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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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The space-made human creatures. Female extraterrestrial goddesses created us, not Jehovah, God or Allah.

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Volume 3 out of 3 vol. It contains: 1. The genetic composition of Abel. The afrit, Djins and evil spirits. Contacting the alternate realities. Secret calendar of the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki Miraya and opening the Conduit. Book 1 of a set of 2 volumes. Maximillien de Lafayette who has studied with the Anunnaki-Ulema for 50 years, takes us on an unprecedented tour to the hidden world of Anunnaki and his teachers the Anunnaki-Ulema and Enlightened Masters. He describes in detail, what he saw, what he learned, and what he is allowed to tell us, and plenty he did.

The book explains in a plain language the secrets, mysteries and secret teachings of the Masters. Who created the Anunnaki extraterrestrial race and when? Physical description of the early human beings, and various quasi-human species. How the Anunnaki monitor extraterrestrials and the Grays. The Anunnaki versus the Grays.

Magnificent stories about the supernatural powers of the Anunnaki-Ulema. Baalbeck: The Anunnaki underground city of the Afrits, Djinns and entities of the underworld. Jesus did not die on the cross. Book 2 of a set of 2 volumes. Lafayette who has studied with the Anunnaki-Ulema for 50 years, takes us on an unprecedented tour to the hidden world of Anunnaki and his teachers the Anunnaki-Ulema. He describes in detail, what he saw, learned, and what he is allowed to tell us. The book explains the secrets, mysteries and secret teachings of the Masters.

Can we enter the 4th Dimension? Extraterrestrials shape-shifting. Messages sent to the Conduit. How to read them? What do we see in the First stage of the Afterlife? Entities and Djinns Created by the Anunnaki. Evolution of extraterrestrials and human races. Dividing lines of multiple and parallel dimensions, here on Earth.

Do the extraterrestrial Anunnaki practice sex? How do they reproduce? How did the Grays master the longevity technique in their genetic labs? Hybrids among us? Anunnaki Stargates over New York and Chicago. Beyond the Third Eye and Toward the Oneness. The book that millions were waiting for! For almost 40 years, people Students and Masters around the world asked the mystic Ulema, Maximillien de Lafayette to teach them how to Open the Conduit.

They have been waiting and waiting for decades. But now, the time has come, and finally, they will have the opportunity to open their Conduit. Unquestionably, this book will change your life for ever. It gives you lots of opportunities and means to reach a high level of awareness, and succeed in many of your endeavors, activities, and plans for the present and the future, using Anunnaki-Ulema techniques that they were shrouded in secrecy for 6, years.

It includes a step-by-step illustrated techniques, with dozens of sketches and photos to show you how you can open the Conduit and discover your powerful Supersymetric Mind, and Khateyn Tarika, the 2 invisible etheric lines bordering your body, that shape your health, success, happiness, and events in your future. Part of the contents Easy exercise to enhance your intelligence. All humans have more than one brain.

Discover the other! And use it to succeed in your business and rapports with others. How to open and activate the Conduit; the most powerful supernatural powers tool in the universe. Protect yourself against people entering your physical, mental, and spiritual zones. Technique for cleansing and strengthening your mental powers.

Anunnaki-Ulema La-abrida instrument to foresee the future; its mode of operation. Can we use this instrument to change our future? Discover the invisible lines and frontiers that link you to other dimensions. Yes, of course, enlightenment could be achieved using alternative methods and paths, as explained by Brahmans, Lamas, Gurus, Swamis, Senseis, spiritual guides, and others.

Your mind is a magnificent tool, a superb machine, an unimaginable instrument you can use to solve lots of problems on so many levels, to strengthen your faith in yourself, and to reach for the stars. Maximillien de Lafayette who has studied with the Anunnaki-Ulema for 50 years, takes us on an unprecedented tour to the hidden and extraordinary world of the Anunnaki and his teachers the Anunnaki-Ulema and Enlightened Masters.

The book explains in a plain language the mind-bending secrets, mysteries and secret teachings of the Masters. Evolution of the extraterrestrials and the human races. The dividing lines of multiple and parallel dimensions.

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Are these lines a doorway to another life, or simply, a stargate? Is it true the Grays have mastered the longevity technique, and applied it to the hybrids races they created in their genetic labs? The habitat of the Hybrids. Where does the hybrids race live? On Earth, underwater, or as many have said, they live among us, and we have never noticed their presence? Volume 1 and Volume 2. A later version in Anakh-Pro-Ugaritic appeared three thousand years later.

