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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Will there be trucker hats to go along with the book tour? Jenny, I have a Kobo. Glad you are feeling better… Hate for your angst to entertain us… but you know it is part of who you are…. She has a book coming out in a couple of months, […]. This book will be required reading for my staff. Thank you for the 11 year journey to complete this book. That is my calling in life. You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. Please dont take my sunshine away.

Mayor Gia recently posted Mayor Gia Meme ! I totally preordered my copy this morning. Or something. Cheree recently posted Track 7 Brewing Company. Congrats Jenny on getting it finished and published. Jenny, You are my idol. There are days I find myself laughing at the absurdity of life after which I immediately question my sanity. The tales you tell — especially the conversations with Victor — make me feel perfectly good about myself.

Rock on with your bad self!!! I will fail every single time. Marci recently posted More food. But better this time! Totally ordering this on my Kindle. Really hoping you do book signings in the future too. Though that means I will have to buy a second copy of the book. Which is fine, really. Because no one will be able to touch the autographed copy.

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I think I need to get one for everyone I know. If I mail it to you with a self addressed stamped envelope will you sign it and mail it back? Either one really…. I put in my pre order with Amazon a while back and am waiting not so patiently for it to show up. So happy for you, Jenny! True story. Kat recently posted Elements of My Parenting.

I received the preorder for Christmas! So am very excited to get my hands on the book. I am just not fond of the waiting game! I suck at waiting patiently! Simone recently posted Happy New Year I cannot wait to read this book first and then get to be the one who recommends it to all my friends!!! Emily S. When is it going to be on Audible. Thank you for the ugly truths and superior humor and for connecting with so many of us that you will never meet. Your rantings feel like home to me. You are a freaken delight. Key Largo is beautiful anytime of year!

Thank you, again and again and again…. Sign me up!! I just received my necklace…Never give up…I too suffer depression and anxiety and am so excited to wear this every day in the hopes that people ask me about it and I can share with them my story. I love your blog and relate in so many ways. Keep writing…Emily. Pre-ordered my copy yesterday. I even got you the link…. Annette Baesel recently posted Enjoying the Bounty of the Market. I will be buying your book. I will probably be buying several. I will be doing this mostly for my hubster and two grown children.

I will hand them the book. I will command them to read it. My Barry Manilow fetish and penchant for screaming at Always commercials seems pretty normal, now, right? Someone who bought your book also bought a giant pack of toilet paper. Why does Amazon sell toilet paper? Happy early Birthday present to me. Kara recently posted Riley on Marketing and Food. Pre-ordered thru amazon! Only books listed for me, no other cool merch. Anna recently posted My reluctant experiment in going offline. I discovered your blog when you put up the Found Snake sign.

I laughed so hard I could hardly stop. It still makes me laugh every time I think of it. I live in a very conservative community where your book would create LOTS of controversy. There has to be a way for me to get the library to order it without them knowing how awesomely controversial it will be. Mwah hah hah, this should be great fun! Thanks for your fabulous life, and for sharing your book with us. Two things: 1. I read the advance reading copy of your book one of the perks of owning my own bookstore where, ahem, one could order said book and plan to suggest it with every purchase, sort of like super-sizing an extra value meal.

It really works for everyone. Since I am a complete history dork, I have to point out that your paragraph about Abraham Lincoln dying because people put their grubby hands in his bullet wound sounded more like what happened to James Garfield. Lincoln — massive head wound Garfield — superficial back wound that proved fatal after being probed for months. It even inspired Alexander Graham Bell to invent the metal detector to find the bullet.

Do you know if your book will be available is softcover? I pre-ordered it from amazon. Any thoughts? I have been very sick lately with no access to your site tear so I am counting the days for the book release so I have a travel edition of your stories. Alison recently posted Welcome! I cannot wait to read your book!! Mostly so I can stop doing drugs. Do you think that maybe you should come up with a marketing plan specifically for drug dealers?

