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Injured people from a Science Fiction convention are taken to the hospital, among them a man who cut his own ears to resemble a Vulcan. Sheriff Carter is undergoing an experiment with an experimental device made to connect brains, and asks: " Is this some kind of Vulcan mind meld? Ally, Ray's daughter, is visited by her uncle Robert, who is dressed as Santa Claus. When she pulls his fake beard off, Robert tries to salvage the situation by saying that he " assumed the body of a life form that Not a Klingon.

Debra asks Ray to take her temperature with an ear thermometer. Looking at the design of the instrument, he asks her if he should set it to "stun". Robert begins his tribute to Pumpernickel the hamster by saying, " Death An Anglo-American co-production, in which famous actors and celebrities make cameo appearances. It revolves around the lives of two extras who bump into these people during the course of their work. Each episode is named after the main cameo. In the Patrick Stewart episode, Andy Millman played by Ricky Gervais meets Stewart, playing a parody of himself who is trying to get a self-penned film produced which basically involves him going around seeing women naked.

After Millman fails to recognize Stewart's "Make it so" quote having never seen The Next Generation , Stewart assumes that Millman's partner didn't let him watch it. When Millman replies that he is in fact single, Stewart says to him "You're not married, you haven't got a girlfriend Millman passes on a sitcom script to Patrick Stewart, whose company, called Picard Productions passes it on to the BBC after Millman falsely promises to rewrite it to include naked women, at Stewart's request , which ensures Andy's sitcom success in season 2.

In , Stewart received an Emmy Award nomination for appearing in this show. He had stepped in when Jude Law pulled out of the show to appear in Alfie. In the fifth season episode entitled "Money Out the Window", a loan shark who is owed money by Eddie and Steve introduces himself as "Bones. Bones, as in 'I break them. Farscape contains numerous references to Star Trek.

The show's lead character, John Crichton, is a self-acknowledged sci-fi fan. As the sole Human on the crew, none of his crewmates ever get the references. Having spotted an enemy ship, Crichton says, " Shouldn't we be doing warp a thousand by now? Crichton suggests a book on leviathan pregnancy could be co-written by Doctor Spock and Mister Spock.

A guest character's name is Rorf, which Crichton mishears as Worf. Crichton compares his relationship with his crewmate D'Argo to that between Kirk and Spock. Crichton claims to somewhat understand a very technobabble-like conversation because he's watched "all kinds of Star Trek". When a villain appears suddenly, Crichton asks him if he beamed in. This episode was a mix of animation and live action, in which a cartoon D'Argo finds himself plastered to the front of the deflector dish of the USS Enterprise as it flies through space, at which point a Scotty -like voice notes that they've hit something.

Later, Crichton compares himself to James T. Kirk , to which another character responds, " That was a television show, John. And he did Priceline commercials! At one point he challenges them by shouting the phrase " Get the hell off of my ship! He remarks afterwards that the "translator microbes" Farscape 's equivalent of the universal translator couldn't handle Klingon.

He later also refers to the raiders as Klingon and they do physically resemble Klingons. Crichton's nephew refers to his uncle as " the first and only Human to boldly go where no man has gone before. Crichton promises, " The next Ferengi we see, we run. No questions later. This comedy series was created, produced, and written by the show's star Kirstie Alley who is playing herself.

A cult Irish sitcom about three priests and their housekeeper. Kirk impression. He once said. Which would I'm the captain! Pindar describes Infeld's office building as being Borg -like. Karp derisively calls Infeld's firm " Deep Space 9. Frasier contains several jokes and references to Star Trek. Star Kelsey Grammer , who plays Dr. Frequent guest star Bebe Neuwirth , who played Dr. Produced by Paramount Television , the sitcom Frasier was a direct spin-off of the hugely successful Cheers sitcom — featuring Kirstie Alley as member of the principal cast in later seasons — , also produced by Paramount.

The series was based upon one of its progenitor's principal characters, Frasier, already played by Grammer, with most of the others — including Neuwirth but excluding Alley — later making guest appearances in Frasier as their Cheers alter egos. Frasier has rivaled its progenitor in acclaim, popularity, and success. Cheers itself was considered one of the greatest triumphs of Brandon Tartikoff , then head of NBC , the network that aired both Cheers and its spin-off.