The book includes: Do we have one future or multiple futures? Are we trapped in this life? Are we the slaves of a Supreme Creator?. Can we change our future and create our own destiny, without upsetting God? Can Bakht reading help us free ourselves and learn about our future?

Extraterrestres et OVNI : les dieux venus du ciel ! Prédateurs ou sauveurs ?

How can I find my true name Code ; the one the Anunnaki gave me before I was born? Techniques and chart for the best time to read your future Recommended days and hours for reading your Bakht The book has a complete Tarot deck, and shows you how to use it. Is it true some places or neighborhoods bring bad luck? The deck will tell you. Is it true bad spirits can manifest themselves while reading the Bakht?

What do I need to put exactly in the Bakht reading to find out information about a person I am interested in? I want to know everything about that person? Is it possible? It was published eight times, and took the world of occult and esoterica by storm. Although it was abundant with easy to follow lessons and information, and written in a simple language, many readers could not digest everything they read in the book. So, we decided to republish the book as a series of 15 booklets, each one containing only one technique.

In this manner, the readers will fully concentrate on each technique without feeling lost in the immensity of information and abundance of concepts they are not familiar with. This booklet is the 4th tome of the series. This series constitutes the whole body of esoteric and metaphysical techniques and lessons that appeared in the "Book of Ramadosh". It is composed from two words: a-Bisho, which means bad; negative. Negativity is atrociously destructive. It affects your mind, your body, your relationships with others, and your very environment.

Negativity comes from three sources: 1-Others; their thoughts, intentions, and actions, 2-Yourself; your thoughts, intentions, and deeds, 3-Your environment; where and how you live. Contemporary Ulema have found that negative vibrations and transmission of negative energy rays vary in intensity and degree of harm in virtue of many factors. Pets provide therapeutic and curing vibes. However, if these people are going through intense rage or anger state, pets should not be left around them.

The most important aspects and characteristic features of the Anunnaki and extraterrestrials. Book 3 Numerous historians believe that the site of Baalbeck dates back 4, years, B. The Arabs believed that Baalbeck was rebuilt by the legendary Nimrod, who once ruled this area of Phoenicia Modern day Lebanon.

According to an ancient Arabic manuscript found at Baalbeck, Nimrod sent a fleet of giants to rebuild Baalbeck, three months after the Flood. According to a third legend, Cain, the son of Adam, built Baalbeck as his last refuge after his God Yahweh put a curse on him. Baalbeck was the original space mission center of the Anunnaki. Today, a launching pad for extraterrestrial spaceships is still visible at Baalbeck nearby the Temple of Jupiter. Later on in history, Baalbeck became a major occult and a healing center visited by many kings and emperors.

Attracted by its beauty and supernatural properties, the Roman emperor Augustus made Baalbeck a Roman colony and a major oracles shrine. Baalbeck: The Anunnakis City and Afrit Undergound The most important aspects and characteristic features of the Anunnaki and extraterrestrials. According to Ulema literature, Baalbeck is one of the oldest habitats on earth, built by the early Phoenicians and the Anunnaki during their first and second landings on Earth.

The booklet discusses Baalbeck as the city of gods, Biblical figures, and the Djinns. Gilgamesh, Al Arz, Baalbeck and immortality. And a most unusual visit to the underground city of the Djinn and Afrit. Available in 2 separate volumes and Mega Book 2 Volumes in one. It was said, "A picture is worth a thousand words.

But what if a picture is hard to understand or does not explain what we are looking at? This happens quite often in the vast literature and history of ancient civilizations. Especially, when the inscriptions on or under the pictures or illustrations are written in a language we do not understand, such as Cuneiform, Ugaritic, Akkadian, Sumerian, Phoenician, and similar writing systems of the ancient Middle and Near East. And in many instances, no pertaining inscriptions or texts were ever provided to explain what the statues, figurines, slabs and tablets represent.

To fully understand the scriptures, texts, epics and literature of Mesopotamia, Sumer, Assyria, Chaldea, Phoenicia, Ugarit, and the Anunnaki, one must become familiar with the meaning Hidden or revealed of the inscriptions, the symbolism camouflaged in intricate details, and the religious-artistic-philosophical nuances of the art of the era. This book was written in order to deal with and to explain all these concerns, and above all to provide the readers with sufficient guidance, translation and explanation of major archeological finds, ranging from a figurine to a massive monument.

