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The book explores their engagement with visual media which informed them about classical culture—the windows of print shops, aristocratic and civic architecture and internal decoration, museums, spectacles and illustrated educational periodicals. Since drawing, painted decoration and modelling often attracted apprentices from impoverished backgrounds, the visual understanding of sites such as Pompeii and the Athenian Acropolis was often provided by originally working-class men.

Theatrical performances provided another route to the classical world, although the censorship of stage plays limited the use of rousing ancient stories in plays exploring the iniquities of the class system. The case of a censored tragedy about the Gracchi produced just before and after Peterloo provides a vivid example. Contact with Classics varied between different communities, so we also explore religious identity, adult educational groups, and the national experiences in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Dissenters of all denominations were crucial in making classical authors available to Britons across the lower end of the class spectrum. The relationship between the Irish and the Greco-Roman world was intense, as their literature in both Gaelic and English reveals. But political allegiances were complicated; along with classically skilled Irish working-class Catholics, who supported Irish rebellion, some ardently opposed it. Two radical Irish classicists campaigning in the interests of the Irish working classes were Protestants; Robert Tressell, author of the Plato-influenced working-class novel The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists , was of mixed religious parentage.

Wales had a distinct Nonconformist tradition of classical education, but it also had Caractacus, the ancient British leader who, according to Tacitus, had fought against the ancient Romans in Wales and was paired in the public imagination with David Lloyd-George. There was an Edwardian craze in Wales for amateur theatrical performances by school children starring Caractacus, and once WWI broke out, they became transparently connected with recruitment, morale and fund-raising for the war effort.

Individual working-class subjects teetering on or below the edge of respectability are put at the centre of the radar.. Between the French revolution and the collapse of the Chartist movement, diverse British radicals—republican revolutionaries of the s, men incarcerated for sedition in the aftermath of Peterloo, Chartists, workplace organisers and freethinkers, some working-class and some from more prosperous backgrounds—were motivated by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

They used Classics to enliven their journalism, inform arguments at the trials, and explore religious questions that took them far beyond the limits of Anglican theology. A few outstanding autodidacts harnessed Classics to assist a meteoric rise to university chairs, where most of them relinquished class anger to become quietist professionals. The attempts of other extraordinary working-class boys to escape poverty by self-education never quite got off the ground; some ended their days as itinerants, alcoholics, or suffering from acute mental disorders.

The aura surrounding the ancient cultures did not signify gentlemanliness and financial security everywhere. Alongside the gentry enjoying their Palladian mansions and expensive school curriculums, there always existed more commercial, demotic, subterranean and secretive groups in British society who used imagery from the Greek and Roman worlds to communicate and self-identify: salesmen, imposters, criminals, prostitutes, circus and fairground performers, showgirls, libertines, madmen, and participants in recreational activities ranging from the merely vulgar to the illegal. They almost always came from working-class families.

Finally, we also examine the presence of classical material in other working lives. The figures from antiquity with whom the working classes identified, or were identified with by others, were male martyrs, rebels, slaves and labourers, largely distinct from the heroes and gods instrumentalised by those higher up the social scale, such as Alexander, Aeneas, Augustus, Jove and Juno, Leto, Apollo, Diana, Venus and Mars. Shoemakers, often radical Nonconformists, although sometimes espousing conservative views, were well-read and conversant with classical authors, inspired by the examples of learned cobblers they found in ancient sources.

Pottery workers were familiar with ancient artefacts and with books visually reproducing and discussing them.

As working-class activism increased with the rise of Labour Movement, classically self-educated professional politicians rose from the working classes, and their cause was espoused by newly university-trained socialist women, the academic Classicists who joined the Communist Party of Great Britain, and classically trained fulltime activists and intellectuals such as Christopher Caudwell and Jack Lindsay. Accessing the experience of working-class soldiers is exceptionally difficult, but one War Poet, David Jones, was not of officer rank. The British working classes were almost universally excluded from institutionalized Classics, and from study of ancient languages, but a few overcame the obstacles; many more engaged with the ancient Greeks and Romans in myriad creative ways.

Series describes the process of European colonialism in Africa from the point of view of generations of the Igbo of people of Eastern Nigeria. Family saga series chronicles the lives of successive generations of the Courtney family during s - of South African history. Set primarily in colonial South Africa in the - s although a few in the series are set either earlier or in contemporary times.

