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So much love for this retro-fantasy cover. So much. The hero is actually a dragon when he meets the heroine! Things get a bit wild though when a bunch of other dragons show up to finish what they started, and Marina finds herself plunged into a new, miraculous, and dangerous world.

All LGBT Characters in the “Dragon Age” Video Game Series

Kaden knows better. When he gets exiled to the human realm he heads straight for the driest, hottest, and emptiest place he can find. But as Terrie and Kaden deal with the attraction blazing between them, events take a dangerous turn.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Gay Iron Bull Romance (HD)

This one I am really excited about. Two dragons are always better than one! She takes shelter with the super sexy Kylan and his partner Dillon, only to find herself once again in the hands of dragons. And these two have something far less deadly than sacrifice on their minds. Gena Showalter is something of a Paranormal Romance queen, and given her diverse backlist I was hardly surprised to see her turn up in my search for dragon shifter romance novels.

The first book of her Atlantis series drops heroine Grace Carlyle deep in the jungle, searching for her missing brother. What she finds is something else entirely. Atlantis, land of legend, and home to mythical creatures of all shapes and sizes. Including Darius en Kragin, the dragon tasked with guarding Atlantis and killing anyone who finds their way there.

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The dragon hero in this one? He hoards knowledge! Enter Arthur MacArthur did you laugh at his name? Trouble sparks when Arthur realizes that not only is he attracted to Bertie, but Bertie seems more than willing to add Arthur to his collection of treasures. Take a break. Get a drink.


And remember, this list represents only a small portion of a vast treasure trove of dragon shifter romance novels available for your delectation and delight! People raising dragon eggs in their navels? All this fire breathing? Your excruciatingly lame dragon jokes? I was raised to defend the innocent and protect the secret … Read more. Carter Falon is content living a quiet life in a small town caring for his … Read more.

All LGBT Characters in the “Dragon Age” Video Game Series | LevelSkip

His only hope is an exiled wizard who lives in seclusion—and is … Read more. Jackson Marsh has a new gay historical mystery out, book one in the Clearwater Mysteries: Deviant Desire.

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The Victorian East End lives in fear of the Ripper and his mission to kill rent boys. Silas Hawkins, nineteen and forging a life on the streets could well be the next victim, but when he meets Archer, … Read more. MCs: a quiet boarding-house keeper and one of his lodgers, a taxonomist. MCs: a grumpy, unscrupulous, street-smart private eye think: Olivia Pope in s London who grew up in the slums and despises nobility and a retired and very proper soldier who craves order and predicability.

Rep: disabled MC. Rep: bisexual, polyamorous MC. Rep: black genderqueer MC. Rep: trans MC, bisexual MC. MCs: an NFL player, widower, and single dad raising his teenage son and a ballet dancer from Russia seeking asylum in the U.

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Rep: gay MCs. MCs: a shy twenty-something with social anxiety who lives alone and works at a soda fountain and a loud, outgoing sort-of-hipster.

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Rep: neurodivergent MC. MCs: a freelance writer who returns to town where he grew up to give himself and his teenage daughter a fresh start and his childhood best friend, who has just moved back in with his parents after his alcohol addiction sent his life into a downward spiral. Rep: trans MC. Rep: biracial MC.

MCs: a bipolar writer, once well-regarded, who now writes crime fiction and mostly keeps to himself and a party boy and aspiring model who surrounds himself with people and lights. Rep: bisexual MC.