Or get it in 2 separate volumes in Kindle Edition. Fully Indexed. Volume II. Based on the original work, writings and lectures of Ulema de Lafayette from to the present. Each artifact is described, translated and explained. A major masterpiece! The world's first documentation on the existence of the extraterrestrial gods who created our civilizations.

This book was written to deal with and to explain all the meanings, mysteries and secrets of ancient civilizations connected with the Anunnaki, and to provide the readers with sufficient guidance, translation and explanation of major archeological finds, ranging from a figurine to a massive monument. Part 3: The last volume of the series. Partial contents: Techniques for bringing good luck to your life. Our life and destiny are governed by the general rules of the universe.

How to understand these rules and use them to our advantage. Rizmanah; the calendar or our bad days and good luck. What we should and should not do on these days. Techniques for removing our bad luck. Daily charts of the good hours and bad hours in your life, around the clock. Charts of the bad hours in your life, around the clock. Maps of cities, streets and neighborhoods that have negative currents and bad energy. Part 2 Volume 2 includes: Sources and levels of energy and vibrations 1. We are surrounded by energy and vibes. Who emits bad vibes that could disrupt the normal rhythm of our life, cause lots of damages, and bring bad luck?

Corrupt and deceitful politicians and preachers. People who display anger, verbal abuse, violence, and cruelty toward animals, as well as tyrants and bullying bosses Employers. Underachievers, bitter, cowards, employees with weak personality, people with low self-esteem, stubborn, and lazy. Pushers and distributors of narcotics, drugs and various addictive substances. Materialistic, greedy and selfish people.

Specific places and areas that emit bad vibes that could negatively affect our life, business, health, and luck. Learn the secret technique developed by the Anunnaki- Ulema, centuries ago, that enabled them to read the thoughts, intentions, and feelings of others.

An Alien Perspective of the Earth 外星人 前景

Technique for learning from sensing the vibrations of objects. Technique to discover days and hours that have good energy and bad energy, and how they affect your life, business, and success. Technique for reversing the flux of bad energy, bad days, and bad hours. Grid 3: Calendar of your lucky hour. The 17 lucky years in your life. The eight unlucky years in your life. Powers and weaknesses of your name. How can you find your true name Code ; the one the Anunnaki gave me before you were born. How to protect yourself against others bad vibes and vicious plans.

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Esoteric-mental practices to test your psychic ability. Everything around you affects your life, negatively or positively, and this includes, pets, people, objects, plants, the way your home is designed, absolutely everything. You might not know that some people, including good buddies and friends can bring you bad luck, and prevent you from succeeding in life. This book will tell you everything about these topics, and teach you how to change your life to better, and head toward success. Ruhaniyiin, Sahiriin, and Anunnaki Ulema taught us that the human body is a depot of everything that constitutes a person.

It is not only a physical organism, but a container of all aspects of a person, mentally, physically, spiritually, and metaphysically. People who hate your guts, those who envy your success, those who love to see you broke and miserable, and individuals who are mentally and spiritually bankrupt can cause you harm, just by thinking about hurting you. No, they are not masters of the power of mind, or great psychics. They are just bad people with strong negative vibes that you are sensible and sensitive to. Sometimes, dear friends, siblings, and relatives can do the same thing, without knowing, because they are not aware of the functioning of their Jabas.

Their bitterness, loneliness, financial insecurity, and negativity can disrupt the normal rhythm of your life, if they are around you. This is an absolute fact.


Some people who, just by entering your room, and without touching anything, doing anything, or saying anything, can blow up your oven, freeze your computer, and even damage your health. Their negative vibes are causing all this. You should be very careful when you are around people, and vice-versa.

Some areas and neighborhoods are good for you, others awfully bad, for everything you do, including your health, relations with others, work and anything related to your present and future. You should know about these positive and negative zones, places, and neighborhoods. You will find in this book, lists and addresses of some of these locations of these areas, as well as, maps reflecting the underground positive and negative currents that have major effects on you and your life in general 3-Do you feel unlucky? They try hard to come up with something that could change their lives to better, feel secure, but they always fail, despite their hard efforts, good intentions, and perseverance.

No matter what they do, there is no light at the end of the tunnel? How do we explain this? Is it bad luck? Bad karma? Bad planning?

