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Flowers are always good, too. All the boys give flowers and then do something else that's personal, so you feel like they're trying. He explains,. I surprised her at her house. I bought a bunch of mini candles and spelled out P-R-O-M after sunset on her driveway. And I just lit them all and then had flowers.

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I know she doesn't really expect it, but I just like to do that. So where are Vinny and his friends getting their ideas? Social media. There are multiple Twitter accounts and Tumblrs dedicated to promposal inspiration. He put a bunch of fish in her bathtub and left this note: "Of all the fish in the sea, prom with me?

A dolphin promposal. I'll go to prom with you AND buy your dinner if you get me a puppy this cute. Omg he really got her a baby chick. I'm so jealous!!! So that girl just has a kitten now? I ask. Most importantly, promposals are videotaped. What about girls who want to ask guys? Vinny thinks that's cool. The girls, however, were skeptical.

I think there's a fear. So, what if a girl wants to prompose to another girl? Jamie, Brittany, and Vinny's high school, being Catholic, is not accepting of same-sex prom dates. But the tides are slowly turning at public schools around the country. Now single and living in a small, dingy apartment, matters become worse for Rachel when she is demoted to the position of Personal Shopper at Bloomingdale's.

In order to attract Joshua, Rachel throws a surprise party for Emily Waltham, her boss' niece, and Ross' new girlfriend. She suggests a game of Spin the Bottle as a weak attempt to kiss Joshua and is frustrated when Joey and Emily keep spinning and landing on each other. When she spins the bottle and it lands on Joshua, her attempt at kissing him is interrupted when Phoebe feels the triplets kicking for the first time.

Trying to seduce Joshua further, Rachel performs a cheerleading act, only to chip a tooth. She tries to slyly pull her bra out through her sleeve, which doesn't work. Rachel convinces Ross that his relationship with Emily is more than just a friendship. With a bra stuck in her sleeve and a chipped tooth, Rachel is crushed when she hears that Joshua thinks it's not the right time for him to date as he just got divorced. Her competition with Ross pushes her to propose to Joshua after four dates, who has only recently gone through an ugly divorce. He finally breaks up with Rachel when she accidentally answers the door in a wedding dress, saying, "I doooo!

Ross invites Rachel to his wedding in London. She RSVPs that she can't come, claiming to Ross that she can't have the time off of work and that someone should stay with Phoebe who is too far along in her pregnancy to fly, but confides in Monica that with the history between her and Ross it would be too painful The One With The Invitation. Phoebe makes her reason things out, and Rachel realizes she's still in love with Ross. Determined to share her feelings with Ross, Rachel sets off to London, leaving a very frantic Phoebe behind.

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Phoebe calls Joey to warn him about Rachel coming to ruin Ross' wedding, but Rachel can't bring herself to tell Ross when she sees how happy he is with Emily. All she is able to say is, "Congratulations. During the vows, Ross looks at Emily and says "Rachel" instead of "Emily". Rachel is surprised as anyone else to hear Ross say her name, instead of "Emily," and wonders if she should go up there but the wedding goes on. Emily angrily shoves the ring onto Ross' finger, and Judy Geller remarks that the wedding is turning out, "worse than when he married the lesbian.

Rachel Green

Rachel is crushed to overhear Ross remark that she isn't anything but a friend to him. In the end, she agrees to join him on his honeymoon as a friend. Emily arrives to see them departing together. Ross realizes what it looks like and chases his wife, leaving Rachel alone on the plane to Greece. Rachel is so frustrated with her past love life decisions that she decides to leave her future ones to Monica. Monica sets her up with a handsome man, Dave, who frequents Central Perk. Seeing a depressed Ross on the couch, Rachel decides to blow her date off and console Ross with the goal of telling him her feelings.

Despite warnings from Monica and Joey, she does tell him, but she realizes the absurdity of the statement. After laughing hysterically, Ross is at first offended thinking that it was a mean joke, but when she assures him that it was genuine and continuing to laugh at herself, Ross begins to see the humor in his own pain and makes jokes about not knowing his wife's whereabouts since the wedding. Rachel calms down and wants to be sure that things will not now be weird between the two of them, noting that he is married to Emily.

He reassures her and says "it's always nice to hear that somebody loves you" and they hug. Emily agrees to come to New York and work on her marriage with Ross under one condition: that he never sees Rachel again. When she finds out what he agreed to, she gets mad at him, and fears that like Chandler's old roommate Kip, she will be forced to leave the group because Ross has a stronger claim to Monica and Chandler, although Rachel upsets Phoebe by saying she always thought she'd be the one to leave.

Rachel does however persuade Phoebe to agree to start a new group, and Phoebe wants Joey to come as well. Ross gets wind of something being up from Monica and tells Rachel that if anyone has to leave the group, it will be him because his actions and choices led to the situation that they are in " The One With The Kips ". Rachel tells Ross that she does not feel any better because she still will not be able to see him.

