, fight- ing furiously, had the better of the contest throughout, and in the seventeenth round Bow en was knocked out. Medical men were summoned owing to Bowcn's apparently serious condition. They declared him to be suffering from concussion of the brain, and in a dangerous state.

By Daniel Lesueur & Dominic Durand

Lavinge was arrested. A Central News telegram from St. Winter Latos. Pinafores, Costumes. Clever Surgical Feat. Edward A. It grew upon the vocal cords. A silver tube was inserted in Mr. Houghton's neck, and it was through this that he breathed. Then Air. Houghton found diffi- culty It liquids would pass down his throat, and he was re- duced to a uiilk and whisky diet.

InSep- tember Air. Houghton went to Dr. Wyeth again. If I don't operate you will die, within 60 days. Wveth's private sanitarium. The operation was set for September When Dr.

  1. Guillaume de Machaut, The Boethian Poems: Le Confort d'Ami | Robbins Library Digital Projects.
  2. By Daniel Lesueur & Dominic Durand.
  3. Full text of "Catalogue de la bibliothèque de Ricardo Heredia, comte de Benahavis".
  4. The CHARRETTE PROJECT: Old French version!
  5. 25 erthygl ar y dudalen hon;

Alfred Boeline, Dr. Wveth's assistant. Isegan to administer the an. Here was a fresh and very grave difficulty. Wyeth was in a painful position. It was necessary that the operation should be performed, and no operation of siK-h importance had ever been made without amrstheties. It didn't take the surgeon long to make up his mind.

Houghton," he said, "we can't- give you ether or chloroform, for the, reason that cither would kill you. I don't know whether you can stand the operation without them. We will give you some, morphine hypodermi- CRlly. And he did. An incision of two and a half inches long was made up and down iu the neck. The "Aelam's apple" was split in two. Theil came swift work. There are many arteries in the neck, and these had to he caught up and tied with great quickness, else the patient would speedily bleed to death.

Then there"was dan- ger of blood running down the windpipe and strangling Mr. The difficulties were increased by the fact- that Mr. Houghton breathed through the operating wound, and the greatest care had to be tal en V prevent the respiration from drawing 1he blooding. The whole larynx had to be roooved: noic.

It was a particularly delicate opera- tion to save the epiglottis. Had this been cut away. Houghton would have had to go through life with a breathing tube. After his sadly scarred tongue is trained he will be able to use the lid to the. Houghton breathed. They didn't- have to wait for him to recover from the effect of ether. Houghton couldn't- ten them how he felt, because his voice was gone, and he hail wind anvway. The success of the operation was not demonstrated for weeks. But he received the best of care, remaining in the sanitarium anel helping Dr.

Bodiuo all he could. The wound healed rapidly. Soon it was no longer necessary for him to breatlio through the tube, and it was removed. Thp opening is slowly growing to- o-other. Then the feodoing was made simpler. Nourishment could be tid-en through the mouth. Last Saturday Air. Thus far he can ent nothing more diffi- 1 cult to swallow than soft boiled errgs, but in a little while he w ill be able to eat as well as ever. But lIe will never be able to speak except in a whisper. He can whisper now most, effectively. Houghton's larynx. During the past few months the Cork doctors have conducted an agitation which threatens to end in a strike.

After meetings, at whicit it was declared that it was no longer possible to go Oil giving medical attendance for 6. The officials of the clulis raised a howl of indignation, and sa. The doctors replied by giving j formal notice of the termination of all con- tracts on December The medical officers held to- gether, and replied through the secretary of their organisation that communications from the clubs could only he ieeeived by that gen- tleman.

Finally, the clubs assembled and passed a resolution protesting against the interference of this 1lwelieal organisation LehlePIl them and their club doctors, and expressed their intention to find medical men to take the place of the resi- dent Cork doctors. There the matter at pre- sent rests; and the further development of this—the first serious professional strike—will be -watched with interest.

At any rate says the "Pnll Mall Gazette" it is clear that matters are following the traditional course, and that the human nature of the workman whf'U he is an employer is very much the same as the human nature of the employer who is a capitalist. Crew Abandon- a Newport Steamer in the Channel. The t-ug Oceana landed at Dartmouth, on Saturday morning. Ala In. The steamer sprang a leak on Thursday and was abandoned. The origin of the leak is unknown. Several of the men lost their effects. Probate Judge Dismisses the Applica- tion by Executors.

Tlie President of the Probate-court on Satur- day gave judgment- on the application made by the exeoutors of the will of the late Mr. I followay, patent medicine vendor, that the pending suit, brought by Mr. Young to re- voke- probate of the will should be dis- missed.

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Young" was" entitled to a share of the estimate under the will of Young's inte- n'st should be tried. The majority of members, five out of six, of the Hutton Cranswick School Board, York- shire, remain on strike. No salaries have been paid for three months, and there is a com- plete deadlock of business. The, five membeis have declined to meet again, although pressure luus been brought to Ivear upon them by the Education Department, alleging as a reason for this decision that they cannot- agree with the policy of the sixth member.

