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The story of Irish Immigration into what is now Newport began in the s as the new colonies started to grow. They began working in coal mines in Portsmouth then with the introduction of the gilded age after the American Civil War, The Irish began to settle between the ports and lavish mansions of the Irish.

Today it is called the fifth ward and still had quite the Irish heritage. Some living there can trace their ancestors back to the gilded age and even earlier. Come check out one of our great books and learn a thing or two about Irish history and their involvement in Newport and New England at large. From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Charlemagne, the "dark ages" where learning, scholarship, and culture disappeared from the European continent, but it would be saved in an unlikely place.

The great heritage of western civilization, from the Greek and Roman Classics to the Jewish and Christian works, would have utterly been lost were it not for the holy men and women of unconquered Ireland. Skillfully weaving history and reporting, observation and opinion, Dezell traces the changing makeup of the Irish population in the country from early immigrants to today's affluent, educated Irish Americans.

The Irish in America. To celebrate the accomplishments of those Irish immigrants that began arriving in the mid 17th century and to commemorate the th anniversary of the onset of the Irish potato Famine which led to the largest Irish migration in history, this lavishly produced book brings to life the full and rich saga of the Irish in America. A superlative labor history of Rhode Island at the formative age of the industrilization of America, Molloy focusing on Joseph Banigan, an Irish potato famine refugee, examines the story of 19th century Irish immigration into the cauldron of political struggles and labor resistance.

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The Irish Americans: a History. January 10, in Ireland , Life in Ireland Permalink. The recent Rugby World Cup reminded me how much I love rugby, and used to enjoy attending international matches at the old Lansdowne Road stadium in the pre-Celtic-Tiger days of the mids.

A Reading Book in Irish History by Patrick Weston Joyce

A bus-load of teenage rugby players would head up to Dublin and be released somewhere in Ballsbridge for a day. The Angel of the Streetlamps by Sean Moncrieff. A junkie runs from the building, leaps into a taxi, and flees the scene. The politician whose poster this was becomes tarnished by association, and the party consider her unelectable. A passing priest become a media celebrity after he gives the dying woman the last rites. These characters are a powerful canvas on which Moncrieff paints a perceptive portrait of contemporary Ireland. The book mainly looks at women from outside the farming community marrying farmers, but Sixsmith says her advice should work as well for men marrying into a farm — however, they might want to pass on the patterned wellies.

Maggie Lynch is a sixteen-year-old girl in Chicago, growing up working class amid hard-working and hard-partying Irish-American stock.

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When her mother falls in love with an Irish guy, the family moves to Ireland, to the seaside town of Bray, south of Dublin, where Maggie and her younger sister, Ronnie, try to find their place in a new culture. Life is not all roses for Maggie, however. Nobody will keep me down. Born a bastard to a teenage mother in the slums of s Dublin, Martha has to be a fighter from the very start.

The nine surviving children of the Hegarty clan are gathering in Dublin for the wake of their wayward brother, Liam, drowned in the sea. As Enright traces the line of betrayal and redemption through three generations her distinctive intelligence twists the world a fraction and gives it back to us in a new and unforgettable light. It is a novel about love and disappointment, about how memories warp and secrets fester, and how fate is written in the body, not in the stars.

The haunting follow up to the Edgar Award-winning debut In the Woods. Tana French astonished critics and readers alike with her mesmerizing debut novel, In the Woods. Now both French and Detective Cassie Maddox return to unravel a case even more sinister and enigmatic than the first. Six months after the events of In the Woods, an urgent telephone call beckons Cassie to a grisly crime scene. The victim looks exactly like Cassie and carries ID identifying herself as Alexandra Madison, an alias Cassie once used.

Suddenly, Cassie must discover not only who killed this girl, but, more importantly, who is this girl? A disturbing tale of shifting identities, The Likeness firmly establishes Tana French as an important voice in suspense fiction. Over the weeks leading up to this upheaval, she talks often with her psychiatrist Dr Grene, and their relationship intensifies and complicates.

Told through their respective journals, the story that emerges is at once shocking and deeply beautiful. Though skilled at bookkeeping, she cannot find a job in the miserable Irish economy. Eilis finds work in a department store on Fulton Street, and when she least expects it, finds love. The Yellow House delves into the passion and politics of Northern Ireland at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Determined to reclaim her ancestral home and reunite her family, Eileen begins working at the local mill, saving her money and holding fast to her dream.

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As war is declared on a local and global scale, Eileen cannot separate the politics from the very personal impact the conflict has had on her own life. She is soon torn between two men, each drawing her to one extreme. The other is the wealthy and handsome black sheep of the pacifist family who owns the mill where she works, and whose persistent attention becomes impossible for her to ignore. In a hidden Ireland where fishermen and tenant farmers find solace in their ancient faith, songs, stories, and communal celebrations, young Honora Keeley and Michael Kelly wed and start a family.

Because they and their countrymen must sell both their catch and their crops to pay exorbitant rents, potatoes have become their only staple food. But when blight destroys the potatoes three times in four years, a callous government and uncaring landlords turn a natural disaster into The Great Starvation that will kill one million.

A Reading Book in Irish History

Honora and Michael vow their children will live. The family joins two million other Irish refugees—victims saving themselves—in the emigration from Ireland. A tragic comedy of epic sweep and dimension, Skippy Dies wrings every last drop of humour and hopelessness out of life, love, mermaids, M-theory, the poetry of Robert Graves, and all the mysteries of the human heart. Could it have something to do with his friend Ruprecht Van Doren, an overweight genius who is determined to open a portal into a parallel universe using ten-dimensional string theory? A misfit man finds a misfit dog.

Both are accustomed to being alone, unloved, outcast — but they quickly find in each other a strange companionship of sorts. Born on the ninth day of the ninth month in the year , Kitty Deverill is special as her grandmother has always told her. Taken together, the collected works of these writers reveal an enrapturing, unnerving, and piercingly beautiful mosaic of a lively literary landscape. Spanning four centuries, The Long Gaze Back features 8 rare stories from deceased luminaries and forerunners, and 22 new unpublished stories by some of the most talented Irish women writers working today.

The anthology presents an inclusive and celebratory portrait of the high calibre of contemporary literature in Ireland. The boy cannot walk, or speak, and Nora, mistrustful of the tongues of gossips, has kept the child hidden from those who might see in his deformity evidence of otherworldly interference. Then she meets an attractive older man.

She was willing to sacrifice everything for her country. He was willing to sacrifice everything for her. Daniel is more than distracted. He is intrigued. Never has he met anyone as dismissive, argumentative… as downright infuriating. Are you planning a trip to Ireland soon? Have you tried any of these as an audiobook? These are just a few things I love using for reading and travel, which have special deals that I want to pass on to you! I'm a book and travel lover with a passion for making lists! I love that books can transport us, even from the comfort of home. My posts sometimes include Amazon affiliate links, but only when links are available for books I truly want to write about.

Hi Laura, thanks so much for your kind words and for the excellent recommendation too! What is the connection between Frankenstein and Ireland?

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And Dracula could also be on this list. Hi Christopher, thanks for your comment! Frankenstein takes place all over Europe with a small portion of that set in Ireland, where Victor is arrested. I recommend reading Casting Off by Nicole R.

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