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Comic book publishers in the United States. Archie Comics Boom! A subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.

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  8. One of the very best and most undervalued today was Johnny Craig…. Craig was an absolute master of pen-and-ink illustration, but his scripting was just as slick and deceptively, hilariously seductive. It did not go according to plan….

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    This addictive compilation concludes with a devilishly convoluted tale of a Private Eye set up to take the blame for a perfect crime. The comics classics are then followed by more background revelations via S. The short, sweet but severely limited output of EC has been reprinted ad infinitum in the decades since the company died.

    These titanic comics tales revolutionised not just our industry but also impacted the whole world through film and television and via the millions of dedicated devotees still addicted to New Trend tales. Whether an aged EC Fan-Addict or the merest neophyte convert, this is a book no comics lover or crime- caper victim should miss…. Gaines Agent, Inc. For the past two decades he has been producing occasional short stories about a down-at-heel carnival and the shabby, eccentric no-hopers who have populated it throughout the years of its existence, the eerie aliens who have preserved its posterity and, of course, the immortal Waldo the Cat.

    That saga organically grew into explorations of the minor characters they encountered and soon a great big narrative snowball started rolling…. In The Amazing, Enlightening and Absolutely True Adventures of Katherine Whaley , we return to the increasingly formalised, craftily chronicled Deitch Universe, albeit tangentially, wherein the author focuses on other members of his inexhaustible cast all the while tellingly revealing lost secrets of American history through a lens of scholarly examination and conspiracy theory woven through popular culture scenarios of the past.

    The story-within-a-story begins in the grotty logging town of Lumberton , New York State in , when demure Katherine Whaley , after failing as librarian and school teacher, took a job playing piano in the brand new movie theatre operated by old man Braunton as just another way to deprive lumberjacks and dissolute townies of their hard-earned cash. Naturally, much of her part as The Goddess of Enlightenment involves acting in the nude….

    Whilst she might find it hard to accept that the philosopher possesses actual recordings of Jesus Christ delivering his teachings, undiluted by millennia of obfuscating organised religion, there is no doubt that Varnay has great power: after all he stopped her aging and may himself be more than hundred years old…. The beauty of this tale is the complex detail with which it unfolds: the grace and wit with which Deitch overlays historical fact with brilliant fabrication. With this surreal historiography of the little-known peripheries of the birth of cinema, Deitch has concocted another utterly unique and absorbing graphic treat — printed in a lavish widescreen format in this stunning monochrome hardback — again sharing the intoxicating joys of living in the past and dwelling in shared social memories.

    Combining science-fiction, conspiracy theory, pop history, fact and legend, show-biz razzmatazz and the secret life of Beavers with a highly developed sense of the absurdly meta-real, the author once more weaves an irresistible spell that charms, thrills and disturbs whilst his meticulous drawing holds the reader in a deceptively loose yet inescapable grip. Arguably the most successful comic strip fantasy ever conceived, Prince Valiant in the Days of King Arthur launched as a Sunday page feature on February 13th , a luscious full-colour weekly window onto a perfect realm of perfect adventure and romance.

    The strip followed the life and exploits of a refugee boy driven by invaders from his ancestral homeland in Scandinavian Thule who grew up to roam the world and rose to a paramount position amongst the mightiest heroes of fabled Camelot. There have been films, animated series and all manner of toys, games and collections based on the strip — one of the few to have lasted from the thunderous s to the present day over episodes and counting — and even in these declining days of the newspaper narrative strip as a viable medium, it still claims over American papers as its home.

    It has even made it into the very ether with an online edition. Foster ceaselessly produced the strip, one enchanting page per week until when, after auditioning such notables as Wally Wood and Gray Morrow, Big Ben Bolt illustrator John Cullen Murphy was chosen to succeed him as illustrator. In the senior Cullen Murphy also retired he died a month later on July 2nd and the strip has since soldiered on under the extremely talented auspices of artists Gary Gianni and latterly Thomas Yeates, with Mark Schultz scripting.

    Val is astounded that the bluff solitary hero is also a husband and currently searching for Godparents for his own newborn son and heir…. Soon however duty calls again and Valiant, Sir Gawain and hapless, bumbling hedge-wizard Oom Fooyat are dispatched to the wilds of Wales to investigate a nest of vile black magic. Seamlessly blending thrills and grandeur with broad comedy, Foster delivers an enchanting light-hearted romantic romp wherein level-headed Val exposes the macabre happenings at Illwynde Castle and plays matchmaker to more than one of his faithful retinue….

    Job done and the fief secure, Gawain and the Prince of Thule return to Camelot, picking up en route a boy with chivalric intentions and the determined courage of a lion. The enigmatic Geoffrey is desperate to win his spurs, but when Valiant introduces the lad to Aleta, the prospective page boy is gripped by a ferocious, life-changing, all consuming crush…. Aleta then attempts to keep Geoffrey out of trouble by ordering the puppy to follow and keep her husband safe…. Confronted with an impossible situation the Prince again resorts to unconventional tactics and traps the huge barbarian army on the English side whilst sending Geoffrey back to Camelot with a message for Arthur… and to save the hero-struck boy from dying in the unwinnable battle to come….