Series begins with "When the Lion Feeds". Wikipedia has a helpful list of the volumes chronologically per story line. Set in Africa's southern cape Outeniqua Forest. Opens in s. Family saga chronicle of six generations of the Van Groenwegel family from the 17th century to the midth century in British Guiana modern Guyana during upheavals of society, rulers, economics and politics. Saga of adventures and tests of friendships in the colonial days of Kenya. A young Canadian goes to South Africa in search of diamonds, settles in and fights with the Boers against the English.

First novel "Segu" is about an 18th century African family in the pre-colonial Kingdom of Segu situated in the northern regions of West Africa. Their lives are challenged with the introduction of the slave trade and Islam. The companion "Children of Segu" focuses on the 19th century tribal wars, Islamic conquest and French occupation of the African Segu kingdom. John Clair Rumbold-Gibbs. British versus Zulu. Series begins with "Aztec". Based on the life of Haiti's first emperor. Saga follows the fortunes of slave-master Philippe, Seigneur de Mortmain and the woman who loves him but finds herself drawn toward revolt.

Tales of Boudicca - a 1st century A. The Rebellion successfully transformed Haiti from a European colony to the world's first Black republic. Features the Spanish conquest of Peru and the great Incan Empire. A love story between a Spanish Conquistador and an Inca Princess. Chronicles the settling of the United States with each story moving progressively West into a new location and era. Story of the Canfield family, associated friends and descendants from through 's. Rich weaving of actual historic American events.

Series opens at the beginning of the 20th century in with robber-baron industrialists and rapid territorial expansion in "Dawn of the Century". Features the history of the White House the "American Palace" , Washington, the American nation and two dynastic and feuding American families.

Series spans through s. Story follows the Luckett family's migration from Pennsylvania to Southeastern Ohio. Traces the transformation of Ohio from wilderness to farmland to the site of modern industrial civilization within one generation. Multi-generational family saga about the roots of American culture, class and identity. Traces three hundred years of three families from Cromwell's England to a West Virginia valley. Arthur Bertram Guthrie, Jr. Depicts the lives of Americans settling the far American West along the upper Missouri and Columbia rivers from to the early 20th century.

Features a depiction of ranch life on the New Mexico-Mexico border in the s and early s. Features the peaceful Muskogee tribe in their native lands in Southeastern America later to be known as Georgia and South Carolina and their struggles with the invading Spanish Catholics. Saga of tough fighting men and proud women challenging destiny for a nation's freedom.

Series begins with "Blackrobe". Old South saga set in 18th century Northern Spanish Florida. Stories weave in the state's Spanish and Seminole history. Lengthy series of young adult novels set during the American Colonial era. See Wikipedia for series list. Story of Iroquois tribes locked in bitter, violent warfare amongst themselves. Features multi-generations of the Kent family and their connections with historical events from the American Revolution to the turn of the 20th century.

Series begins with "The Bastard". Timeline and some of the characters are carried over in Jakes' "Crown Family" historical fiction duo set in Chicago beginning Series starts in and includes "The Kentuckians" the story of the men, including Daniel Boone, who first established homesteads in Kentucky , "Hannah Fowler" story of a strong pioneer woman and "The Believers" Kentucky independence versus conspiracy to be a Spanish territory.

Set in the mids. Series details the struggles and dreams of French peasants who risked everything in order to make a new life for themselves in the untamed wilderness of New France Quebec Canada - along the St. Lawrence River valley. Follows three generations of the original settler couple's descendants. Set in 18th century American wilderness. Features the adventures of a hunter, Indian fighter, American spy for the British. Saga of the American West and adventures of two Texas Rangers from the time of the Republic of Texas to the beginning of the 20th century. Tale of a young Russian Jewish midwife who immigrates to New York City during the early s and challenges the male-dominated world of Obstetrics.

Series follows the growth of America from colonial times to the s. Weaves experiences of a fictional family with non-fictional historical characters. Family saga of the Dutch immigrants de Kuypers family, their successive generation, and the early settling of New York city and state. Story line begins in and continues through Multi-generational family saga set in early days of the mid-Atlantic States s to Features the intertwined destinies of two early immigrant families.