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Incidentally, Tartikoff declined purchasing The Next Generation for his network, which had aired The Original Series back in the s, yet also became directly responsible for the inception of not only Frasier , but once head of Paramount Pictures of both Deep Space Nine and the Next Generation film series as well. Rick Berman , before he became the head of the Star Trek franchise , had been the main executive, responsible for studio production oversight of Cheers.

Her role in Cheers has propelled Alley to stardom, and was often cited as the reason why she has never reprised her role as Saavik in Star Trek. After Frasier overdoses on medication to combat his flu, in his delirium, he goes down to the KACL radio station and locks himself inside the broadcast booth to continue hosting his show. His producer, Roz Doyle, calls security to come and fetch him, claiming " Captain Kirk's got control of the bridge and he's gone insane! Frasier and Niles support a candidate for Congress only to later learn that he believes he was once abducted by aliens.

After deciding that it was probably a one-time incident brought on by stress, the brothers agree to continue supporting him. Frasier says the candidate still needs to seek professional help and asks Niles whether he'd treat him. Niles responds " I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker. KACL's resident Star Trek fanatic Noel Shempsky played by Star Trek: Voyager guest actor Patrick Kerr , who keeps an autographed photo of Captain Kirk in his cubicle, seeks Frasier's support on a petition to the producers of Star Trek suggesting a new character: "the all powerful space vixen Rozalinda, four-breasted queen of the planet Rozniak.

At the end of the fifth season, Frasier inadvertently got all of his colleagues fired as the owner dropped the talk format and went to Salsa. Noel Shempsky remained at the station as he spoke fluent Spanish. On his return, Frasier asks how he's doing and Noel replies that he's still working on his English-Klingon dictionary. Frasier then asks how do you say "goodbye" in Klingonese Krish-Krush which Noel doesn't initially pick up the subtle hint.

Frasier upsets Roz and in order to make amends, he changes his pompous, ego-centric return speech into one extolling Roz's virtues. Frasier seeks Noel's help to learn Hebrew to speak at his son Frederick's bar mitzvah. Noel agrees, only if Frasier can obtain for him Scott Bakula 's autograph at a nearby Star Trek convention one he cannot attend personally due to William Shatner 's presence and Shatner's restraining order against him. Frasier, however, is unable to fulfill Noel's request. Out of revenge, Noel instructs Frasier in the Klingon language, which he claims is Hebrew.

He later learns that Frasier did obtain one of Joan Collins ' wigs from TOS : " The City on the Edge of Forever " for him, and is greatly moved, but too late to catch Frasier and admit his revenge plan. Frasier delivers his speech at Frederick's bar mitzvah in Klingon, much to everyone's embarrassment, except for a Trekkie friend of Frederick's who later translates the speech from Klingon to English for Frasier's son, noting it's much more beautiful "in the original Klingon.

While Lilith travels on an airplane to visit Frasier in Seattle, she sits next to a man, Albert, played by Brent Spiner whom she describes as "white as a sheet. Frasier finds one of his childhood heroes, Jackson Hedley, at a sci-fi convention he attends to buy comic books for his son, Frederick. Hedley, a former Shakespearean actor, has been making a living on the convention circuit ever since he was cast in the television show Space Patrol.

Frasier and Niles decide to produce a show, and cast Hedley, hoping that he will be able to restart his career. They soon discover that Hedley is a talentless ham, only they couldn't see it when they were children. While at the convention, Frasier asks a man dressed as a Klingon for help finding the comic books and thanks him by saying "You're a fierce but helpful people. Although not an episode of Frasier , the principal cast of Frasier participated in a live onstage sketch on the occasion of an official Star Trek 30th anniversary studio celebration, where they were "recreating their audition" for Voyager , although the actors David Hyde Pierce, John Mahoney complete with easy chair and beer can , Jane Leeves, Peri Gilpin, and Moose the dog were in-character as their Frasier persona, being dressed in Starfleet uniforms notwithstanding.

Absent from the sketch were principal cast regular Kelsey Grammer and supporting cast regular Dan Butler , both of whom having played other characters on The Next Generation and Voyager , respectively. When she uses her psychic abilities, she finds a strong sense of the aliens expressing a desire to breed with the Voyager crew, but quickly realizes that she's actually sensing Niles. A Klingon enters the bridge from the turbolift with Eddie, Martin's dog, and complains he was found on the Klingon homeworld digging up azalea bushes after the Klingons just finished landscaping.