When he does see her one last time and tells Emily over the phone about her presence in the room, Emily is angry but says that things will be better when she comes and can know where he is at all times. Thrown by this comment, Ross tells Emily that she will have to have some trust in him if they are going to stay married. Upon realizing that she cannot trust him, they decide to divorce. Rachel dates a new neighbor named Danny who she fogged in " The One With The Yeti " , even though she has played hardball.

She finds it disturbing that he and his sister are close on the border of incest, so she dumps him. Rachel decides that her New Year's Resolution will be not to gossip, but she is pushed to the limit when she finds out about Chandler and Monica's secret relationship " The One With All The Resolutions ". She decides to confront them. After hearing Monica telling Chandler how hard it is to lie to her, she reconsiders.

Her fashion tips, which are supposed to help him get an audition, are the reason why he doesn't get the part when he has a hard time abandoning the bag as the director requested. Phoebe and Rachel are looking over the apartment across the street that Ross hopes to sublet from the ugly naked guy. Phoebe tries to catch the attention of Monica and Chandler across the street and is horrified to see them kissing and pulling off each other's clothes.

They conspire to make their lives miserable in various ways to mess with them for keeping secrets--much to the chagrin of Joey who is tired of keeping the secret himself. When Monica says that she will go do laundry when she is really sneaking away to be with Chandler , Rachel gives her a huge bag of dirty clothes to throw in. Phoebe aggressively hits on Chandler until he can't keep up with the ruse and admits to loving Monica.

They still don't want Ross to know, but due to their unfortunate habit of never closing the drapes, he finds out while showing his boss from the museum that he is getting his life back in order. Rachel goes to a furniture store with Ross to help him pick out a new couch for his apartment. She is angered and embarrassed when Ross, who is irritated when an employee implies that Rachel is way out of Ross' league, informs the employee that they had sex times when they were dating.

She and Chandler try to help transport the couch to Ross' apartment, although they don't succeed and the couch ends up being sawed in half. Rachel gets a job interview at Ralph Lauren, but she accidentally kisses her interviewer. In a second interview, she blows him off by misinterpreting a gesture that he makes as a sexual innuendo. In the end, he hires her.

Rachel causes further embarrassment when she reaches out to shake her new boss' hand, only to accidentally grab his crotch " The One With Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss ". Rachel tries to smoke to fit in with her new colleague and boss, Kim. They leave her out anyway, and she stops smoking. In order to prove that she was over Ross, Rachel sets him up on a date because he tries and fails to flirt with the pizza delivery girl. When everyone but Ross and Rachel leaves for Vegas, Rachel walks around the apartment naked and accidentally catches Ross' attention. Seeing her naked makes him assume she wants sex with him, a fact that she denies when he comes over.

This is the cause of a continuous series of pranks they play on each other. This results in them getting married in Vegas while drunk, waking up in bed together and their faces painted with Sharpie. Rachel settles for an annulment, leaving Ross to take care of the details. Ross doesn't want another divorce and cannot get the annulment, so he stays married to Rachel until she finds out " The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance ". Rachel takes care of the forms, albeit in an extravagant manner which makes Ross appear to be a gay heroin addict.

They argue and Ross' revelations about their history as a couple make the judge determine that they do not qualify for an annulment and must get a divorce instead. When signing the papers that a still angry Ross has brought over, Rachel confesses to him that this divorce is actually her fault, as she was the one to drunkenly suggest the marriage.

Rachel has to face another hard reality: Chandler is moving in with Monica. At first, Rachel is jovial and suggests that they are "Three's Company," but becomes sad when it is revealed Chandler and Monica would like to live alone. Rachel, however, understands and is still happy for them, but it hurts Monica's feelings because she expected Rachel to be sad. It is later revealed that Rachel didn't take the news seriously because they almost got married in Vegas, and since they didn't, she doesn't think this would happen either.

Rachel finally accepts the reality of not having Monica as her roommate and makes arrangements to live with Ross until learning they're still married when she agrees to move in with Phoebe. Her stay is cut short by a fire in the apartment, and she moves in with Monica and Chandler, then Joey, until their apartment is fixed. Rachel is pointed out to be a push-over in this season, a fact which makes Phoebe prefer her as a lesbian date to high-maintenance Monica. Ross realizes that nothing can happen between him and Rachel in the future if something happens between him and Jill, so he prevents anything from happening with Jill.