Story of an irrepressible and resilient Irish Catholic family caught up in the rush of contemporary American history s through the s. Series begins with "A Midwinter's Tale". Fictionalized account of the origin of the Religious Society of Friends Quakers and their struggle for religious freedom in England and America. Set primarily in 17th century. Series features frontier times in Central Pennsylvania with Iroquois Native Americans and early colonials.

Series begins with "Arrowmaker". Tells of the U. Army struggles with the Native American Indians and their encounters "Indian Wars" during of the later 19th century. Series begins in with "Sioux Dawn". Story of the early 's settlers to the harsh, fishing coastal island of colonial Newfoundland. Jackson Conley. Story of everyday life or not during the colonial, pre-American Revolutionary War period on Cape Cod.

Presented from a woman's point of view. Series follows the lives of several pioneer families of the Western American frontier California midth century. Saga of the Old American South. Follows the fortunes of the American city of Savannah, Georgia and three families from to through the War of and Civil War. Exploits and adventures of Barnaby Skye, a deserter from the British Royal Navy and legendary mountain man, frontiersman, trapper and guide. Primarily set in the American West frontier wilderness. Chronologically the story begins in with prequels "Rendezvous" and "Dark Passage".

Saga of fiery U. Calvary General George A. Series follows the lives and adventures of the Mordecai Lewis family from through the Alamo and Texas Independence in the 's and culture clashes inbetween. Adventures of lost 16th century Spanish explorers in America who are adopted by the Elk Dog Indian peoples of the American Central Plains and their descendants. Series begins with "Trail of the Spanish Bit". Story of the first expedition to the American West after Lewis and Clark.

Group included 60 men, one woman, her husband and two little boys. Series is based on her life crossing the Rocky Mountains and settling in the Northwest. Features frontier life and adventures the settlers encountered on the plains of Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and Virginia during to Series begins with "The Buckskin Line". Story of a 19th century Kentucky farm boy who becomes a frontiersman along the Ohio River and American West. Series starts with "Dance on the Wind". Adventures of Texas Rangers turned bold trail-drivers. Story inspired by the life of 19th century American robber baron and transportation magnate Charles Yerkes.

Features the families on the first wagon train heading to Oregon in and continues with descendants through Series starts with "Independence". See also the prequel trilogy "Wagons West Frontier" beginning with "Westward! See Fantastic Fiction website for complete series list. Multi-generational saga of the early American Bonner family set in s upstate New York wilderness. Account of the Native American Indians, French, English, early American colonists and the turbulence involved in wrestling the westward expansion of North America.

Series begins with "The Frontiersmen: A Narrative". A "burlesque" rewrite American history. Series is based on the real-life exploits of Luther Sage "Yellowstone" Kelly, a hunter, scout, rancher and ambassador between the white and native people of the 19th century American West. Series relates the lives of 12 different characters struggling to find a place in the developing American society of the 20th century to Trilogy includes "42nd Parallel", "" and "The Big Money".

Set amidst the intrigues in Alexandria, Egypt in the s and s. Series represents four different points of view on a single set of events. Series includes "Justine", "Balthazar", "Mountolive" and "Clea". Story represents the vast panorama of Soviet life under Stalin. It charts the experiences of a group of childhood friends who grew up in Moscow's Arbat district. The novels all center on the Anglo-Saxon in Asia and explore the impact of the meeting of East and West civilizations.

Set in Dutch East Indies Java in 20th century. Represents a sweep of Indonesian history and colonial politics. Quartet follows the personal and political life of a leader of the revolution against the Dutch, from early in the century through independence. Set in colonial early 20th century Egypt. Features three generations of a Muslim family in Cairo during Britain's occupation of Egypt. Series begins with a young Englishman's arrival in Shanghai and follows his dynasty-building descendants through Chinese history to as British and Chinese negotiate the fate of Hong Kong.

Set in 12th century Asia. Features the lives of the great Mongol warlord conqueror Genghis Khan and his descendants. Features a former legendary warrior samurai, now a Ronin. Set in 's feudal Japan. Series begins in and is set primarily in Poland and Russia. Story of love that survives war, revolution and time. Story involves midth century China's decaying Ming Dynasty, the Manchus and exploits of an opportunistic English merchant and his family.