Martin offers him a strip of latinum which appeases the Klingon, but claims if Eddie does it again, the Klingons will destroy the Federation , to which Janeway claims "that sounds reasonable. The performance has been registered and is featured in the celebratory documentary, Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond. In the pilot, Neal Schweiber asks permission to sit at a lunch table with two other geeks by impersonating captain Kirk, addressing them as Bones and Spock, and asking them if he could join them in the Enterprise mess room because he's so hungry he could eat a tribble.

When Bill doesn't get it, he sarcastically claims he's impersonating John Wayne. In "Tests and Breasts" a sex ed teacher is able to deduce that an anonymously submitted question comes from Sam because he's the only one with Star Trek notebook paper. In "Blind Spot", when Evan contracted chicken pox, his mother Jessica Huang quarantined him by sending him to the front lawn. During the quarantine, both made the Vulcan salute across the window glass as Jessica Huans said the famous line, the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few.

Friends contains a few references to Star Trek by Chandler Bing and Ross Geller, who are referenced as being nerds throughout the series. Ross shows the gang the sonogram of his child, and the group makes jokes while trying to decipher the image. Joey asks, " What are we supposed to be seeing here? During calling the printer company's hotline, Chandler gets angry, because he notices they watch Star Trek in the background. Later during the call he is told that Spock is hugging his father something which never happened in the show.

Chandler tells Ross that an incident involving Phoebe's boyfriend is a no-win scenario. He calls the situation the Kiryat Moriah. Ross informs him that the no-win scenario is actually called the Kobayashi Maru , and that the Kiryat Moriah was the name of hotel they stayed in when traveling in Israel. Rachel is trying to make Ross angry by saying things he doesn't agree with. She says " I do think Kirk was smarter than Spock ". An encyclopedia salesman is testing Joey's knowledge, to prove that Joey really needs an encyclopedia.

He asks " What do you know about vulcanized rubber? Joey replies: " Spock's Birth Control. Chandler and Joey are trying to open a closet in Monica's apartment to find out what is inside it. There is a moment when Chandler shouts in an over-the-top manner, " There's got to be a way! Produced by J. Robert Jones, a prisoner who managed to build a teleporter in a previous episode, is described as "clever enough to Star Trek himself out of a maximum security German prison". A conspiracy theorist played by Clint Howard claims to be Spock , and that renegade future Romulans are trying to change the timeline by creating super soldiers, like Khan Noonien Singh.

After discovering a Star Trek convention on a list of local events, Peter Bishop mentions that he has promised to take his father, and so pretends he didn't see it. This was before Bana's film stardom and appearance in 's Star Trek. In the eighth season episode entitled "Leap of Faith", D. Jesse St. James equates being in Vocal Adrenaline with being part of the Borg Collective. Alton uses many pop culture references including Star Trek. The last question of the episode "Pretzel Logic" was, if yeast were to star in a horror or sci-fi film, they'd most likely play: a Mummies b Zombies, or c Tribbles.

The answer: all of the above. They start out dry as mummies, they reanimate like zombies, and then, they reproduce like those gosh darn Tribbles. So, how'd you do? Ah, who cares, let's make them. Season 7, episode 3 titled "Monster Deals" features a man at the pawn shop to sell some Star Trek merchandise. McGarrett's girlfriend is an intelligence officer on the aircraft carrier Enterprise.

That offense goes even further when Danno mentions Uhura when discussing black Trek characters. Max has transferred his "WARP 9" license plate to a Chevrolet Camaro similar to the one Danno drives, saying he had to sell off all his DS9 action figures to get enough money to pay for it. McGarrett gives a wire-wearing civilian the Vulcan salute and says " Live long and perspire " before sending him into a criminal's lair.

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They give each other the Vulcan salute and say " Live long and prosper " after Max repeats Spock 's "I have been and shall always be your friend" line in gratitude. Max says that "Per Lieutenant Kelly, I just finished performing what I refer to as warp speed autopsy. The scene of James T. While attempting to lip read a conversation on an old video, one of the terms "read" is "Captain Kirk". Jerry disobeys a direct order not to tell anyone where the Five-0 team is going and ultimately winds up saving their lives by calling for backup.