It must be all the drugs. President Jenny Lawson. Because they would be so thankful. Emily recently posted Now it's my turn to meltdown. Oh, I think commenter 27 has it absolutely right!!! A book tour with you autographing copies in the restroom. That, would be perfect. Will it be on kindle? Oh please? The hump on my back is finally going away, because I now carry around 87 books on a tablet… or in it…whatever. Dear everyone commenting about Amazon or Kindles: how about sticking to places that have weird, wonderful, quirky staff who love books and reading?

Right in or your near your own communities? You can even buy your e-books through them. Support independent stores everywhere! Chicken Buckaww, typically a paperback edition of a book comes out only if the hardcover sells well enough. A few publishers publish both types simultaneously, but not many. It is going to be amazing.

It is going to get all kinds of love from all kinds of […]. Oh this is awesome! Just what I need!!! I just bought your book. April 17th. I feel like I am getting into another Twilight or Hunger Games series. I already have to wait months on end for other books to come out, then I have to wait for those books to be turned into movies and then wait for those movies to be released.

I just thought you were better than those corporate assholes. Wait, you are. Which is why I am going to shut up now and wait patiently for your book. Until April 17th. Plus days because I was too cheap to pay extra shipping. So really, like, April 21st. Or maybe longer because there could be a holiday somewhere in there or god forbid another national weather emergency. If that is the case, I will be convinced that the world is not going to end and that in fact, the world is just conspiring against me so that I cannot read your book.

Which is kinda how I feel already. I am dragging, mostly because my boyfriend pissed me off tonight and by sitting here typing, he thinks I actually have a life and that I am not thinking about how pissed I am at him for being a tard bot. Well me and you and whoever else might, unfortunately, happen to scroll down and read this. Sincerely, Your biggest fan.

I just got my ARC through work I work at an independent bookstore in Michigan , and am having flashbacks to visiting yooper cousins as a kid. Lincoln recently posted Thoughts on covering Dylan. I will still be buying a hardcover, because books this fancy deserve to be in the best possible format. No paperbacks and none of that e-book bullshit. Oh dear god there IS a Kindle version! But what the F am I going to do with the bookplate.

Bloody hell I may have to get both the hard cover and the Kindle version. Just pre-ordered. April 17 is actually my birthday, so happy birthday to me! And very heartfelt confratulations to you, Jenny. I am sure the book will be a wild success. Son of a bitch! I totally forgot I read this last night and wanted the book plate and preordered for Kindle. Karen W recently posted Lake house laziness. I preordered for Kindle. I asked for a bookplate anyway.

Admit it…everyone wants to live in Canada! So I pre-ordered your book with our big local book seller up here in the Great White North and I have to wait until early April! Gawd I hate waiting. Waiting is for, well…. Send more love our way. Kat recently posted Editrix rhymes with…. Go pre-order her […].

Yeah preordered! PS, can you make a shirt with the rattlesnake sign? I would totally buy it, or a Poster, that might be better. To make a longs story longer.. Before I found out that he is a sucky sharer, I preordered your book on the kindle. He found out tonight that I ordered it, and is all mad that I will be hogging the kindle for a few days after it comes out.

This is why I need to buy a tape recorder. Evidence is the only way to prove how right, smart, or innocent I am. Also, I might end up with good blackmail material. Probably the second choice is my best argument, since we both already know that I am never wrong. How much bribery would it take to get a bookplate shipped to Canada? I can see if I can find some strange taxidermied animals for you?

Put a mini-Beyonce on a Canadian landmark and take photos? Send you my first born? Keep up the fabulousness. And, Happy Birthday Lisa! Were your birthdays always worked around Easter and the first day of Trout Season too? When will it be released to those of us in the rest of the world?

Okay, question? So what about those of us who pre-ordered the Kindle edition? I just ran across your blog and have to tell you that you will be my first Blogger to follow. Thanks for the entertainment! Mai Lee. I preordered this book.. Please open a Book Blog for when the book comes out! Thanks for bringing the fun back! Gutted not to be able to get a signed bookplate — due to being a reader across the pond in the UK — but SUPER excited to have pre-ordered your book.

