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Wait No it isn't! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Prove Yourself. Categories :. Main Missions. Side Missions. The Zombie Island of Dr. Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot. I lit my pipe. I sat and stared at the box. I dare say I sat there for quite twenty minutes when, as before, without any sort of warning, the sound was stilled. Its sudden cessation rather startled me. Or, this time, is the explosion coming off? It did not open. There was simply silence all at once, and that was all. I sat there in expectation for some moments longer.

But I sat for nothing. I rose. I took the box in my hand. I shook it. I gave it several sharp raps with my knuckles. There was not an answering sound, not even the sort of reverberation which Pugh and I had noticed at first. It seemed hollower than ever. It was as though the soul of the box was dead. Perhaps the third time will be lucky. But I was mistaken--there was no third time. When I returned to bed that time I returned to sleep, and I was allowed to sleep; there was no continuation of the performance, at least so far as I know.

For no sooner was I once more between the sheets than I was seized with an irresistible drowsiness, a drowsiness which so mastered me that I--I imagine it must have been instantly--sank into slumber which lasted till long after day had dawned.

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Whether or not any more mysterious sounds issued from the bowels of Pugh's puzzle is more than I can tell. If they did, they did not succeed in rousing me. And yet, when at last I did awake, I had a sort of consciousness that my waking had been caused by something strange. What it was I could not surmise. My own impression was that I had been awakened by the touch of a person's hand. But that impression must have been a mistaken one, because, as I could easily see by looking round the room, there was no one in the room to touch me. It was broad daylight. I looked at my watch; it was nearly eleven o'clock.

I am a pretty late sleeper as a rule, but I do not usually sleep as late as that. That scoundrel Bob would let me sleep all day without thinking it necessary to call me. I was just about to spring out of bed with the intention of ringing the bell so that I might give Bob a piece of my mind for allowing me to sleep so late, when my glance fell on the dressing-table on which, the night before, I had placed Pugh's puzzle.

It had gone! Its absence so took me by surprise that I ran to the table. It HAD gone.

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But it had not gone far; it had gone to pieces! There were the pieces lying where the box had been. The puzzle had solved itself. The box was open, open with a vengeance, one might say. Like that unfortunate Humpty Dumpty, who, so the chroniclers tell us, sat on a wall, surely "all the king's horses and all the king's men" never could put Pugh's puzzle together again! The marquetry had resolved itself into its component parts.

How those parts had ever been joined was a mystery. They had been laid upon no foundation, as is the case with ordinary inlaid work. The several pieces of wood were not only of different shapes and sizes, but they were as thin as the thinnest veneer; yet the box had been formed by simply joining them together. The man who made that box must have been possessed of ingenuity worthy of a better cause. I perceived how the puzzle had been worked. The box had contained an arrangement of springs, which, on being released, had expanded themselves in different directions until their mere expansion had rent the box to pieces.

There were the springs, lying amid the ruin they had caused. There was something else amid that ruin besides those springs; there was a small piece of writing paper. On the reverse side of it was written in a minute, crabbed hand: "A Present For You. I looked, and, not for the first time since I had caught sight of Pugh's precious puzzle, could scarcely believe my eyes.

There, poised between two upright wires, the bent ends of which held it aloft in the air, was either a piece of glass or--a crystal. The scrap of writing paper had exactly covered it. I understood what it was, when Pugh and I had tapped with the hammer, had caused the answering taps to proceed from within. Our taps caused the wires to oscillate, and in these oscillations the crystal, which they held suspended, had touched the side of the box. I looked again at the piece of paper. I regarded it intently.

The idea was ridiculous, absurd. No man in his senses would place a diamond inside a twopenny-halfpenny puzzle box. The thing was as big as a walnut! And yet--I am a pretty good judge of precious stones--if it was not an uncut diamond it was the best imitation I had seen. I examined it closely. The more closely I examined it, the more my wonder grew. And yet the idea was too preposterous for credence.

Who would present a diamond as big as a walnut with a trumpery puzzle? Besides, all the diamonds which the world contains of that size are almost as well known as the Koh-i-noor. I regarded it through a strong pocket lens. As I did so I could not restrain an exclamation. The words had scarcely escaped my lips than there came a tapping at the door.

It was not Bob, it was Pugh. Instinctively I put the lens and the crystal behind my back. At sight of me in my nightshirt Pugh began to shake his head. Why, my dear Tress, I've breakfasted, read the papers and my letters, came all the way from my house here, and you're not up! His eye fell upon the ruins. Our handling, and tapping, and hammering must have freed the springs which the box contained, and during the night, while I slept, they have caused it to come open. Dear me!