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The wrong time? The wrong place? Or something else? This book is a masterpiece!! Anunnaki Ulema: Origin, Classes and Stories of their Extraordinary Powers The most important aspects and characteristic features of the Anunnaki and extraterrestrials. The book includes: 1. Categories, classes and levels of the Anunnaki Ulema. They were gigantic, and extraordinarily strong. The Emim were feared by the Phoenicians and the Hebrews. According to the Anunnaki-Ulema, the Emim were the first extraterrestrials to shape-shift.

Their physical eyes are used to perceive dimensional objects. The process is created by the mind. Gizzidu-ra: Gizzidu-ra is a chapter in the Book of Ramadosh, which explains our religions link to the Anunnaki, and describes the traits of the Anunnaki gods and goddesses. The chapter tells us that everything started with the Anunnaki who have created on Earth, religions, priesthood hierarchy, and worship rituals. The Conduit, once activated can produce supernatural powers and faculties. This could have influenced an ancient tradition created by the Jewish scribes, since earliest times, who had to purify their body before adding the name of God into the Torah.

Nephilim As Fallen Angels. Anunnaki, Phoenicians, and the concept of God. Rephaim or Rpum. The Rephaim in the Bible. Various meanings in different ancient texts and religions. Angels of God in the Judeo-Christian scriptures and ancient religions. Unusual deeds of the Anunnaki-Ulema. Anunnaki-Ulema, Grand Master Li. Anunnaki-Ulema Cheik Al Huseini. Anunnaki-Ulema Rabbi Mordechai. Stories about the Anunnaki-Ulema. Master Li calming down a cobra in the street of Benares.

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  8. Making a bird from paper. Master Li feeding the fish and birds with food that came from nowhere. The Tuareg and the magic cup. To the Present Day The most important aspects and characteristic features of the Anunnaki and extraterrestrials. It includes: 1-Anunnaki chronology and their time on Earth since1, The Anunnaki Ulema Book of Enlightenment: Metaphysical study of the path of wisdom and esoteric knowledge Series:The most important aspects and characteristic of the Anunnaki and extraterrestrials.

    The Anunnaki Matrix. Its mysteries and mind blowing revelations. Man-made humans and reverse engineering of the human brain. Contact with extraterrestrials in Tips for creating a healthy environment in our homes, offices and wherever we live. How small things around us affect our health and success in life and business. The righteous people will be reunited with their loved ones including their pets in the afterlife. In the afterlife, the mental punishment is as real as the physical punishment.

    Entering a different dimension while you are still alive. Preparing yourself to enter the other world while you are still alive. This is what you will see first, when you enter the other world. Entering a different dimension after you have passed away. On the position of a widow meeting multiple husbands in the afterlife.

    The first stage of the afterlife during the 40 day period following death. Learning from our Double and acquiring supernatural faculties. Contacting the dead through your Double. Learning how to communicate with your Double. There is no reincarnation of bodies or souls on Earth. Reincarnation in the after-life. Do we live in dimensions according to what the Anunnaki have created? The Conduit links us to the entire knowledge of the universe. Baab: The Anunnaki Stargate The most important aspects and characteristic features of the Anunnaki and extraterrestrials.

    Definition, and Etymology. Metaphysical religious and mythological stargates. Our universe has some extra dimensions. Manipulating multidimensional time enables reaching speed much faster than light. Anunnaki can go back in the past and bring over people from other times. Will you be there when the Anunnaki return to earth?

    What are you chances of meeting an Anunnaki? Hidden entrances to other worlds and dimensions, right here on Earth. Do UFOs and extraterrestrials use galactic entrances and space-time corridors to enter and exit our world? Entrance to the next-life. Entrance to the fourth dimension. Entrance to the parallel dimension. What kind of clean and efficient energy systems, and modes of transportation will the Anunnaki introduce after ? Stargate over Chicago and New York.

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    Questions 8: Where exactly is it located, and what does it look like? What are the signs that people will see in the skies the day before the Anunnaki return, and where will they be seen? The whole truth about Nibiru Ne. Ru-Ashtari: How the Anunnaki live on their planet. Book 5, from the Series: The most important aspects and characteristic of the Anunnaki and extraterrestrials. Length: pages.

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    In fact, the exact opposite may be more accurate. It appears that cannabis can actually help people stop us […]. So where do we go when we die? I guess this is the question we all want the answer to, and indeed we should. Because inner-standing the vastness and complexity to this Matrix construct and how it operates can only serve to shield and protect ourselves when we do inevitably reach that point.

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