Prince of Wales. N'S T S. N'a SSO. Mikado's Forces are Outnumbered by Celestials and have to Retire. A Renter's telegram from Hiroshima on Satur- day says :—A dispatch, dated the 13th instant from Antong. On the 12th inst a scouting party from Fung Whang met the enemy in superior force at Saibashu. Early the next morning- the Chinese troops atSaibashu, numbering" over 4,, advanced southward.

Fighting took place. The dispatch adds that Japanese detechments were to attack the enemy on Friday. A Central News telegram from Antong says —A fight is proceeding five mile"fl'om Feng- huang between the Japanese adv meed guard and 4, Chinese. The Japanese are on the defensive, and are holding their ground.

Rein- forcements are being hurried up. A Renter's telegram from Pittsburg says: — It is stated in manufacturing circles that the Japanese Government has contracted with a company here for light-armoured torpedo bevats having been unable to place the contract in Great Britain owing to treaties existing between that country with China and Japan.

When the Czar came courting last ,1 uly says the. There was evidently an understanding between the young people then. One day, as Princess Alix was painting in water colours in the garden, the Czar stealthily crept up liehind her, and then mischievously daubed his finger across the pretty drawing. The Princess did not appear to appreciate the fun at first, but- he soon made his peace with her, and they were very merry. Whilst at Walton the Czar frequently boated, but preferred to steer, as the Princess Alix sculled, w hilst Priimc Louis played propriety.

After a week's stay they went to Windsor Castle. Here, the C7. It was epiite clear that his Imperial Highness asked for nothing more than the company of the Prineoss Alix. Tie upon which she trod. Tlieywerealwavsto- gether within or without the eastle. At last the hour of part- inn-arrived, and f don t think I shall soon foiget that affecting scene. It occurred late one night, at haU-past- eleven o'eloe-k. The Polar Star lay with her steam up off Cowes. With them was Prince-s Henry i. The Czar engaged Princess Alix in earnest conversation for a long while: and then, when their adieus could no longer be delayed, he embraced herafFec- tionately and repeatedly.

Tie did not appear to mind the spectators in the least. Princess Alix Dire herself bravely until her lover leaped into the Duneb. Then 1 saw her burst into tears and throw herself in the arms of Princess Beatrice, who consoled her as only a woman can. Chamberlain Sends Another Letter to the" Times. Chamberlain writes as follows to the "Times'' on Saturday morning:—"It appears from the semi-official communique issued on Thursday that, when Lord Rosebery, at Devon- port.

I admit that I had a faint suspicion that tins might be the case, and I am obliged to the private secretary for his authoritative confirma- tion. It is delightful to have a Prime Minister w-nse irrepressible humour bubbles over even on the most serious occasions. Apparently, it is, for Lord Rose- bery says that the paragraph ought to have 1 eer preceded by the weirds, 'We are told, forsooth. We will pass over the inconsistency, since what is one among so many?

Lord Itosebe-ry was only mdnlgmu a naturally sprightly wit, I fail C, , entirely to see where the irony eea-ses and the seriousness conies in. The very next sentence have lost more than wealth, more than tb. We have', indeed, to congratulate ourselves that the affairs of this country are supervised by m pbyfuI and waggish a statesman.

Whose rulers veiy little mean, Xor mean hut little veil. While a herd of Christmas bullocks were boing driven along Edgware-road on Friday one of the animals suddenly left its com- panions aud approached the establishment of Alessrs, Robinson and Bamford. The drover, seeing that the bullock was staring at its reflection in the plate-glass window, seized hold of him bv the tail. The animal resented this liberty by showing its heels, and the next moment it made a dash for the window, and crash went a pane 12ft. The beast was- so baelly injured that it has since Veen slaughtered.

At- Cardif fPolice-court on Saturday morning before Messrs. Gooch and J. Ramsdale :1, charge of shelie-ening it, 4, Alary Ann-street, 01 Septenilier 16 last. Wa" proved against Daniel Edwards, Mthough bedridden for twenty years, she, was in full possession of her facul- ties and of extremely good appetite. On the whole, the competition paragraphs this w eek are distinctly livelier than those of a week ago: a bit breezier, so to speak.

For the prize it was a close tight between the stones sent, in by Messrs. Thomas, so close in LId. I have, therefore, divided the prize, and 5s. At the conclusion of the game, and as the players were leaving the field, the captain of the beaten team was joined by a female friend. At length she asked, "Win- is it they call you outside right, Jack?

I am so thin that they think I've any 'inside left. When Mr. The day previous to the match the captain of the Rock- cliffe team was giving final instructions to his men. Upon that occasion a friend of mine from Dublin, a thoroughly good specimen of a "son of Erin," to Welsh Metropolitans' faveuirites game.

He soon lost his head, however, over the play of little Jarman, and ke. I remon- strated with him, but of no avail; and.

Shure, and who was the hitoy that played so well for Cardiff? It's misself that's think- ing he 11 make a rigiliar hot 'un when he grows to be a man. It so happened that he stood in front of a very small spectator, and en- tirely shut, off his view of the contest. As the man in blue showed no sign of "moving on. At last, losing control of him- self, lie yelled, "I say. Yes, replied the burly police- man, when lie to the fact that the query was addressed to him.

