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But what's in it for readers?

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Well, we all have our own reading styles and quirks. But a lot of us are promiscuous readers , hopping from one topic to another with no real fidelity toward one story or another see: Twitter , nor is there any windup. Short stories fit seamlessly into this reading pattern. That story about the colonic not funny enough? How about skip over to that one story about the lady who fell in love with Tony Robbins, the famed motivational speake r?

There's always the possibility of a better, shorter, more poignant short story— sometimes, it's within the same book.

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The short story apologizes for nothing. It exults in its shortness. It wants to be shorter still. It wants to be a single word.

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If it could find that word, if it could utter that syllable, the entire universe would blaze up out of it with a roar. That is the outrageous ambition of the short story, that is its deepest faith, that is the greatness of its smallness. Anything Alice Munro. Add them in the comments.

Let Us Now Praise Famous Short Story Writers (And Demand They Write a Novel)

I love writing them, it allows me to briefly escape into another world, examine interesting subjects and move on to the next. So why should you be bothered? To build a career as a writer it is wise to write a lot. Stephen King already wrote short stories as a teenager and diligently send out his stories to various magazines with the idle hope to get published. Did you know the 1 rated movie on IMDB. Perhaps my favorite short stories have been written by Roald Dahl.

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A couple of years ago I read all the novels by Bukowski. Afterwards, I felt sad, only to discover some hilarious short story collections previously published in adult magazines. So check back on your favorite authors and dig into their published work.

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Chances are they have written a short story or two. I view short stories like what quality TV-series are to two-hour movies. It could and should be good quality storytelling that you can easily fit in between tasks, reading novels, etc. You can explore ideas from your favorite authors and spend less than 30 minutes doing so.

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  7. Reading short fiction is less demanding than a novel form. You have to invest less energy both in time and effort to get to know the lead characters and premise. Take Black Mirror, the popular TV-show that keeps water cooler discussions stirring with fright for a messed up future.

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    And that with every episode that is aired. People are more likely to finish a minute short story than a minute novel. In our modern age, with our smartphones and social media, our attention span has become shorter and shorter. Fewer people read novels in comparison to say 50 years ago let alone years ago. To read helps you escape your daily troubles.

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    Stories grant us access to varied human views otherwise unattainable or perhaps even unimaginable.