How strange! And--what are these? He had discovered the two upright wires on which the crystal had been poised. What's this? He read what was written on it: "'A Present For You.

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Tress, was this in the box? Was there anything in the box besides? If you will wait in the next room, I will be with you as soon as I'm dressed. There is a little subject in connection with the box which I wish to discuss with you. What is the subject? Thank you; I am obliged, but I decline. May I ask you once more, Pugh, to wait for me in the adjoining apartment? He moved toward the door. When he had taken a couple of steps, he halted. Is it likely that I am going to play tricks upon my oldest friend? When he had gone--he vanished, it seemed to me, with a somewhat doubtful visage--I took the crystal to the window.

I drew the blind. I let the sunshine fall on it. I examined it again, closely and minutely, with the aid of my pocket lens. It WAS a diamond; there could not be a doubt of it. If, with my knowledge of stones, I was deceived, then I was deceived as never man had been deceived before. My heart beat faster as I recognized the fact that I was holding in my hand what was, in all probability, a fortune for a man of moderate desires. Of course, Pugh knew nothing of what I had discovered, and there was no reason why he should know. Not the least! The only difficulty was that if I kept my own counsel, and sold the stone and utilized the proceeds of the sale, I should have to invent a story which would account for my sudden accession to fortune.

Pugh knows almost as much of my affairs as I do myself. That is the worst of these old friends! When I joined Pugh I found him dancing up and down the floor like a bear upon hot plates. He scarcely allowed me to put my nose inside the door before attacking me. If you know that there was something in the box, perhaps you will tell me what that something was. He eyed me doubtfully. Then, advancing, he laid upon my arm a hand which positively trembled. By the way, Pugh, I believe that I am the oldest friend you have. Who's Brasher? You wouldn't compare my friendship to the friendship of such a man as Brasher?

Think of the tastes we have in common, you and I. We're both collectors. Isn't that so, Pugh?

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If there had been something in the box, would you have been willing to go halves with me in my discovery? In your discovery, Tress! Give me what is mine! Then I shall be able to hand to them what was in the box in order that it may be restored to its proper owner. I should say that the proper owner was the person from whom you purchased the box, or, more probably, the person from whom he purchased it, and by whom, doubtless, it was sold in ignorance, or by mistake.

Thus, Pugh, if you will only send for the police, we shall earn the gratitude of a person of whom we never heard in our lives--I for discovering the contents of the box, and you for returning them. As I said this, Pugh's face was a study. He gasped for breath. He actually took out his handkerchief to wipe his brow. It isn't friendly. What--what was in the box? If you don't hand over what was in the box to the police, I go halves.

I knew I couldn't trust you. I turned and rang the bell. You know, although you have breakfasted, I haven't. Perhaps while I am breaking my fast, you would like to summon the representatives of law and order. I ordered breakfast. Then I turned to Pugh. It was of--something else.

Bob is at your service, if, for instance, you wish to send him on an errand. Bob can go. Directly he was gone, Pugh turned to me. What was in the box? I fancy that, under the circumstance, I can trust you, Pugh. I believe that I am capable of seeing that, in this matter, you don't do me. That was in the box. Look at it as long as you like, and as closely.

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  4. Pugh leaned over my hand. His eyes began to gleam. Each room is themed and has a unique story-line that engages the players through their environment. None of our room themes are intended to scare or startle, and there are no actors in the rooms. Often, our mixed groups are the most successful!

    Our games are optimally designed for the number of people listed. For safety reasons, we cannot exceed these maximums. Can we book a room outside of your hours listed on the book now page? I have a large group and would like to start several rooms at the same time? Yes this is possible. An event specialist will assist you. Do all parents need to be present for minors to play? There is no age limit, though the puzzles are designed for adults. We recommend the higher success rate games for younger groups.

    If your group is all under the age of 14 then a parent or adult will need to be in the room with them, as well as there to sign the waiver before game play. If you are bringing children under the age of 14, we recommend booking the entire room. How much is it? We do offer a military discount, please call us to receive your code. Due to our competitive pricing, however, we are unable to offer additional discounts. Yes, all of our rooms can be played from a wheelchair.

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    Some rooms might have crawl spaces, but we have provided alternate routes if you are unable to crawl through. While that sounds like a great idea, the answer is no. You will need most of your brain power to escape the room. There are plenty of places close to us for you to enjoy an adult beverage after your experience. Trust us, you are going to talk about your experience for hours. Our mission at The Puzzle Effect is to design inclusive events that are as much fun as they are informative!