The visitors, who, up to that time were invincible, were quite confident of adminis- tering defeat, to the homesters. It was a great day locally, and the visitors came with crowds of supporters and a full brass band, who pjaved selections during the game. The game wa-s a well-fought one; first one side and then the other having the advantage, until, at last, Cwmbran managed to score a trv, amidst great enthusiasm.

With but a couple of minutes to play, and the visitors in the home, 25, the bandmaster gave, orders to his Illen to fix music for "See, the Conquering Hero Con. This done, all was ready for a triumphant- march home, when, lo! The try was easily con- verted, and the bandmaster was heard to sav "Tmll the music, lads. Feeling hungry, thev entered. Mutton and oaper sauce roast beef and horse-raddish, mutton cutlets etc "What will you have? After much thought roast lieef and horse-raddish for two was ordered, and thev were soon busy with knife and fork.

One of the diners soon tackled the horse-raddish, and put rather a good quantity in his mouth, not knowing how hot it was. His eyes rapidly filled with tears, and his companion, seeing him ervino- said, ''What's the matter. When the try was scored the came to a climax. The latter gentleman was so taken away with the gallie that when N. Biggs attempted to land the goal the stout gentleman gave his friend in front a tremendous kick the back of the leg.

Catalogue Karaoke Chez Alberto

Of course, the injured one threatened to "punch his head," but when the stout, gentleman said he couldn't help it- "he thought lie was helping to get that ball over"—the matter ended friendly. A certain crack football team in the Mid. W hen asked the reason for such, the. There was no ladder by which to cry for help. Some little tune afterwards he men- tioned the fact to a young lady to whom he had just been introduced. Atrer the 'Varsity match, when the Cantabs did so meritorious a performance, one naturally thought tliay would prove hard nut for the South AS ales teama to crack.

Perhaps, however, it is not wise, bet ause they were so badly beaten by Llanelly, to fancy the game to-day is a seift snap. Their forwards are a pretty stuart and heavy lot, whilst the back division contains several good men. Cardiff play exactly the same team as that.

Thus the "Daily Telegraph":—The v? The AYelsh- men were handicapped to some extent by the absence of more than one of their usual placers, and particularly by the necessity of altering their formation behind the scrimmage; still, even as it was. For the greater part of the game Blaekheath had decidedly the upper hand.

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  • This time the success of Blaekheath was mainly tbo work of the forwards. They have rare. So Cooper is to play for England, or at least the North, despite the protest of the Welsli officials. Our neighbours are not wont to infuse any particular sentiment into their football deliberations. They think Cooper a. I suppose we cannot blame them, but this constant, slapping in the face we are getting from the English Cnion is becoming a trifle monotonous.

    After their narrow victory over Alieravon a few weeks ago, Swansea expect to have a rather tough struggle to-day on the St. Helen 8 Field. It is satisfactory, however, to the home 8UPPOtr",1t5 to know that the combination of the all whites' three-quarters is not to be disturbed and that the excellent form show n against Edinburgh University rs, therefore, likely to be maintained to-day. Ban- croft stands down to Thorogood for the posi- tion of full back, and the four three-quarters will thus be enabled to play as on last Thurs- day.

    It is stated that Bancroft has denoted Ins intention of not playing in future matches, so that Thorogood may not break up the combination of the three-quarter?. This fsj only done in the interest of the team to-day, and, considering the excellent form shown by the Swansea quartette on Thursday, it is not difficult to gauge the result of to-day's match, even giving Abera. On paper form Llanelly ought to pull off the match at Neath this afternoon, but paper 'form is apt to go wrong sometimes, and nevei so much as in fixtures between Llanelly and Xeath.

    In spite of the long list of victories of which the scarlets now can boast, there is a general feeling in the tin-plate town that to-day's match will be no soft thing for its pets. Neath a-re proverbially a warm lot on their own ground, and you may be sure that they will make a big effort against the scar- lets. A victory over them is just what the supporters of the "The Black Brigade" are for. But Llanelly are going too strongly just now, and may be counted upon to win. Early in the season Neath came to Stradey, and got an awful lieating. That defeat was accppted in good spirit, and Steer's men determined to pro- fit by it.

    The Neathliouse was set in order, and ever since they have done. But they have not done so well as Llanelly, nor do they play such a finished game as do tlw "boys.

    June 3, 1899, Vol. 68, No. 1771

    The Neath ground will be nothing less than a quagmire. Now this is certainly in Neath's favour, and it diminishes Llanelly's chances very perceptibly. The scar- lets like nothing better than a dry day, and, above all, a hard turf. Human Behaviour The Underworl Human Behaviour UK Single. Human Behaviour "Close To Hum Hunter -Ziq Remix. Hunter Album Version. Hunter State of Bengal Mix. Hyperballad Radio Edit. Hyperballad Jap. Hyperballad Robin Hood Riding Hyperballad Disco Sync Mix Hyperballad Subtle Abuse Mix Hyperballad Subtle Abuse Mix.

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