Yours in ardent admiration, the Accidental Londoner. I was going to order the Kindle version of your book, but decided to get the HC edition so that I can share it with my wife. I wanna signed bookplate!!!!!! I'm ordering on Amazon, but because you are Amazing, I believe I'll allow it. Rachel recently posted So, I write. Try again. Are you getting an error message? Will it let you look at the link at all? I see new names coming in. Just lemme know. Jenny the bloggess recently posted And then all of my fingers fell off. Thanks, Ali noaliaqui. As I write this tears of intense sorrow are running down my face — I pre-ordered your book from Amazon.

Us dodgie pale faces in Blighty need your wisdom too! Why has Amazon. Are there any other options for obtaining it outside of the US? Hi Jenny! Hi from the UK, Jenny. Long have I loved your blog. No-one can make me laugh and sometimes cry like you! So I pre-ordered your book in a frenzy of excitement! But amazon.

Can I please add my plea to those of the other bereft UK people above for advice on how to get hold of the book? Jenny the bloggess recently posted Dreams are assholes. Thank you Jenny. Can I get this in the UK? Vicky Frankland recently posted Trashing the Memory Palace. I think I pre ordered the book…my iPad closed my browser! I wonder if the apple people will find this and remove it,,,. I almost used zombies to teach my child about Easter, but I wanted to avoid a nasty note from the Christian daycare.

Ashley recently posted The birds and the tees. As much as I love Amazon for the hard-to-find soft-core gay tv series hello! Plus, I can talk their ears off about the author and make them sell more books… Just looking for the release date so I can pester the locals. Love your friendship with Laura. Amazon will not let me. I am deemed unworthy. I think it is because I am Scottish. They will however let me buy it once it is released?!?!?

They just refuse to let me pre-order it. I have set an alarm on my Kindle to buy it as soon as it is released. If this is what they do. I totally have them fathomed………….

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One of the perks of working at a book store BAM is that I get to peek at the advanced copies sent to the store. Plus, it makes me feel a bit better about my own fucked up childhood, so thanks! I advise those who have pre-ordered it to also invest in a pack of adult diapers. I sincerely hope that you wander through Tennessee sometime for a book signing. I have the copy of your introduction letter to Books-a-Million that was tucked between the pages of the book.

I am keeping it. I might frame it. It is a literary masterpiece! I only wish I could have it autographed. Your book is hysterical. I work at a bookstore and we get advanced reads of books before they come out. Publishers send books not yet published to get booksellers to read them and help sell copies when the book does eventually come out. I was torn on whether to preorder or hold out until I am employed again. Done and done! Now I get to eagerly await packages in the mail, which is my second favorite thing.

Wow, rude. I thought you would make sure it was avail to me early. Just to prove a point. Why do I try typing things within the first 2 hours of being awake. What do I want with another book, Jenny? I pre-ordered it — but only because you told me too. I like how being on the internet means I never have to make my own decisions. People tell me what to do and I do it. He needs help in transporting the bulk of his estate over here to Canada. How awesome is that? Kelly L recently posted Filler. Cream Cheese Filler. Betty Fokker recently posted A distinct lack of justice and mercy.

Just wanted to say that A you are awesome B though I follow you on Twitter and read the Blog, it was a tweet from a Canadian publisher which led me here, which, as a Canadian, I find kinda awesome see A and B how do manage to find yourself amongst so many whose work I admire? You have Wil Wheaton collating paper, Simon Pegg holding Twine which totally blew my mind as he is a Geek God to me until… you got a freaking book blurb from Neil Gaiman!

It has made my list of must reads which, because of my financial circumstances and love of physical copies of things, has become a difficult list to gain a space on. I just realized your book comes out on my birthday. If Hunter S. Amazon UK now seem to have a listing again. Paperback only, for reasons not explained. Probably with a bullet.

I love the incredibly dramatic mouse on your cover. He reminds me of a terribly sick joke we played on our child shortly after her beloved hamster, Rosco, passed away. We were cleaning the garage and happened across a squished flat dehydrated mouse. What do we do with it? So our poor child comes home and bursts into tears because she thinks we have spray painted Rosco and hung him on a nail in our garage. We told her he had run away. I guess the rat was out of the bag then, huh?