When Steve mentioned that he'd disobeyed, Jerry replied, ". And, like him, I'm prepared to accept the consequences. This episode features a green lady who looks similar to an Orion. Starring Lucille Ball. Also several snowclones of the I'm a doctor, not a Heroes was a NBC aired science fiction series about ordinary Humans who discover they have extraordinary powers. In particular, Hiro Nakamura, a Japanese character who can bend space and time, is an admitted Star Trek fan and often equates his power to events that take place on Star Trek. Hiro describes his power to bend space and teleport.

His friend Ando Masahashi sarcastically says that it's "like Star Trek ". Ando says that Hiro's "powers beyond any mere mortal" are like Spock 's. He then suggests that Hiro use his Vulcan death grip when he is dragged back to his desk by his boss. Later, Hiro expresses his desire to " boldly go where no man has gone before ".

Ando mocks, " Beam us up, Scotty! A prophetic comic book, "9th Wonders! Later, when Hiro inexplicably finds himself having teleported from Tokyo to New York City, he explains his himself by comparing his abilities to Star Trek 's transporters. He punctuates his explanation with the Vulcan salute. A woman calls the Japanese Hiro " Sulu " just before punching him and locking him in a closet. When he is freed, he gives a Vulcan salute and says, " I come in peace.

Hiro parts ways with Ando; each give a Vulcan salute to the other. Additionally, a newly-introduced character's hometown is Bozeman , Montana. When Nathan tells Danko that he wants his brother, Peter, caught with "no bloodshed", Danko orders his men saying, " Hear that? Phasers on stun. When they find a baby with the same name, Hiro and Ando wonder how such a thing could have occurred.

Hiro explains that on The Next Generation , a transporter accident caused something similar to happen " Rascals ". Hiro's real world blog X is organized by stardate and is labeled as a " Captain's Log. Rachel replies that the line is " Beam me up, Scotty " and then teleports Anna and herself. In this short-lived BBC sitcom about the staff of a fictional airline, the character of Captain Hilary Duff the name is a coincidence: the actress-singer of that name did not rise to fame until some years later is portrayed as a fantasist, who at one point in the pilot episode appears to believe he is actually in Star Trek , claiming to pilot the Enterprise and telling people to "live long and prosper".

In one of the show's surrealist touches, at the end of one scene he actually beams out of the staff lounge, seen by the viewer but not by the other characters who are nonplussed to turn around and find him gone. Like the later British series Red Dwarf, it satirises many common science fiction tropes including on-board computers, giant computers and teleportation beaming.

This Outdoor Channel series investigates if certain popular moments in TV shows and movies is plausible in real life. In episode 8, "Terry vs. The episode goes out of its way to have the feeling of the original series, including recreating the original bridge and donning the classic uniforms. As done in the series, it was proven that just randomly grabbing materials and expecting it to create the normal manufactured and refined gunpowder is impossible and the chemicals would just fizzle out.

However, it was proven that the cannon he made could be used to injure the Gorn. Doohan played a recurring role as a Montgomery Scott analogue called Pippen presumably a play on the name of basketball player Scotty Pippen. In the second season episode "I'll Fly Away", Virgil while driving a surveillance van in the dark orders the people in the back to dim their lights, because "it's like the starship Enterprise in here". In the pilot episode, "Honey, We've Been Swallowed By Grandpa", Wayne tells his son, "Ensign Nicholas, make it so", when initializing the shrinking machine, to which he replies, "Engage".

Kutner casually mentions that he's a Dahar Master of the Klingon Empire. One of the doctors takes the patients blood and it is green. In the next scene is Dr. House talking with his team and asks, " Is he Vulcan? If 'no' then what makes Nimoy bleed green? House describes Foreman and Thirteen's new-found relationship as Foreman having " Boldly gone where no man had gone before. Thirteen comments that it's suspicious that the patient's girlfriend has several changes of clothes. Taub thinks her suspicions are unfounded and sarcastically states " As opposed to the same Starfleet-issue tunic?

