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Work less than 35 years and the deficit years go into the calculation as goose eggs, which could significantly lower your monthly retirement benefit. While you are working, maximize your income. Anything you do to boost your yearly income will pay off in the long run on your Social Security check. You want to make sure you wait until you are at least full retirement age to start claiming benefits. Choosing to take early distributions will reduce your monthly benefit amount for life.

If you can, postpone tapping into your benefits until you are age Waiting until you hit 70 translates into about a third more income for life. Consider moving to a less expensive area to reduce your retirement cost of living. This time-honored tradition helps explain the on-going migration of older Americans from places like New York and Massachusetts to Florida and North Carolina.

Try to set this goal: By the end of your 20s, aim to have as much in your retirement accounts as you earn in a year. Start small. Save at least 10 percent of your pay, including any employer match, in a tax-advantaged retirement account, such as a k. More than three-quarters of full-time jobs offer a retirement benefit, according to a analysis by the Federal Reserve , and new workers may be auto-enrolled in one. Make sure to increase your contribution or at least set up an auto-escalation so that you put in more each year.

In order to replicate the simplicity of a k , you can set up your direct deposit to automatically contribute to whichever retirement fund you choose. The irony of retirement savings is that you need to start young. To fully enjoy the power of compound interest you need to maximize the years you give yourself to save. Compare that with someone who starts saving a decade later and has only 35 years until retirement.

That person will have to save nearly twice as much money each year to end up with the same amount by Play it aggressively by putting a high percentage of your portfolio in stocks. That means you can handle the ups and downs of the market. Check out this asset allocation calculator to create a balanced portfolio of investments that fits your time horizon and risk tolerance.

A little retirement savings can go a long way

Instead of picking individual stocks, look to mutual funds, exchange-traded funds or a target-date fund to diversify your investment portfolio. Try to set this goal: By age 35, have two times your salary saved in your retirement accounts, on the way to three times that figure by age Your 30s are when you really start to grow up financially.

The largest portion of homebuyers, for instance, are those age 37 and younger, according to the National Association of Realtors , with a median age of Maturation, though, means you have more to lose. A late mortgage payment is a wholly different situation than missing rent. Now is the time to increase that one- to three-month emergency fund to something closer to six months. A Bankrate analysis of data from the U.

This is the time in your life when you start earning real money, which makes it even more important to save for retirement.

Now is also the time to take advantage of automatic increases in your retirement savings. You can set up a direct deposit into your retirement fund to increase by a set percentage each year. Many Americans are getting married around this time of their lives. This means tying yourself to someone, both romantically and financially.

Retirement savings: Why Social Security isn't enough of a plan

The two have a way of affecting each other. Nearly a fifth of respondents said such financial infidelity is worse than physical cheating. If you are going to live mostly on Social Security, getting rid of high-interest-rate consumer debt, such as with credit cards , is something you should do before quitting your job. For those already retired with credit card debt, at least make sure you're not adding to it. Downsizing to a smaller place can lower your expenses, but it may not be a significant savings if you still reside in an area with a high cost of living.

Consider moving to a place where you can live on much less without any impact on your standard of living. After all, experts say, it costs more to heat a home than to cool it. Bankrate, a financial website, offers an online tool to compare living expenses from one place to another. Schmansky says a client of his wanted to move from Detroit to Florida for the warmer weather.

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Despite Florida not having an income tax, the client discovered that the overall cost of living in Florida — including utilities and property taxes — was too high for him. Instead, he settled in less expensive Knoxville, Tenn. As you plot your move, make sure taxes are included in your equation. Fortunately, most states — and the District of Columbia — don't tax Social Security benefits. Some are even tax friendlier.

And on top of not taxing Social Security benefits, Oregon and Delaware have no sales tax. Get a roommate or housemate. This is a common way for retirees to slash living expenses, financial planners say. You shared living quarters. Having a roommate also prevents isolation that can harm a retiree's health and well-being, Schmansky says.

Those with modest means may qualify for state or federal programs to help make ends meet.

4 cities in the USA where you can live on Social Security benefits alone

For example, Extra Help is designed to assist Medicare beneficiaries with limited income and resources to pay for prescription drugs. Find out more information on Extra Help, as well as other state and federal programs, at BenefitsCheckUp , a free service of the National Council on Aging. Libraries, parks and local museums offer a variety of free entertainment. Many continuing living communities, which provide housing for different stages of life, often open their programs and activities to the public, too, says Joan Cox, a financial planner with Personal Financial Advisors in Covington, La.

And if you're fortunate enough to live in or near a university town, check the school for free lectures and other cultural programs, Cox says.

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Additionally, most U. No college near you? You can still take online courses at top universities offered through portals such as edX and Coursera. Lastly, ask tech-savvy children or grandchildren to be your "tech consultants" and set up free phone or communication service for you, such as Google Voice, Schmansky says.