This is not only the key to Rachel forgiving Ross, but also the cue for Chandler to cry. Rachel begins a relationship with Paul Stevens , the father of Ross' girlfriend, Elizabeth. Chandler wanted to propose to Monica, and when Phoebe walked into to their apartment while Chandler was looking at ring brochures, he decided to tell Phoebe about his plan and keep it a secret from The Gang. Despite stating that she isn't jealous of Monica and Chandler's engagement, Rachel agrees to have a " bonus night " with Ross.

They begin kissing in the hallway when Monica walks in on them.

This leads to Monica canceling the celebrations of her engagement, as she is tired of Rachel stealing the spotlight. Phoebe decides to let Monica and Chandler choose what she gets for them as a present for their engagement. Monica becomes obsessed with acquiring Phoebe's secret cookie recipe. Meanwhile, since Joey won the boat from the silent auction, Rachel decides to train Joey to sail his boat. Rachel is promoted to Merchandising Manager for polo retail at Ralph Lauren, a position which allows her to hire a personal assistant.

This is how she meets Tag, her young, gorgeous boyfriend " The One With Rachel's Assistant " who she dates, despite warnings from her boss. She spends the night with Tag in the office, looking for important contracts to Milan which she did not send out. To save face, she prefers to blame Tag for the mistake. Rachel is portrayed as having something of a sweet tooth, sharing several cheesecakes with Chandler and even eating the last of them off the hallway floor.

When Joey is nominated for a Soapie award, Rachel is the only one of the girls to know what a Soapie is.

See a Problem?

Joey invites her to the awards ceremony, and Rachel admits that she uses a shampoo bottle in the shower to practice her acceptance speech after winning a Grammy. Rachel is reunited with Melissa , the girl who she kissed passionately back in senior year in college. Due to Phoebe's disbelief and Melissa's denial, Rachel kisses Melissa so she wouldn't lose " the one wild thing she had ever done " away from her. Melissa mistakenly believes that Rachel is attracted to her and she feels comfortable enough to express her attraction to Rachel, stating, " Oh my god!

You love me ". Shocked, Rachel rejects her. Embarrassed, Melissa hales a cab and proposes to Rachel a " kiss goodbye? Phoebe then kisses Rachel heartily and Rachel says;" What the hell was that? Rachel asks how it was and she responds by saying that she's " had better. In the morning before Chandler and Monica's wedding, Phoebe and Rachel find a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom trash.

Later on, she confesses her pregnancy to Chandler. Finally, she tells Ross that he is the father. During the sonogram, she doesn't see the baby at first. Ross helps her and she realizes that she had seen the baby but didn't know and thanked Ross for giving the blessing to her. The baby was conceived during their passionate one night stand when they were both vulnerable, being that Rachel was jealous of Monica's engagement, and Ross hadn't had sex in six months. Wanting to maintain a love life, Rachel goes out with a soap opera actor named Kash Ford.

When she tells him that she's pregnant, Kash blows her off. On the verge of telling Ross that she is considering rekindling their relationship, she is blown off when she sees Ross talking to Mona at the coffee-house. Rachel becomes the source of Joey's attraction, and possibly only love, which he confesses to the others. Joey's confession of love is rejected by Rachel, who does not think of him that way. During Thanksgiving dinner, Rachel is reunited with Will Colbert. Will, who used to be overweight, is now a handsome man who has hated Rachel since high school.

It was formed by only three people, one of whom was a foreign exchange student who didn't know what the club was about. Will and Ross spread a rumor that Rachel was a hermaphrodite. Enraged, Rachel tells everyone that she knows about Ross and the librarian he made out with. During Rachel's labor, Ross' mom gives him her grandmother's engagement ring to give to Rachel. Ross takes it but does not plan to propose. At the end of the episode, the ring falls out from Ross' jacket pocket and Joey picks it up and shows it to Rachel, but when he showed it to her, she said "Yes", thinking he was proposing, only to find out later it was nothing.

Things start to change when Ross, who has agreed to not date anyone, learns that Rachel gave her number to a man at a bar that she met on a girl's night out with Phoebe. Things for Rachel get even more complicated when she kisses her new colleague, during her birthday party; a kiss which Ross sees from his apartment " The One With Phoebe's Rats ". However, Rachel is still unsure about that.

She decides to talk to Ross about it, but when he brings home a rebound date, she becomes so angry that she moves in with Joey. As time goes by, Rachel becomes interested in Joey. She dreams that she's helping Joey study his lines, but is completely turned on by him. She kisses him, at which point the dream ends.

Because of her jealousy, Rachel mostly maintains a cold rapport with Charlie. This lasts until Charlie breaks up with Joey in Barbados, so she can be with Ross. Rachel admits that she's interested in Joey, which causes his feelings for her to resurface. They decide to speak with Ross before doing anything that could possibly jeopardize their friendship with him. However, Joey sees Ross and Charlie kissing, gets angry that Ross did not clear it with him first, and he walks slowly and steadily to Rachel's room and knocks on her door.