In "The Duel", Robin ends a bad date with an implausible but true excuse, after which her nerdy date curses her by saying " You have no honor " in Klingon. In "Lucky Penny", Ted remarks that usually when he stumbles upon a bunch of people camped out in line waiting for something, there tends to be a stormtrooper or a Klingon to give some indication of what the line is about.

In "The Playbook", a bartender says he's giving up on dating to focus on his fan fiction. The scene cuts immediately to a wedding photo with him and his bride both wearing TNG-style duty uniforms in command red. In the episode "Mom and Dad", a character is shown to have become offended because Marshall called her a trekkie , which she claims is "our word". William Shatner was also refered to as one of several great people who were Canadian in "the rehersal dinner".

Hyperdrive is a British science fiction sitcom in the basic Star Trek ship of exploration mold, which featuring many cliches including holodeck-like recreation rooms and a race called "The Red Shiny Robots of Vortis" which seem inspired by the Borg. In the second season episode "Artifact", the Queppu leader says he believes on Earth it is said " Revenge is a dish best served on a bed of rice ", which Teal corrects as "cold".

A deleted scene taken from the episode Bellydancer , the friends are teaching people CPR. In the deleted scene, Murr is forced to instruct his student to count in Klingon when the student is doing CPR on a dummy. The second season episode Birds and the Bees, one of the challenges is to share a secret that the other people say. During Murr's turn, he is instructed to say to a stranger that Spock and William Shatner beat him up for running his mouth up,.

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When the desperate Kirk pleads with science officer Spock , " What are we going to do? An aging crew of the Enterprise escapes from a retirement home only to be lured back by the promise of tapioca pudding and bingo. Highlights include Sulu leaving the Enterprise 's left blinker on since Rigel V and crashing the ship into an asteroid , which knocks Captain Kirk's hairpiece off. When Sulu detects a deadly gas coming from engineering , Scotty hails the bridge and claims he's "lost all control of his bowels", to which Kirk reminds him that he should be wearing his " Starfleet Depends.

Episode guests stars George Takei. Reynholm fils the role of Kirk , surounded by the other characters who are all being played by young girls refered to as "female- Spock ", "female- McCoy ", etc. In the episode "Liv and Let Clive" the character Ravi Chakrabarti compares his modern television equipment to having his own holodeck. In the episode "Astroburger" the character Johnny Frost tells of his drug-related experiences, where he discussed the "big questions" with a friend, including "Kirk or Picard?

In , actors from Star Trek: Voyager appeared on Jeopardy. Tim Russ and Robert Picardo were dressed in their full outfits, while Ethan Phillips was in the makeup chair. An episode from July featured categories entitled "Live 'Long'" words with the word "long" in them and "Prosper", with the final category being entitled "Leonard Nimoy". On 4 April , as part of a category about TV characters' nicknames, one question asked which nickname McCoy had long before Temperance Brennan did. On 8 February , a contestant mentioned her school having one of Kirk's lines from " The Deadly Years " as their motto: " There's a lot more to running a starship than answering a lot of fool questions.

On 19 April , the video game Star Trek: Starfleet Academy was mentioned in a category about fictional students. Loken , and Andy Dick. Elliot asks where Spock and Kirk are going to sit when Jack shows him his new office guest chairs. Dennis explains his attendance of a cat show to Adrienne despite her demands he not do so that he was simply following the last wishes of his imaginary Desert Storm commanding officer Captain " Picardemonger.

Brent Spiner appears as himself in the episode "Joey and the Premiere" of the Friends spin-off, attending a Hollywood movie premiere party, where Joey is also invited. He keeps on chasing Spiner to answer for his questions regarding Star Trek: The Next Generation , who claims that he's willing to talk about anything, except Star Trek. In one of the episode epilogues, Kenan opens a communicator, and utters " Beam me up, Scotty ", to which both he and the terrified Kel make their exit from the stage, via dematerializing with the transporter effect.

In the third season episode "reckoning", Spock and mind melding are mentioned. Merrin Dungey plays a major role on the series as "Kelly Palmer". Spence Patton Oswalt contrasts his Dark Shadows an obscure vampire soap opera convention with a Star Trek one, saying unlike Trek, they don't happen every year; if he misses one, he'll have to wait 3 years for the next one. The second season opener "Goliath" features Garthe Knight, the evil twin brother of Michael Knight, whose only distinguishing feature is his goatee, an obvious reference to Spock 's mirror universe counterpart in TOS : " Mirror, Mirror ".

