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It's a black comedy at heart and Jonah Hill is brilliant as the more unhinged, morally bankrupt of the two opposite Miles Teller's more sensitive straight guy. It doesn't win awards for depth or complexity — no surprise given it shares a director with The Hangover — but it's a fun, easy watch for a weekday evening. Not just a sheet but a sheet with two eye holes cut out.

It's quite a feat but Lowery manages to take that absurd image and make it tragic in this intense genre and time-bending look at loss. Rooney Mara, who plays the wife half left behind by the ghost, carries the whole art house meets haunted house vibe and somehow it all works. Stanley Kubrick's searing indictment of the Vietnam War is as visceral and unrelenting today as it was upon its release in The first half of the film follows young Marine draftees as they are subjected to the degrading and dehumanising ordeal of basic training, while the second half revisits the same recruits as they confront the horrors of the Tet Offensive.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given its grim subject matter, Full Metal Jacket an emotionally exhausting and intense film that bears witness to one of the darkest episodes of modern history. Watch it on Netflix. Subjected to the repressive regime by camp guides who claim that their regime can help "cure" young people of their homosexuality, Post finds herself drawn to two of the camp's rebellious outcasts.

Sport is really about data. That's the view of baseball manager Billy Beane Brad Pitt , who can't compete with the big budgets of rival clubs. To add salt to his wounds, three of his best players have just moved to a rival team. Instead of trying to raise more money, he decides to improve his Oakland Athletics side using statistics rather than tradition wisdom. The movie, which was nominated for six Oscars including Best Actor and Best Picture, is based on the real-life story, and book, about the season of the Oakland Athletics baseball team.

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Marvel has done a brilliant job fleshing out the fringe characters in its cinematic universe and Ant-Man , released in , is another hugely entertaining entry. Despite a somewhat troubled production, which saw Edgar Wright quit as director he and co-writer Joe Cornish retained screenplay and story credits , Paul Rudd nails the lead role in a film that doesn't get bogged down in the wider Marvel story arc.

There's still signs of Wright's involvement in some of its inventive set-pieces and Ant-Man was one of the first films to insert a little more humour into the MCU. Based on the memoir of Saroo Brierley, Lion follows the life of a young boy who is separated from his mother and younger sister in Khandwa, India, when he is just five years old.

The film picks up with Saroo Dev Patel 20 years later, now living with his adoptive parents in Australia. When he moves to Melbourne to start university, Saroo finds himself determined to discover the story of his childhood and adoption — with a little help from Google Earth.

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This satirical horror film written and directed by Jordan Peele was an unexpected hit in , raking it in at the box office and netting four Oscar nominations. Daniel Kaluuya — who you might recognise from the Black Mirror episode '15 Million Merits' — plays Chris, a photographer who reluctantly agrees to visit the family of his white girlfriend, Rose, at their country estate. While Rose's parents make a disconcertingly over-the-top effort to show they're cool with their daughter's black boyfriend, Chris begins to suspect that something deeply sinister is going on in the secluded house.

Peele does a phenomenal job of weaving a gripping horror film around a damning critique of under-the-surface racism. Paul Giamatti and Kathryn Hahn star as fortysomething New Yorkers who are stuck in a endless cycle of fertility treatments and despair as they struggle to have a baby by any means possible.

But when their young niece drops out of university to come stay with her creative aunt and uncle, their journey takes an unexpected turn. Private Life is hilarious and heartbreaking in equal measure as it depicts a couple fixated on one goal, to the exclusion of all else — even their own relationship. Under the guidance of Emmanuel Lubezki, the entirety of this cult fable appears to be formed from a single, elaborate tracking shot.

Watch it a second time and the dazzling cinematography becomes a character of its own in the dreamlike narrative. This is a darkly comic tale of a man haunted by his past facing an unfolding existential crisis. A compelling war drama film starring Idris Elba and shot in Ghana, it follows a young boy called Agu who lives in a small village, and who is forced to become a child soldier as his country is ripped apart by a brutal civil war. This is a poignant depiction of the devastation that war can bring to a family.

Remarkable visual effects are combined with an equally remarkable intellectual feast for one of the most original action films of the last decade. What more could you ask for? Stream it now on Netflix. This spot-on sequel to the much-acclaimed black comedy picks up twenty years after the events of the first film. Each member of the original cast is back, with Mark Renton Ewan McGregor returning to Edinburgh as his life in Amsterdam starts to unravel, despite being clean from heroin for two decades. Inevitably, Renton ends up running into his old friends Spud Ewen Bremmer and Sick Boy Jonny Lee Miller and finds himself embroiled in an ill-advised scam while Begbie Robert Carlyle seeks to exact his revenge for Renton's betrayal in the first film.

Watch it now on Netflix. This is without doubt one of the best children's films of the s.