I fear getting this book. I am already forbidden to read anything that jiggles the bed because I am laughing so hard. But then sneaking off to a dark corner to read in the soft glow of my goofy-assed e-reader is an acceptable outcome my preccccciiiiooooussssss. Had to happen eventually. I already preordered my book through amazon when u first told us about it, can i still get a wrist band????

I just went to Amazon to pre-order your book and was excited that I could still receive a book plate — sorry about your hands falling off. I keep meaning to order it and forgetting…growing old, constantly forgetful, procrastinating or all of the above. What do you know? I ordered it way back in November!!! I actually pre-ordered TWO because I have to send one to one of my dearest friends who introduced me to you.

Well, not you personally, your blog — namely Beyonce! Thank you for making me laugh, cry, gaffaw, reflect, snicker and remind my husband that I could have bought more towels! Hoping I can still get a bookplate to go with my swanky new book! Carol recently posted Don't Forget Pretzel! I pre-ordered a couple weeks ago for the Kindle version. Am I too late to get a nameplate? Is it too late to get a bookplate? I was only just able to pre-order. Ok, so if I pre-order on Amazon, do I get one of the last-ever samples of your handwriting on a bookplate?

Jane recently posted Chronic Pain and Catastrophic Medicine. Ray Charbonneau recently posted Bear Pond Books. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny…How happy I am that you are a fellow Texan just up the highway and not too far from me! But not in a stalker-y way. Just sort of. OH, and please bring Beyonce to said DQ book signing. So two copies coming my way! How do I get a bookplate? Ok, you got me.

I was going to wait until it came out, but i have been worn down in a good way and preordered the book. Now I am going to bug you until I get it. I am horrible with presents. If I know I have one coming, I cannot think of anything else. Damn it. Now I need to go up my meds…. Hey, are there any bookplates left? I just ordered your book and would love one if you have one. Hmm I pre-ordered the hard copy after contemplating whether or not I wanted the electronic or hard copy. I wish we got an electronic version after buying a hard copy. Just like you get a digital version of your movie when you buy a DVD.

The bookplates expired last week but if there are a bunch still left they may open it back up. Keeping my fingers crossed. I really hope that I have money in my bank account when we find out about the bookplates!

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened | The Bloggess

I ordered the book just now!! Hopefully, there are a few bookplates left!!! Hope there are a few more bookplates left! Mimi recently posted Bovine Beauty. Jenny, I just got back and pre-ordered your book, is it too late to sign up for the bookplate? I hope not :. If I still have time, can you please tell me what I need to do? I just ordered! I would love a bookplate if they are still available! Hi Jenny, Is it too late to sign up for a bookplate?

I am preordering on amazon. Can anyone provide a link to sign up for the bookplate? Already pre-ordered but want my bookplate! Could you just send me a lock of your hair for me to craft into a creepyawesome bookmark for your book? Cause nothing would tickle me more. Just saying. I just pre-ordered!!! If any of those wonderfully random yet still supremely awesome nameplates become available, I would love one!!!!

Are there still any bookplates left? I just preordered on Amazon!! So I went right to Amazon and bought it! I preordered a little while back and yet totally forgot about the bookplates — eep! Hi Jenny — who does the reading on your audiobook? And thanks for your awesome blog, always puts a smile on my face.

You are totally rocking the first book thing! I just pre-ordered! I hope there are still bookplates available. Your hand is probably cramping up at the thought of signing 50, more bookplates. But what did you expect? Sign on girlfriend… Sign on! I just pre-ordered the book for my kindle which will hopefully work by the time it comes out. Is it possible to still get a book plate for my kindle case?

I did not see the link to sign up for one. Probably right in front of my face. Just pre-ordered the ebook version of your book from Barnes and Noble. Laura Casa del Hansen recently posted Do you like wine? I pre-ordered it for my Kindle Fire after reading the HR excerpt and promptly making my coworker read it as well. Crazy HR day and your excerpts made my day. I just preordered it for my Kindle…. I am so excited about laughing out loud again! I pre-ordered a few days ago on Amazon. Maybe I need help.