Michael goes to the actor's aid, telling KITT that he "pulsed Scotty " while a supposedly disoriented Doohan weakly mumbles Scott-esque technobabble. As a note of interest, one of the characters says Doohan played Scotty "in The Original Series and all ten movies". As of the actual year , there had only been nine Star Trek movies released, and Doohan only appeared in seven of them.

This miniseries adaptation of Stephen King 's novella co-stars Dean Stockwell. When a character bursts out in anger, another one asks him if he's ever seen Star Trek , because if he won't shut up, he will demonstrate Spock 's famous nerve pinch on him. A sketch featured "Triumph, the insult-comic dog" interviewing Star Wars fans lined up for the opening of "Attack of the Clones". The bit climaxed with a man dressed as Spock giving the fans an alternate version of the Vulcan salute.

In another sketch, in which O'Brien attempted to combat another network's plan for a big October event, one of the promotions suggested is Spock-tober, in which the same character as the Triumph sketch appeared on the show. The Spock character has appeared as a throw-away joke on several other occasions. This Kafkaesque Flemish program featured a regular sketch, "Wally in Space". It was an absurd parody of the original series set on a ship captained by Belgian singer Eddy Wally , a Liberace-like cult figure.

During the episode "Corpus Delicti," Claire Kincaid sarcastically tells Jack McCoy that her "transporter beam was down" when she was running late before court.

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Keith R. DeCandido and Greg Cox each authored a tie-in novel for it. While posing as a nerdy computer technician, Eliot explains away his musculature as being due to dressing up as a Klingon at conventions. Hardison wants to use Trek movies as intercom codes, with the odd-numbered ones meaning "all's well" and the even-numbered ones meaning "there's a problem," eventually using "Doctor Wrath O'Khan " as a warning to Eliot.

Hardison quotes Spock saying " I have been and shall always be your friend " just before destroying his van as a distraction to save his friends. Earlier in the episode, Hardison complains about having to rely on stone knives and bearskins. Wil Wheaton 's character says he wants to dress Sophie up like Deanna Troi as a condition of doing the job.

Eliot uses the alias " Willy Riker ". Jonathan Frakes directed. In season one, Daffyd is complaining to Myfanwy that gays don't have anything to do in Llandewi Brefi. After looking in the paper, they discover that a gay Trekkies group is meeting right there, right now. Three men are dressed as Spock , Uhura and possibly Kirk. In the episode " Like Water for Octane ", a young Richard "Ringo" Langly tells his father that in the future everyone will be eating food pills, " like on Star Trek.

In " Tango de los Pistoleros ", a new missile invisible to radar is described as a Romulan cloaking device. In " The Lying Game ", a metal detector is referred to as a tricorder , and the man using it as Mr. In the second season episode "Looking for Results", Kevin introduces Patrick to the game Top Trumps , and explains that there are cards around numerous themes including Star Trek.

Sawyer has called Jin " Sulu " and Desmond Scotty. In this episode Boone and Locke discuss redshirts. Red shirts became a motif since this episode, with several characters dying while wearing one. During a flashback, Jack Shephard confides in his father before his wedding that he is having difficulty writing his vows, to which Christian Shephard responds with "you're a doctor, not a writer. Neil dies while wearing a redshirt. Locke remarks by that Kirk "sounds like a piss-poor captain" after the redshirt curse is pointed out to him.

In this episode anthropologist Charlotte Lewis makes a sarcastic joke about being able to speak Klingon , in addition to Korean. From the very first episode, MADtv parodied Trek with this "sequel" set aboard a laundry starship. Phil LaMarr and Phyllis Diller herself. Featuring the June Taylor Tribbles.

A Spanish-language version of Star Trek one of several "Spanish remake" skits the show did. Kirk Sasso and Spock Kilbane host a David Letterman-type talk show, complete with a Top Ten List and a "man on the street" segment where Spock goes up to total strangers on the street and talks to them. Martha Stewart Mo Collins appears on the show. Shatner Sasso tries to convince a woman Alex Borstein to purchase his sperm for in vitro fertilization. Mad Men is a series set in the s, reaching the first season of Star Trek in its fifth season. One fifth season episode, " Christmas Waltz ", features the character Paul Kinsey who has fallen on hard times and has his hopes pinned on a Star Trek spec script called "The Negron Complex".