When Rachel opens the door, Joey kisses her. Rachel and Joey are now a couple, although they have no idea how they are going to tell Ross about their relationship. This problem is solved when Ross sees them kissing. It is made clear that Ross is not taking this well, but he announces that he will support them anyway. After talking to Chandler, Rachel and Joey decide that if they are having such a hard time progressing their relationship, it must not be meant to be, musing that perhaps they are just better friends than Chandler and Monica were and each telling the other "I love you.

Rachel focuses more and more on her daughter, throwing a party to celebrate her child's first birthday and insisting that everyone in the group abandon their plans to all be there for this momentous occasion. Later on, she and Ross are horrified when they discover that Amy got Emma's ears pierced.

Rachel enters her daughter in a baby beauty contest, which Emma wins. Rachel comes to believe that Chandler is having an affair after seeing him with a woman. In reality, the woman that Chandler is with is a real estate agent: Chandler and Monica are looking for a house, to start a new family. Rachel's father has a heart attack, and the stress causes Rachel to turn to Ross for sympathy sex.

He rejects her offer because he doesn't want to take advantage of her in her time of grieving, but instead she feels angry and embarrassed, causing him to then declare that from now on, sex is "off the table". However, she informs him that, "With us, it's never off the table". When her boss at Ralph Lauren catches her interviewing for another job, Rachel is fired. While moving her things out of her office, Rachel and Ross run into Mark from Bloomingdale's. Ross doesn't remember him until Rachel reminds him of the fact that Ross was insanely jealous of Mark.

Ross becomes jealous yet again until he learns that Mark is married and has twins. Mark offers a job to Rachel at Louis Vuitton, but the job requires her to work in Paris. Monica throws Rachel a going away party where Rachel says goodbye to everybody except Ross, much to his dismay. Rachel later shows up at Ross' apartment, explaining that she couldn't say goodbye to him because it was too difficult due to the fact that he means more to her than the others.

Just as she's about to leave, Ross kisses her and they sleep together.

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Ross is convinced that his passionate night with Rachel means that she is going to stay, and he is heartbroken when she announces that she still plans to leave, and she does. Ross realizes that he must let Rachel know how he feels about her and hopes to confess his love will persuade Rachel to stay in New York.

Ross chases her down to the airport, and confesses his love, and begs her to stay. Confused, Rachel gets on the plane. A broken-hearted Ross goes to his apartment and checks the messages on his answering machine. He then hears a message from Rachel who had been trying to get off the plane until the line suddenly cuts off, leaving Ross wondering whether she got off the plane until he hears a voice behind him say "I got off the plane. They kiss passionately and get back together and promise to never break up again, then they kiss again and embrace.

This kid needs help and he needs help soon. He's a tic There might be a spoiler in a minute. He's a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off. Is he behaving this way because of the "relationship" between his parents? I'm not sure if that's it completely, but I do think if the parents acted like parents he might not have the issues he has. Marta - where do I start? No one should have to deal with what she has at the hands of people who are supposed to protect her. She doesn't deserve someone who is going to treat her like that. No one does. I didn't see it coming when we found out who Lexie's boyfriend was, but it does make sense why she was so protective of Grant finding out.

Vici is an excellent writer. There are so many emotions in her books. I can't wait to read Senior Year. Alison rated it really liked it Jan 12, John rated it really liked it Jun 14, Gina rated it really liked it Dec 18, JoVan rated it really liked it Jun 06, Tamyah Tidwell rated it really liked it Jun 03, Jessica rated it really liked it Apr 02, Teetee rated it it was amazing Dec 05, Deangela rated it it was amazing Apr 29, Natasha rated it it was amazing Feb 18, Blake rated it it was amazing Apr 21, Sarah rated it really liked it Jun 12, Sam rated it did not like it Jun 25, Keanna Lewis marked it as to-read Nov 22, Purfectcom2 marked it as to-read Nov 23, Uniquelyunknown marked it as to-read Nov 26, Tiffany marked it as to-read Nov 30, Nicole Gay marked it as to-read Dec 07, Alyssa added it Dec 10, Julia Dezotell marked it as to-read Dec 16, Jackie marked it as to-read Dec 16, Nate marked it as to-read Dec 20, Becky marked it as to-read Jan 01, Makeda Thomas marked it as to-read Jan 01, Sammi marked it as to-read Jan 02, Kurisutaina marked it as to-read Jan 04, Caitlin marked it as to-read Feb 15, Sarah Serrano marked it as to-read Feb 21, Courtney Edson marked it as to-read Mar 10, Megan marked it as to-read Mar 11, Daisy added it Apr 18, Hend marked it as to-read May 14, Danielle marked it as to-read May 19, Jamie marked it as to-read May 31,