Series covers the rise and height of the Moghul Empire in medieval India. Set in 17th century Siam. Describes Jewish life in the first two decades of the 20th century in St. Petersburg, Warsaw and Moscow. Series includes "Petersburg", "Warsaw" and "Moscow". Retelling of the rise of the 12th century warrior Chinggis Kahn Genghis Kahn and the expansion of his Asian empire during the 13th century. Depicts life of a Chinese peasant family and traditional Chinese culture in early 20th century. Features colonial India and imperial China.

Opens with "Sea of Poppies" set on the eve of the British attack on Chinese ports in what will become the Opium Wars. Trio also includes "River of Smoke" and "Flood of Fire". Series begins in 15th century Moorish Spain and closes in the 21st century in the international cities of Lahore, London, Paris and Beijing. A telling of Islamic history. Adventure series inspired by the real life of Nakahama Manjir aka John Manjiro Mung who was a Japanese sailor, educator, interpreter and one of the first Japanese to visit the continental U.

Family saga set throughout the 19th and early 20th century Imperial Russia. Trilogy includes "Anne", "Fleur" and "Emily". Series begins with "Knights of Dark Renown". Set in 16th and 17th century Turkey.

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Features the daughter of a Venetian nobleman who is kidnapped, transported, sold to, lives with and schemes within the great harem of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Set in and s India. Story of love between a young Irish woman and an Indian Prince. Dutch and British clash for supremacy, while princes and traders vie for influence and riches. Set in the Far East in early 19th century. Story of Arulmozhivrman later drowned as Rajaraja Chola I , one of the kings of the Chola Dynasty during the 10th and 11th centuries in southern India.

Story of the relationship between an Englishwoman and an Indian princess at the height of the British Empire in India. Series begins with "Manu". Soon they become powerful traders with China, deeply involved in the politics and love of the Middle Kingdom, her people and her enemies. Series primarily set in China and lesser in London and America. Set primarily in 18th century Russia and features Catherine the Great and her descendants. Set in 16th century Mughal India. Follows the adventures of a prince, his wife and their son.

Sionil Jose. Chronicles a century of Philippine history as experienced by multi-generations of one family. Epic of military, political and romantic intrigue set in midth century Russia. Set during the 13th century Crusades. Featured is an English-born child who was captured and sold into slavery. He converted to Islam and become a devout Muslim, a gifted warrior, assassin and spy against Mongol Genghis Kahn.

First novel "The Siege" is set during the day Nazi siege of Leningrad and portrays both the city and the peoples during the hardship. The second book "The Betrayal" is set 10 years after the siege and follows two survivors coping in the "Stalinist paranoid" aftermath. Series follows the vacillating fortunes of a Chinese coolie turned noteworthy merchant and an 18 year old Scots woman and sister of Singapore's chief of police.

Set against a backdrop of the turmoil of Singapore's early 19th century. Series describes the turbulence and savagery of 19th century India. The hero carves a career as a mercenary soldier. Duo includes "Sword of Fortune" and "Sword of Empire". A young widow daughter of Persian refugees and wife of an Afghan commander grows up to become Nur Jahan - the most powerful woman in the fabled Mughal Empire.

Features the peoples, culture and history along the Murray River at the turn of the 20th century in Victorian Australia. Typically found together in an omnibus edition. Features Australia's convict past and colonization. Available in omnibus "The Australian Trilogy".

Family saga which features Australia's settlement from the First Fleet through independence. Series begins 18th century with "The Exiles" and ends in 20th century with "The Imperialists". Family saga of colonial mid Australia which features two feuding Queensland families. The Macintoshes who are wealthy Scottish landowners and the Duffys who are poor Irish laborers. Series describes events prior to, during and after the mutiny on the HMS Bounty.

Trilogy includes "Mutiny on the Bounty" mutiny erupts and the Bounty is seized by the first mate , "Men Against the Sea" the open-boat voyage to England of the discarded captain and crew and "Pitcairn's Island" the settlement of the first mate and mutineers on an uninhabited island in the South Pacific. Family saga about a feisty Cornish seamstress who became a brothel keeper and landowner in New Zealand.

Series includes "Tamar" year-old orphan living in a small Cornish village who opts to immigrate to New Zealand in , "White Feathers" with WWI and Tamar's children and "Blue Smoke" the story of Tamar's family and the Napier earthquake. Three-part novel set in the Ballarat goldfields region of Australia during the gold rush of the midth century.