I am referring to finding the site to sign up. With laughter of course. I have never laughed out loud so much in a book in my life! Jenny Lawson, you are my new hero! April recently posted Books, Books!!! Because you said the winner will be chosen at random, I will save my witty comment for now. Only allowed a certain amount of those per day anyway.

Blog is high-larious so looking forward to the book. Stayed up all night to finish reading it and laughed so hard tears ran down my leg a couple of times. A coupon for a box of Poise should be included with every copy. Oh, and I wanna party with your folks. Am I too late for a bookplate? Barbara recently posted I only need one! I am sad, as I most likely have missed the bookplate goodness. I just pre-ordered from Amazon, I am going to be all impatient and cranky until it arrives!

I immediately thought it good fodder for your blog I included the link below so you can see for yourself. Hope you agree. If nothing else, it may make you smile … as your blog does for us:. The outer cotton-blend shell accents curves with a double-breasted front held snug against bodies by matching buttons.

Wearers secure their coat with an adjustable belt that can be tied in a knot, fed through a belt buckle, or used as a makeshift lasso during emergencies. I really did. BUt am confused about how I get the bookplate? Does it just happen? Is it magic? Where am I supposed to input info? I finally saved up for a Kindle and pre ordered the book.

Robert Bloch

Is there no more signed book plates? Did my eyes just skip right over that option?? I must know: will there be an audiobook version, and will you narrate it yourself? Please say yes! Pretty please with sugar on top? Cannot wait to read your book. I esp. Basketcase recently posted 20 Questions: March. Jenny, you should come to Bumpass, VA. Because seriously, we live in a town well…a small road with a post office and a stop sign called Bumpass, VA. How can you go wrong? Or at least, maybe come to Richmond, VA, and us few residents of Bumpass will drive out there to see you.

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Is there any chance I can still sign up for a bookplate? If you open the bookplates back up, please sign me up! Have your book all set to come from Amazon. Too late for a plate? Pretty please…. Please come to Pittsburgh on your book tour so I can meet you! Leah recently posted What to do when your significant other hates your friends.

Outside of NYC, maybe, there is no better book town in the country. What can we do to get you to come to us? Stuff one of the Republican candidates for president except Mitt, who I think has already been to the taxidermist? Collate more blank paper we have lots of it here?

Cryogenically freeze Posey when or if she finally passes? You are totally a Mover and a Shaker. Shawn recently posted Super hero name. Arie Milne recently posted Easter is.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blogs and for writing this book! Jenny, I just finally got a chance to pre-order your new book! Can we get digital bookplates? Thanks for the bookplate! It came today.

Waiting for Amazon to send your book. Hey, Jenny. I received an empty envelope from the Penguin Group today. I am pretty sure that it was supposed to include a bookplate with your lovely signature. I did the pre-order thing with Amazon on the day that you offered the bookplates in your blog. It appears that Amazon deleted my pre-order from my account and I just pre-ordered your book again. These two events must have been connected somehow…. Hope that other Amazon pre-orders are still out there for other folks.

Would nice to receive a bookplate in the future…. Jenny, thank you for the signed bookplate. Opening that envelope gave me a reason to smile for the first time in two days. Again, thank you! I pre-ordered your book in October and am heartbroken that I did not receive a book plate! I just pre-ordered it! I have been given cause for an alcoholic slushie thanks to you! Lets hope your masticating hand recovers or you at least learn to use the other one.

Now I just need my book and my life is temporarily okay and the ass-hats of the world can bite me for a few days as I bask in my radiant joy. How will I begin to read it tomorrow? Meg recently posted Beautiful Bouquets. And worse than that, I just finished the last of 4 books that I brought with me on my kindle to keep me from going completely mad. Your book and I are going to curl up with a fat glass of scotch tonight and get to know each other.