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Stop reading. Danny DeVito is at his ludicrous, comic best, while Mara Wilson is a perfect fit for the understated but mischievous lead role. Roma , Alfonso Cuaron's newest release since Gravity in , is very different from any film he's made before. Set against the backdrop of unrest in Mexico City in the early 's, the film follows Cleo Yalitizio Aparicia , who works as a housekeeper for a young, well-off family.

The specificity of the film arises from Cuaron's direction, as the film is based on the life of the nanny who raised him, Libo, and much of the mis-en-scene in the film is actually from his childhood. While the film is in black and white, and entirely in Chilango Spanish, it's incredibly moving and absorbing, especially given how gorgeous the cinematography and direction is.

Fans of Cuaron who have watched Gravity or Children of Men might be surprised, but this side of Cuaron is worth watching, and Roma is already generating Oscars buzz. A lot is expected from each new Coen brothers film. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is something slightly different — but it still delivers. The movie is a set of six Wild West short stories. Each tale is about 15 minutes long, has its own cast and isn't connected to any of the others. The entire package is entertaining and the stories are well-told. By the time it finishes, you'll be wanting more. Prepare yourself for a marathon.

All three of the Lord of the Rings films have been added to Netflix's catalogue. Totalling almost nine and a half hours for the theatrical versions the three movies are the definitive screenplay telling of J. Tolkien's action-packed trilogy. Despite the first of the series — The Fellowship of the Ring — first being released in , none of the movies have aged in a away that decreases their brilliance.

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As he makes more money and his lifestyle races to catch up, he sets up a firm, Stratton Oakmont in the early s and starts to swindle wealthy financiers out of their fortunes, even as the authorities close in. It's all the more compelling because the film is based on the memoirs of the real-life Jordan Belfort, who is now a motivational speaker.

Written and directed by Taylor Sheridan, Wind River is a tense drama set in the snowy depths of Wyoming and forms part of his 'frontier trilogy', which also features Sicario and Hell of High Water. Jeremy Renner plays a hunter who discovers the body of a young Native American woman, a friend to his own daughter who died in mysterious circumstances several years earlier.

It's an absorbing drama where the location is as much a character as the actors. Head here to watch it. Ralph Fiennes stars as Gustave H, the eccentric concierge of a hotel in a fictional European country between the first and second World Wars. When Gustave becomes implicated in a bizarre murder plot, he turns to his lobby boy Tony Revolori for help. Director Wes Anderson ramps his distinctive directorial style all the way up in this comedy which alternates between being bewitchingly beautiful and absurdly funny.

He falls in love with Carrie, played by a charming Andie McDowell, an American who has to return home soon after they meet. Look on helplessly as Mark Zuckerberg unleashes The Facebook on an unsuspecting world. Jesse Eisenberg gives an uncanny portrayal — both physically and behaviourally — of Zuck, the flawed entrepreneur.

And, as the horror unfolds, you realise that Facebook's unstoppable rise was pretty much all your fault. Such is his dedication to the character that at times his acting is more possession than portrayal. It's utterly uncanny. The film itself follows one of the most intense and remarkable periods of Capote's life as he begins the process of researching his landmark novel In Cold Blood. Marge Gunderson is a small town Minnesotan cop who has a problem.

Her town, Fargo, has been hit by some rare murders. What's worse, one of the bodies is a state police officer. Two other witnesses are also dead. We recently sat down with the pair to talk about the film, and how spending hours together on set turned them into the best of friends. Meryl Streep is generally cited as one of the greatest actors of our time. How do you screw up a set piece as foolproof as Dave Bautista versus Iko Uwais? Early last month, we spoke with chef chocolatier Amanda Lauder of The Ganachery at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando about taking iconic Disney characters and turning them into works of chocolate art.

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Every week brings a new crop of them, opening in multiplexes and arthouse theaters across the nation, and arriving in increasingly high volumes on streaming platforms like Netflix. Club comes in. The first week of every …. And whenever the forces of the Upside Down marshal anew, the question is raised: What fondly remembered pop culture from the era will…. We sat down with the prolific character actress to talk about what it means to work with woman filmmakers in Hollywood.

Studio executives probably lie awake at night, wishing something like The Sound Of Music would fall into their laps. There was plenty of reason to think the movie might be a success. We sat down with May to talk about her process for creating costumes for Clueless that have become iconic. Ahead of its release tomorrow, we sat down with star Himesh Patel to talk about the film, working…. Eleven years and 23 movies in, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is primarily about itself: a chronicle of major events and minor wisecracks high on its own world-building. Some individual MCU projects assert their own thematic or stylistic concerns, but it appears increasingly difficult to escape the gravitational pull….


Cameron Scheetz sat down with producer Derek Frey to talk about the film, and how the Dumbo team designed the theme park in the film, Dreamland. The A.

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All these years later, The Sound Of Music remains one of the world's favorite things. Tom Breihan. Maiden brings to life a true story of round-the-world maritime adventure. Allison Shoemaker. Jesse Hassenger. Midsommar is a deranged and funny! The lo-fi comedy The Plagiarists has a deceptive literary twist Ignatiy Vishnevetsky.