Volumes trace the rise and fall of the title character and his family against the backdrop of colonial expansion. Generational tales of New South Wales' first white settlement in - from convict life in prison to freedom and enterprise. Series pays tribute to significant Maori leaders; giving insight into the Maori culture and bond with New Zealand. Stories feature multi-generations of a Maori family. Series follows 19th century colonial settlers in Golden Bay, New Zealand.

Set in Melbourne in the s with themes of greed, corruption and love. Set s to 's colonial New Zealand. Features the battles and skirmishes between indigenous Mori, British army and colonists determined to rid the Mori of their heritage and rights. Family saga set in early 20th century. Portrayal of five generations of a family and the story of a provincial society in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Family saga series set in the Australian Outback. Features the lives of descendants of a female convict transported from England and their settlement in Australia New South Wales. Series begins with "Outback". Set in late 18th and early 19th centuries. Traces the development of European settlement in Australia. Features interactions between Australia's first white settlers at Sydney Cove and the local Aborigines.

Story follows the lives of a female missionary, a British fugitive and an American adventurer. Features the experiences of three generations of a Jewish family who flee Eastern Europe Russia at the turn of the 20th century and settle in England. Series spans through post-WWII. Wikipedia has complete list of volumes.

Chronicles the affairs of the Anglican Church, clergy and gentry in a small rural cathedral town in the s pre-Victoria era. Three volumes containing a total of eight books. This series is typically categorized under Science Fiction because the sciences of cryptology and numismatics are heavily featured.

However, "literary treatment" is consistent with historical fiction. Chronicle of the tortured lives of the inhabitants of the city of Travnik, Bosnia from 17th to early 20th century. Bosnia has seen occupation, wars and the infamous assassination which triggered WWI. Chronicles 13th century rise and fall of Prince Llewelyn of Gwynedd of Wales, his pursuit of independence from England and the thwarting machinations of his three brothers. Quartet available in omnibus "The Brothers of Gwynedd". Begins in post-plague London and wraps up in at the Battle of Agincourt.

Series starts with "The Ill-Made Knight". Series begins in the 6th century. Series begins with "The Chronicles of Iona: Exile". Series reimagines the Norman conquest and struggle to maintain control of England after the Battle of Hastings. First in the series is "Sworn Sword". Features the history of the Normans in Italy through the story of the de Hauteville family dynasty.

Series begins in with "Mercenaries" and continues with "Warriors" and "Conquest". See also the sequel trilogy "Crusades" which begins with "Prince of Legend". Story of the War of the Roses as told by four different prominent women of the time. A panorama of 20th century London life. Traces a group of English acquaintances from to as the various friends and lovers meet, drift apart and reacquaint over the years. Central character is a wealthy Englishman who narrates the stories in the form of his reminiscences.

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Series begins with "A Question of Upbringing". Story begins in and features the English Civil Wars. Mystery crossover. Series follows successive generations of an English family within the context of major events of 16th to 20th century. Each novel is narrated by the daughter of the narrator featured in the previous novel. Bruno's" begins the series.

Features key events of Irish history starting in pre-Christian AD to early 20th century. Panorama of Renaissance English life during the Elizabethan and early Stuart periods. Recalls the collapse of the British Empire. Inspired by historical events of the sieges of Cawnpore and Lucknow and "The Singapore Grip" Japanese capture of the British colonial city of Singapore in , while also exploring the economics and ethics of colonialism at the time.

Set Tudor England. Set predominately in Rumania, Egypt, Palestine and Greece. Features the life of pleasure obsessed Louis XV in 18th century France. His middle age is featured in "The Road to Compiegne".

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Story of the political and economic strife in Ireland, fight for independence from Britain and of the personal struggles of some of her inhabitants. Set early s. Chronicle of the early life of Elizabeth I and her precarious path to the throne. Set during the Renaissance. Series deals with the quest for the Holy Grail and the journey of a young English archer in the 14th century at the time of the Years' War. Set in the early 17th century The End of Days. Features a Saxon warrior who leads the resistance to the Normans before and after their invasion of England, and of this warrior's exile by King William.

Series begins with "The Time of the Wolf". Set in 17th century England during the Civil War. Features the saga of the Royalist Heron family. Set in 15th century Renaissance Flanders. Features a dyer's apprentice who schemes and swashbuckles his way to the helm of a powerful mercantile empire. Set in 14th - 15th century Europe. Features the impact of the religious wars on the working class and strife to the "heretics".