Just, you know, not in a lady garden kind of way. Thank you for writing it, thank you for blogging, thank you for being you. Bought the book last night. This is worth sharing, because I work at a bookstore and could just read it for free, but decided I was willing to shell out some money based on the sheer enjoyment I got from the book jacket alone. Got my book yesterday and promptly poured a glass of wine and began ignoring my kids to read it.

I ordered a book plate waaaay back when but I have never heard or seen any sign of it since then. Are they still being shipped out? As the champ you are, you came through and it was the highlight of my christmas gifts and the delight of my spouse for having outdone me. I was wondering if there were any bookplates left? I got my pre-ordered book in the mail yesterday annnnd because I may be REALLY shitty at balancing my checkbook, even after spending 8 years in banking previously, the book really did just about cost the 45 dollars you mention at the end.

I finished it already, because I could not put it down. I even read it to my 3 month old when it was time to give her a bedtime story annnnd because my doctor told me children start making memories at 3 months I am sure she will also write an awesome book when she is older about how I emotionally scarred her somehow with the awesome and probably not entirely appropriate for a 3 month oldness of the content. Love you and your superfabutastic book.

Write more! I will wait the next 11 years if I have to to read it…. Dahlia's mom recently posted New Mom Fails 2. While I was ordering it online, it dawned on me…. THAT is what came in the mail on Monday…. I thought that maybe it was a ransom note, but nothing was missing. So-o-o-o-o-o since our garbage pickup is at 7 a. I, on the other hand, am devastated. I would have loved to put the sticker on my Nook to keep forever. You are the bomb!! My 2 year old son is going through Chemo treatements.

I needed a laugh. I bought your book yesterday at Target. Thank you — I laughed! I have laughed so much I may never recover. Write another one. Please and thank you. I hate your book.

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And now, I am supposed to be doing about fifteen other totally important things that needed to be done by yesterday, but no. Are the book plates all gone?!?!? My only problem is that the pictures in the ebook are really small. Anyway we could get the pictures posted in their full glory somewhere on here? Glad I had seen those before on here. But Honey! No, you are welcome! Darla recently posted faith for the weary. I am really hoping to have it before I go into labor I am 39 weeks pregnant because it would be best the best thing ever to read in the hospital. Please, if anyone knows how to get it to work, let me know!

Thanks for putting it on paper. I am spreading your book far and wide among my neighborhood of readers. I am hooked. OK so I hope noone I know sees this… Get busy cause I am gonna need another book soon…only have a few chapters left! Thanks for the great book! In an early chapter you mention breaking your neck rupturing a disk while brushing your hair, going to the ER and having the docs hand you pamphlets about spousal abuse.

They asked you what did you do that he broke your neck. Well, you are not alone. And they want to know why I like Darvocet so much. Just finished reading your book and I absolutely loved it. I literally laughed until I cried, and then peed a little. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I opened it and there it was, in all of its pre-ordered glory. I have been waiting for this for a small eternity so it feels and I am SO! I just wanted to thank you for helping me through everything latly. And dirt….. And my child hood was a bit like urs well less blood….. Im not the only person that has severe anxiety…. And ur book has helped me look back at some of my worst anxiety related things and laugh at it rather than dwell on them than let them ruin me. But back to earlier.

Im very grateful that u could share ur story and help ppl like me and let ppl laugh…. My sisters ocd and looks she gives me when I rant…. Thing about how my friends are semi understanding…. My fathers anxiety and my mothers ocd… Things about horese, birds,escalators,elevators,ladybugs and much more… Ugh what was I saying…. Oh ok well. I hope u read this so u can know how much uved helped me. And how much uve mad me and my family laugh in hard times….. I purchased your book on amazon the other day and it arrived on Friday. I began reading it and I read half the book. At several points I actually laughed out loud, but realizing it was 2 a.

Love the book! Ummm Jenny? I stopped breathing when I got to page 27……….. How do I explain that at religious education next Sunday? I may try one more page…………. You rock! Russian hacking Trump campaign WikiLeaks. Russian hacking. Russian hacking WikiLeaks. Russian hacking Twitter WikiLeaks. Trump campaign WikiLeaks. Russian hacking Trump, Donald J.