He gets in touch with his former colleague Harry Crane, who is a media buyer and thus could slip the script to NBC , or even mister Roddenberry himself. Although the script is said to be very bad, Kinsey thinks it would be good enough to open season 2. Crane however doubts that a second season will even be made. Interestingly, the premise featuring a race of Negrons who are enslaved to pick cotton for a race called the Caucasons, the twist being that the Negrons are white, is very similar to an actual story idea proposed in Star Trek is After Hal's father who had been played by Christopher Lloyd dies and he becomes depressed, his friend, Abe invites George Takei appearing as himself to cheer him up.

In this season 3 episode, Al Bundy takes a second job at a fast food restaurant called "Burger Trek", whose theme centers around the original Star Trek series, complete with TOS-inspired uniforms which has a burger speared by a rocketship worn by employees, the manager played by Pauly Shore being referred to as the captain, Al Bundy being called "Crewman Bundy" and the cashier area being referred to as the bridge. Al is expected to say "woosh" everytime he sends the burgers down to the cashier area. His manager also reminds him of the mission they have to accomplish, which is "to go where no burger has gone before".

Another announcement asks that "the crewman who overflowed the toilet please report to the bridge". Al is visited by a group of aliens, who steal his socks as a resource to fuel their spaceship. At the end of the episode he makes the vulcan salute while saying goodbye to them. Al tries to sell an idea for a television series called " Shoe Trek ", about "a shoe salesman in the 23rd century ", to a producer, but he's turned down.

Later he sees the show on TV with a character named Mr.

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Sock , realizing they stole his idea. Kelly tells her brother, Bud " I'm sure lots of cool guys spend their Friday night watching Star Trek reruns hoping to catch a glimpse of Klingon Kleavage. Recently employed at a TV based theme park, Kelly tells her family of her day, which involved a rather large woman being stuck in a turnstile.

Kelly, thinking quickly for once, decided to grease her up with butter and then " I went over to Star Trek Land, hotwired the Enterprise and sent it up where no man has ever gone before. Jefferson says: " You know, Captain Kirk was wrong. The final frontier isn't space, it's the roof. Bud needs twelve beautiful woman for a calendar. Kelly suggests his " Lieutenant Uhura doll" to be one of them. As a fan of the series, Gary is keen to point out its classic status, stating that it is as fresh as it always has been, and that it has taught an entire generation about science, the Klingon language and how a crew of different nations can work together, " especially when there's no bloody Italians.

As she is unfamiliar with the series, Deb often asks questions, and has to be corrected when she calls Spock, Spong. Gary also mentions when he was a child that he believed the captain's log was a real wooden log he kept iin his office, to the amusement of Dorothy and Deborah. Tony also asks questions, but of a more irrelevant nature, such as how they clean the windscreen referring to the viewscreen , if Kirk has a glove compartment, and whether the bridge crew swivel their chairs when no one is looking. He and Gary also do a duet impression of the door 'swoosh'.

Styling his biker jacket with track pants is the perfect badass yet comfortable casual look. He wore tons of stripes, but never on more than one piece at a time. While a lot of his gear is designer, the looks are easy for anyone to pull off at varied price points. Baldessarini — Lambskin Moto Jacket. Baldessarini — Jersey Track Dress Pant. Barney Cools — Snapback. Zanerobe — Flintlock Tee Pigment Grey.

Cover photo credit: Van Gils. Switching up your style and taking things to the next level can be easy. Lapel pins, pocket squares, tie bars, shoe laces, and even work bags are all ways you can add pops of style and colour. Wear it with one of your standard 2 piece suits to add complexity, texture, and contrast. Or, just roll up your sleeves and wear it over a well fitted dress shirt as a more casual look this looks good on literally every guy. Photo Credit. The solution? Go with a contrast vest, and introduce a new colour to the suit entirely.