Retelling of the life of beloved Scottish poet Robert Burns. Trilogy includes "Insurrection", "Renegade" and "Kingdom". Features Ireland's struggle for independence from Britain through voices of both fictional and non-fictional characters. Story of the shaping of contemporary Ireland during three watershed periods and of the passionate Irish people who made it so.

Story of the Irish people's struggle for independence from Britain. Story traces the history of 20th century Ireland through a single Irish family. Series includes "", "", "", "" and "". Features the lives and reign of Queen Isabelle, Ferdinand King and their children in 15th and 16th century Spain. Character-driven novels set in Europe.

Series covers the confrontation of Christian and Islamic Muslim civilizations at different periods of European history beginning in medieval Dorothy Kathleen Broster. Set - Scotland. Features a Highland chieftain and relatives during the Jacobite Rebellion. Set — Series focuses on the turbulent life of the weak-willed king James V of Scotland. Set in late 18th century France and inspired by the life of Josephine Bonaparte. Features a dog keeper and felon's son who would become a knight of daring and romance.

Recount of medieval Scandinavian life. See the somewhat companion quartet "Master of Hestviken" also by Undset.

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Set in 11th century. The story of Harald Hardrede Harald Sigurdharson. About his struggle to become sole King of Norway after the fall of his King brother Olaf the Stout , his mercenary exploits the Russian and Mediterranean Empires, attempt to conquer Denmark and to become King of England. Story of the great 12th century knight William the Marshal William Marshal. Series is lighter on the romance than many of Chadwick's other books. Story of one of Scotland's most noble families. Set in 18th century France. Features the life of Napoleon from his youth in in military school through and his campaign as Emperor to conquer Russia.

Features 17th century actor, soldier, physician and priest Nicholas Cooke. Story of the English ruling Godwin family and the change of succession with the Norman conquest of England. Features the adventures of an 18th century Scottish Highland soldier and his time-traveling 20th century nurse paramour. Series spans Scottish Rising to the American Revolution. Series begins with "Outlander" aka "Cross Stitch". Generational saga about the people connected to the building of a great medieval English cathedral.

First volume is "The Star of Lancaster". Series begins with "Pride of Kings". Chronicles the lives and loves of the three daughters of Talmudic Rabbi and scholar Solomon ben Isaac Rashi. Set in the Jewish community of 11th century medieval France. Trio includes "Joheved", "Miriam" and "Rachel".

Story of a young man's rediscovery of a forgotten heritage and coming of age amongst a band of Norse warriors. Set in dark, treacherous 9th century Western Europe. The cycle includes "August ", "October ", "March " and "April ". Told from Bruce's point of view. Set in medieval th century England. Features Alfred the Great, his descendants and Danish Vikings. Series starts off with "The Last Kingdom". Set in 13th century France. A character-driven history of the last of the Cathars, rise of the Inquisition, exploits of the famous adventurer-troubadour Ramon Lull and creation of the Tarot deck in medieval Europe.

Adventures of young Dane Halfdan Hroriksson across the Viking world in the latter half of the 9th century. Tudor saga featuring the powerful, corrupt anti-hero Thomas Cromwell. Saga of a bitter and enduring conflict between two powerful 15th century Renaissance Venetian noble families. Trilogy includes "The Lion of St. Set in the ancient Viking world beginning in the year Tales of Harald Sigurdson as he plunders the coastal villages of England and Scotland. Based on surviving Viking sagas. Set at the time of the fall of the English kingdom of France in the late s and the following civil unrest.

Series spans the 30 years of bloody civil war between the Yorks and Lancasters. Set in 13th century medieval Wales. Story of the princess Gwynedd and decline of the Welsh kings. Family saga features wealthy Puritan George St. Barbe and his family during 17th century English Civil War. Search for author pseudonyms, aliases, nicknames, working names, legalized names, pen names, noms des plumes, maiden names.

Amazon Historical Fiction Useful for book ratings and reviews. Barnes and Noble Historical Fiction Historical fiction search broken down into fairly specific categories time period, geographic location. British Empire Library Site specific to the British Empire with a "Library" section listing historical fiction books written by British citizens and related to British imperialism and colonization.

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Nautical Fiction Over authors of novels, novelettes, poetry and short stories related to drama at sea. Arranged by authors. Book titles often accompanied with brief story summary. This guide lists every book series available on planet earth.