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GitLab Omnibus Runner. Setting Description concurrent limits how many jobs globally can be run concurrently. The most upper limit of jobs using all defined runners. The default value is 3 ; if set to 0 or lower, the default value will be used. Note: GitLab Runner Important: With GitLab Runner The old format of the configuration with S3 configured directly in [runners. With GitLab Runner Note: The cache mechanism uses pre-signed URLs to upload and download cache. Note: Moved from the [runners. Note: Introduced in Gitlab Runner Log level options: debug, info, warn, error, fatal, panic.

Note that this setting has lower priority than level set by command line argument --debug , -l or --log-level. Log format options: runner, text, json. Note that this setting has lower priority than format set by command line argument --log-format.

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How long in seconds the session can stay active after the job completes which will block the job from finishing , defaults to 30 minutes. Limit how many jobs can be handled concurrently by this token. Name of shell to generate the script. Default value is platform dependent. Absolute path to a directory where builds will be stored in context of selected executor Locally, Docker, SSH. Absolute path to a directory where build caches will be stored in context of selected executor locally, Docker, SSH.

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If the docker executor is used, this directory needs to be included in its volumes parameter. Commands to be executed on the Runner before cloning the Git repository. Commands to be executed on the Runner after cloning the Git repository, but before executing the build. This requires the presence of [runners.

Note: This will run the docker container on the local machine, it just changes how the commands are run inside that container. If you want to run docker commands on an external machine, then you should change the host parameter in the runners. All commands executed in Bash context default for all Unix systems. All commands executed in Sh context fallback for bash for all Unix systems.

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When set it will use ca. Sets the usernamespace mode for the container when usernamespace remapping option is enabled. Specify where Docker caches should be stored this can be absolute or relative to current working directory. The Docker executor has 2 levels of caching: a global one like any other executor and a local cache based on Docker volumes.

This configuration flag acts only on the local one which disables the use of automatically created not mapped to a host directory cache volumes. In other words, it only prevents creating a container that holds temporary files of builds, it does not disable the cache if the Runner is configured in distributed cache mode.

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Specify additional services that should be run with build. Please visit Docker Registry for list of available applications. Each service will be run in separate container and linked to the build. Specify wildcard list of images that can be specified in. It is now read-only.

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Permalink Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Branch: master Find file Copy path.

Find file Copy path. Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. Raw Blame History. Returns None if no data has been imported. DiGraph for source in self.

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Retries because bigquery is unreliable. A sticking plaster for the fact that not all sources can be fetched automatically. They use a classic way to deal with probable fraudsters: by keeping them out. It leads to a catch situation where to save losses, they get deprived of revenue too. This is quite akin to me thinking of short-circuiting my run because of a possibility of a threat. At Aryng, our data science SWAT team is always pushing the envelope on using data to boost revenue and reduce losses, while finding new ways of delighting end users. If you need our help with fraud or other high-value customer analytics projects, please contact us for a FREE consult.

Thank you for reading my post. I am passionate about using data to build better products and create amazing customer experiences. I write about my learnings at LinkedIn and at Forbes. About Piyanka Jain. A highly-regarded industry thought leader in data analytics, Piyanka Jain is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author and a frequent keynote speaker on using data-driven decision-making for competitive advantage at both corporate leadership summit as well as business conferences.