Grey and blue like in the photo above always pair well, and can be used interchangeably between vest and suit. If your suit fits well which it should , the boots you pair with it need to be sleek and slim fitting. The best way to achieve this? Chelsea boots. Both of these looks courtesy of GQ add some rocker edge to a suiting look, without being too chunky or out of place.

Sans Shirt #2: James photographed by Korey Watkins

Book your appointment today at or info gotstyle. The double breasted blazer is bold, so pair it with a solid colour dress shirt and let the blazer do the talking. Make sure that when wearing jeans with dress shoes the jeans are well tapered at the bottom, like on our model above. This will add height and slim down your look. Throw your best dark blazer on over a designer tee, jeans, and military style boots to pull off a Justin Theroux inspired rocker look. Some tips to make sure you do it right:. Pair a casual, natural shoulder blazer like this one with a hoodie, joggers, and luxe sneakers for a super comfy outfit that will turn heads.

In the right way. Make sure the hoodie is thin. As much as you love your college sweater, save it for the couch and opt for a sleeker fitting piece. An eye-catching pair like these ones from Sully Wong elevate the look from good to great.

Start with a polo, tucked or untucked I prefer untucked, but either can work. Roll up your blazer sleeves a bit, even cuff your pants at the ankle if you feel like it. Slim fit chinos are a must, especially when your loafers tie in to the rest of the outfit as well as these ones do. The exact same look is achieved, minus the blisters and lingering stink. The thin crew neck sweater under the blazer gives you some flexibility on whether to button or unbutton. Last thing — show some cuff. Having that sweater peek out from both the chest and sleeves may not be something everyone notices, but those who do will appreciate the attention to detail.

Orioles In Doubleheader. Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of AP is strictly prohibited. LaMarcus Aldridge scored 18 points, but was limited to just 13 minutes through three quarters because of foul trouble. Marco Belinelli missed his first game of the season, sitting out due to neck stiffness.

Arizona hosts New Jersey on Friday. That comes with a lot of responsibility. Seven Eagles scored from the arc. Len lingered on the bench for a few seconds, smiling sheepishly before running onto the court as the actual starter. Protection- Send pick to the 76ers if 11 Status- Miami has an incredibly complex situation because both making the playoffs and retaining their pick are in play.

The first reported the immediacy of the pending legislation on Friday. Do it for your teammates. Its not easy keeping an opponent off the scoreboard but With the dust still settling from an unprecedented Western Hockey League trade deadline, we got our first look at new faces in their new places this weekend. Attention was focused on the youngster right from the start, and he was under a lot of pressure.

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The Big Ten has been dominant for the last few years. Just about the only player making any plays of note during the second quarter was Julian Edelman. But Lazor has been walking his coaches through his new playbook so they can get a feel for it before the players report next month. Houston earned a Wild Card berth, and Pittsburgh missed postseason, based on the Oilers topping the Steelers in the tiebreaker of record against all AFC opponents.

And since the last time these two teams faced off, I noticed something noteworthy with their star players — Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham. The Eagles have to bring their A game on Sunday. And right now a number of quality teams would look pretty bad based on limited depth.

There were approximately of them. Second-and-2 quickly turns to second-and-7 after a false start by Jason Peters. There are also snaps where you see him miss tackles in the hole because in his technique he tends to go low. The young players are better than ever. Lewis might have a new home… After beating North Carolina on Friday in the biggest game in Auburn history, a win over Kentucky on Sunday would top it.

That was the most combined yards in any game in the history of the NFL. Ertz led the Eagles with seven catches for 91 yards and that touchdown, becoming the fourth tight end in NFL history to post plus catches in their first six seasons. So then we go to four-man rush to hopefully try to get them out of max protection, but then they still max protected with four-man rush. By screening submissions, we provide a space where readers can share intelligent and informed commentary that enhances the quality of our news and information.

I played him in the preseason this year when I was at left tackle. Culver made only 7 of 22 field goals. So we have to go into each one of these road games with the same mindset. IR: Yep, love the hustle. Caught three-for Oct. Well, hopefully. Tuesdays and 9 a. HB Corey Dillon rushed for yards, becoming the first Bengal to top in each of his first two Cincinnati seasons. Splitting time with Zach Zenner and LeGarrette Blount, Riddick arguably had his worst game of the season against a stout Vikings defense that entered the game having allowed the fourth-least total yards per game in