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Twitter WikiLeaks. References to: Clinton, Hillary Stone Jr. References to: Flynn, Michael T. Stone Jr. Trump, Donald J. Clovis, Sam Flynn, Michael T. Trump, Ivanka. Sater, Felix H. Trump Organization Trump Tower Moscow. Klokov, Dmitry Putin, Vladimir V. Peskov, Dmitri S. Russian sanctions Sater, Felix H. Trump Tower Moscow. Lewandowski, Corey Peskov, Dmitri S. Trump Organization Trump, Donald J. Trump campaign Trump presidential transition team Trump, Donald Jr.

Trump, Eric. References to: Facebook G. This goes much farther, and helps explain why the F. Matt Apuzzo. Timofeev, Ivan Trump campaign. Timofeev, Ivan Trump Organization. Russian hacking Trump campaign. References to: Page, Carter. Russian sanctions Trump campaign Trump, Donald J. References to: Dvorkovich, Arkady V. Page, Carter Peskov, Dmitri S. Miller, Stephen Russian sanctions Trump campaign Trump presidential transition team. References to: Kislyak, Sergey I. Sessions, Jeff Trump, Donald J. Russian sanctions Trump campaign. Veselnitskaya, Natalia. Trump, Eric Trump, Ivanka. Trump Organization Trump, Donald Jr.

References to: Manafort, Paul Russian sanctions Trump campaign. Sessions, Jeff Trump campaign. References to: Deripaska, Oleg V. Gates, Rick Kilimnik, Konstantin V. Manafort, Paul Sessions, Jeff Trump campaign. Yanukovych, Viktor F. Manafort, Paul Russian sanctions. Manafort, Paul Yanukovych, Viktor F. Manafort, Paul Stone Jr. Manafort, Paul Mar-a-Lago Trump campaign. Manafort, Paul Trump campaign. Manafort, Paul. Manafort, Paul McFarland, K.

Manafort, Paul Trump, Donald J. Hicks, Hope Kislyak, Sergey I. Kushner, Jared Putin, Vladimir V. Trump campaign Trump presidential transition team Trump, Donald J. Nader, George Peskov, Dmitri S. Trump presidential transition team Trump, Donald J. Seychelles Trump presidential transition team. Dmitriev, Kirill Nader, George Seychelles. Dmitriev, Kirill Nader, George Trump presidential transition team.

Trump presidential transition team. Tillerson, Rex Trump, Donald J. Kushner, Jared McFarland, K. Russian sanctions Trump presidential transition team. Russian hacking Trump presidential transition team. Russian sanctions Trump presidential transition team Trump, Donald J. Mar-a-Lago McFarland, K.

Clinton, Hillary Flynn, Michael T. McFarland, K. Priebus, Reince Russian sanctions Trump presidential transition team. Priebus, Reince Putin, Vladimir V. Pinedo, Richard Russian hacking Russian social media manipulation Trump campaign. References to: Democratic National Committee Guccifer 2. References to: Gates, Rick Manafort, Paul. Senate Intelligence Committee. Volume 2: Obstruction Inquiry. References to: Comey, James B. References to: Trump, Donald J.

Trump because they could not be sure he was telling the truth. When he learned of Mr. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. Trump had ordered his White House counsel, Donald F. Rosenstein, fire Mr. Mueller, and that Mr. McGahn had refused to do so. We did not know that the president called him at home to pressure him.

Maggie Haberman 2 The president wanted an attorney general who would shield the president, and his efforts to put Mr. Sessions back in charge of the Russia investigation showed he actively interfered in Mr. Mueller is saying that Mr. Comey as F. This made building a case more difficult because Mr. Trump had the authority as president to take many of the actions that were scrutinized. Michael S. Mueller never had a chance to question the president about the central question of the obstruction investigation: what was his intention when he took a range of actions that could have impeded the investigation?

References to: Trump presidential transition team Trump, Donald J. Comey, James B.

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