    Breaking all the rules of knighthood for the noblest of reasons, Geoffrey speedily delivers his message and is astounded when Aleta rushes off to join Valiant in Scotland. Again disregarding consequences and probably relinquishing forever his dream of knighthood, the boy follows her northwards…. Their arrival precipitates an unexpected and nigh-miraculous end to the war, but Valiant is close to death. After tending his hurts Aleta decides that she will take her husband back to his Scandinavian homeland, and dispatches the now-exhausted Geoffrey back to Camelot to inform her handmaiden Katwin and nurse Tillicum to obtain a ship and meet her with baby Arn at the village of Newcastle ….

    Of course the King is no fool and a great respecter of honour and courage. He summarily condemns the boy to banishment: for a year and a day Geoffrey must not set foot on English soil…. Mind in a whirl the redoubtable boy is taken to a barge secured by Katwin and sails to Caledonia with the family party to a reunion with Valiant and Aleta…. Now she is gone and the boy can return home if he wishes…. Eventually the expanded party reaches the chilly castle of King Aguar and settles in to a long period of snowbound rest and recuperation — until boisterous Jarl Egil makes an inappropriate advance on Aleta and hotheaded Arf dashes to her defence….

    Soon the encounter has escalated and Valiant is forced into an utterly unnecessary duel of honour which can only end in pointless tragedy…. Happily the repentant Arf finds a way to satisfy honour all around but the King is plagued by a knotty problem wit cannot solve. Aguar has been seriously considering converting his Norse realm to Christianity, but the many devout missionaries roaming the land are cantankerous idiots all preaching their own particular brand of faith — when not actively fighting each other.

    Thus in Spring, he tasks the fully fit Valiant with an embassage to Rome to ask the Pope to send priests and teachers who actually carry the true and official Word of God. Restless and eager Val promptly sets out, accompanied by Arf, the doughty Rufus Regan and new comrade Egil. With manpower dangerously depleted the situation looks grim until wily Aleta takes control of the situation and scores a devastating victory that contravenes all the rules of manly warfare.

    Unseen for three months, Valiant and his companions at last reappear as they land in Rouen to begin the arduous overland trek to the HolyCity. The journey is full of short bursts of violence and outrageous incidents as, since Rome fell to the Vandals, Europe has become a seething mass of lawless principalities. Rendered in a simply stunning panorama of glowing visual passion and precision, Prince Valiant is a non-stop rollercoaster of boisterous action, exotic adventure and grand romance; blending human-scaled fantasy with dry wit and broad humour, soap opera melodrama with shatteringly dark violence.

    The process may have been more synthetic than previous attempts, but its core was based upon the premise that the original comics were in color. Both follow a similar method of singling out writers and artists from the EC Comics community and repackaging them according to their individual works.

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    Publishers IDW and Fantagraphics, in separate publicity statements, discussed plans to begin publishing what appear to be very carefully curated editions of EC materials in formats that have not yet been done before, a rarity within a catalog that has been published and republished.

    They promised a book with art represented to the reader exactly the size that Wood drew it, which, for fans and collectors, was like the Holy Grail. The response to the Fantagraphics announcement was also enthusiastic. While all the materials that they announced had been previously released, never in a format of this design. The specificity of these books catalyzed a fair outpouring of fan and collector support.

    The choices of both Fantagraphics and IDW are wise within an industry that is not necessarily doing as well economically as it used to. Specializing provides an appeal to readers that yet another run of the same item would not. Preservation can take various forms within different communities. For the comic book community, it is generally focused within the collecting and fan population.

    They express archival language through the dialogue of consumerism and collecting hierarchies. The worst pieces are those that have been left to suffer whatever the hands of fate might have dealt out.

    Fall Guy for Murder and Other Stories

    The various comic book grading scales bare a striking resemblance to many archival material-grading systems. As a fan and collector himself, he was not satisfied with just one edition. Upgrading the materials not only introduced the comics to new audiences, it guaranteed the library life, as it meant that the works were always being discussed, accessed, and reprinted, even up until today.

    IGW and Fantagraphics took that idea and ran with it, updating it to the current buying habits of the reading public.

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    Overall, the multiplicity of reprints under the EC umbrella has guaranteed that a fairly small company with fewer titles than most excluding MAD Magazine is still making headlines in the comic book news. This method of multiple publications has, effectively, eradicated the need for an archive on a central level as it has shifted the archive concept and made the materials available on a wider scope.

    While the vast readership may not have the primary elements in their hands, they have been given, over the last 60 years, the full EC library. Additionally, it has been proven that there are multiple concerned parties who will watch over the elements and make certain that they always receive the attention that they deserve. The community that Gaines worked hard to build during the EC years has clearly lasted until today and appears to likely have a future with the horror comics fans of tomorrow. Cochran, Russ. September 04, Cochran, Russ, and Grant Geissman.

    Fantagraphics, Feldstein, Al, interview by Jon McClure. Livingston, MT, April 20, Gartman, David. Grabols, Andrew. August 20, IDW Publishing. July 20, Crisis on Infinite Comics. February 02, Moore, Rob. Hayes, Salkowitz, Rob. The EC Horror Library of the s. Schudson, Ariel. Survey on Comic Book Preservation and Storage. Survey, Los Angeles: Surveymonkey, You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

    Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Modern Fans and Their Collecting Habits In a recent survey conducted by the author, 61 people answered questions about comic books and their personal relationship to them. Grabols This appeared amongst our surveyed constituents but in a different manner. Schudson While 61 people may not be a very large group to survey, it is indicative of the larger trend of comic book fans and collectors today.

    Royer, Nettels and Asprey From this fan culture were born the individuals who became responsible for the evolution of EC Comics into what it is today, a library with archival materials, several different printings and more to come.