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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Similarly we wonder whether a near-death accident in childhood, one that was marked by severe head trauma, affected Jeffrey T. Johnson, a. Is that possible? So often we focus on the mental conditions and environmental stressors that may have influenced the perpetrators of horrendous violence.

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Likewise, in the immediate aftermath of a horrific event—be it violence, an accident, or a devastating natural disaster—the media reports on the nightmares, sleeplessness, anxiety, and other classic sequelae experienced by the trauma survivors. Some 90 percent of us will experience at least one traumatic event during our lives, and no two of us will react or recover if at all in the same way.

Resilient individuals who do recover typically employ one or more coping mechanisms to help them process the crisis and even become stronger for it. Drawing on social networks, emulating role models, and facing your fears are among the most successful strategies for fostering resilience in times of adversity.

Humans are biologically wired to bond with one another.

The group mapped out the alphabet in a grid of five columns and five rows, and each letter was represented by a series of taps: first for the row one tap meant row one and then the column three taps meant third column. Using this auditory alphabet, the so-called Tap Code, the group painstakingly spelled out messages to one another, offering one another information and plotting out resistance strategies.

It was also an essential tool for preserving their sanity. Indeed, one study of nearly 2, Vietnam veterans showed that those with low social supports—few friends or family members to rely on, or safety-net organizations to turn to—were over 2. Strong members of social networks may also become role models whose coping strategies are worth imitating.

Imitation is one of the earliest and most powerful learning techniques we learn in life. While role models may be people we know personally, they can also be famous people, legendary members of our own family tree, or individuals we observe at a distance. Using imaging technology, scientists have found that when a role model performs a positive behavior, both the observer and the role model experience activity in the same region of the brain. Studies along these lines point to the possibility of mirror neurons that help facilitate social interactions by promoting shared understanding.

We might select some of our role models because they appear to be able to do something we cannot do, and that is facing our fears. Avoiding them—for example, never going to the movies again for fear of being shot—can greatly reduce your quality of life and sometimes your circle of support. Al DeAngelis is one individual who wasted no time in facing his fears. He and his friends went on their first-ever skydiving excursion on Memorial Day The rickety plane they were in became airborn and then made a crash landing in a nearby field.

Miraculously, everyone on board survived.

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Most left the area to put the scene behind them, but DeAngelis joined the next skydiving plane and successfully faced his fears. New memories are at first malleable before a synthesis of proteins encode them for long-term memory. Acting on instinct, DeAngelis took advantage of this period to alter the memory in its malleable state before it moved into long-term storage. This helped him get over his fear as soon as possible, but new research shows that even long-term memories can be altered. Every time the memory is recalled, a brief malleable period ensues and the memory could be updated and transformed.

While most of us will not experience trauma such as a plane crash, the Aurora shootout, or even extreme natural disasters, crisis can take many different forms, including long-term unemployment, chronic illness, homelessness, or divorce. Given the overwhelming odds that we will someday need to bounce back and move on, it is important to actively think about the importance of resilience even when everything appears to be going well. Dennis S. He is also coauthor, along with Steven M. Cheryl De Jong-Lambert is a writer and editor. You lead a team of talented individuals.

Everyone has their quirks, of course, but Jack is the team member who gives you the most problems. Jack is a star performer and often has great ideas, but he constantly pushes back against your authority.

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  • At first glance, rebels might seem to be nothing but trouble. However, when managed correctly, they can be a valuable asset to both teams and organizations. Rebels can make things happen — they bring about change, and can even transform entire organizations. Rebels tend not to be afraid of risk or hard work either. After all, innovation can stagnate when people get too comfortable. Use the strategies below to help rebels live up to their positive potential, and to restore harmony in your team.

    They want to bring about change, but they have hit a brick wall. Instead of channeling their emotions into positive change, these rebels complain, break rules, and argue with team members. Other rebels are more positive. Some rebels have more complex motivations for their behavior. Invite your rebel to tell you, in private, what he wants to say in public.

    If your rebel is causing negativity, then you must ensure that she understands the consequences of her behavior. Then restate where the boundaries in your organization lie. Note 2: Rebels may also try to take advantage of your insecurities or gaps in your knowledge. If a conversation with your rebel reveals this, treat it as a wake-up call. How can you address your confidence issues, or update your knowledge? Your rebel likely wants to change things — so give him a chance to do that.

    Assign him a project to solve a specific problem. Encourage your rebel to use the project to find a balance between getting what he wants and working with the status quo. What difficulties did he come up against? What tactics did he use to overcome them? According to this research, rebels are most motivated by the ability to make a difference in their organization. Begin by simply asking your rebel about her ideas more often.

    Encourage your rebel to think her ideas through and to put together business cases before proposing them. Rebels can get frustrated with members of the team who are reluctant to change. This can make them speak harshly to colleagues or drive them to push ahead on initiatives before others — including you — have discussed and accepted their ideas. Over time, rebels can become unpopular in the office. First, let your rebel know how much you appreciate his input — but remind him that that no one gets far alone.

    If your rebel is inspired by a particular business leader, remind him that it probably took this person years — and many setbacks — to achieve his goals. Remind him that the most powerful change of all — and the one that will help him achieve more in the long run — is learning to manage his own behavior. However, they can also upset colleagues and bend rules to pursue their own goals. View original post altre parole.


    Etichettato Cambiamento , Change , Cultura organizzativa , Evidence-based health care , Innovazione , Leadershp in medicina , Medical education. In the last 40 years, the health of Europeans overall has improved markedly, yet progress has been very uneven from country to country. Now a new study, Successes and Failures of Health Policy in Europe: Four Decades of Divergent Trends and Converging Challenges, draws on decades of research to examine the impact health policy has had on population health in Europe.

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    It asks key and incisive questions about mortality trends and health policy activity and seeks to evaluate the most effective policy for the kinds of challenges Europe has faced. Edited by Johan P. Mackenbach and Martin McKee, and based on the latest evidence-based research, this volume is an important read for policy-makers and those working in healthcare as professionals, researchers or students. It can be ordered here:. Etichettato Cambiamento , Change , Cultura organizzativa , Hospital management , Innovazione , Leadershp in medicina , Medical education.

    This control freak is reluctant to delegate, may second-guess everything you do, and can shake your confidence in your own abilities. Simple tasks that you could accomplish quickly if left to your own devices take twice as long. Your efforts may be reduced to dust as the micromanager completely re-does your work. The entire album is written and performed by me and recorded on my Mac in our back room. So if you don't like it, well that'll be down to me. Dean Omori. Art of protest Hello world This website is here for two reasons: Firstly to promote the new album I have recently written and recorded and will be available from 1st October as a free download.

    It is neither religious nor political but it stands to one side with art and justice when our humanity is in question. Secondly it is my voice in the art of protest.

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    To make something beautiful and challenging and at the same time envoke a movement based on growth and not violence. And there to hopefully work at our collective consciences into standing up for what is right, never again to allow wars to wash over us ever so lightly. To ask why it is as people we seem to have lost the need for protest, for revolution. Where once the soul of our nation could be gauged by its youth, on campus, in streets; by their anger, their defiance and for their fight for what is just, in the face of what is so obviously wrong in the world. Where today our only concerns seem to be media fed on what it is we are all being told we believe in.

    The policies of this new world appear to be based on money and self-importance regardless the suffering and humiliation of others.

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