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Feb 18, Silme rated it liked it. I've read other books belonging to the genre of "gunpowder fantasy", and i consider the ones from the "Powder mages serie" amongst my favorites fantasy novels of recent post publication. There was magic, there was military mayhem, war, treachery, love and unforgettable characters. The Cerberus rebellion feels noticeably different, in my opinion, and it's not so a good thing. First of all: fantasy. There are strange lands, with exotic names. There are elves few but you could easily forget I've read other books belonging to the genre of "gunpowder fantasy", and i consider the ones from the "Powder mages serie" amongst my favorites fantasy novels of recent post publication.

There are elves few but you could easily forget them if the author from time to time does'nt remember they beeing really old.

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Sure there are griffins, plunging on the enemy soldiers from above about at three quarters of the plot, but they don't give you the sensation of "oh crap a huge fantasy beast is feasting on those poor guys". They could be large eagles, large hunting dogs There is even magic: basically one character uses it a couple of times. No fireballs, no complicated enchanting, not even the strange and subtle powder-trance of the above mentioned books from McClellan. Magic does not affect the plot, if not by saving one of the characters from beeing hacked in pieces by a platoon of enemies.

The whole setting is a little bit blurry and unfocused: for example there are trains, supposedly coal powered? The characters are Let's say that i really did'nt got any affection to any of them. They were too little "alive", too sketchy. The best thing about this book is the military know-how: regiments and division manouver on the field, making flanking, cover fire, charges, trenching and using artillery in realistic way.

The armies take a lot of casualties, the battlefield is littered of bodies. It's real war, won or lost using terrain, reinforcements and a good timing. So in the end i liked it: it's a good book about war in the gunpowder age, with a hint of "fantasy". If only i could feel a little of fear seeing the main characters charging in the middle of a gunfire volley This is a very crowded canvas that the author has unfolded before us.

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Otherwise, there is general confusion, caused and compounded by a plethora of names. By default, Eadric is the main character even though others appear more interesting; none of them develop. The nobles shift alliances guided by wisdom on the order of "You don't want to marry your heir to a house that you do not want to one day rule. The nobility have some delineation--greater lords, lesser lords, etc.

The language definitely needs work. Mar 15, Kuido rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This title falls into the category of gunpowder fantasy, as you can probably tell from the subtitle. The genre is not so heavily populated, but unfortunately this is really not the best example if you are just getting started.

The writing is rather clunky, there's an overabundance of descriptions of all sorts. Every time some people enter enter the scene, all their names and titles are listed whether they matter or not. Instead of "a group of nobles entered the room. Then there's the story. Now this is of course just my taste, but I couldn't find a simple character to sympathize with.

I'm not sure if this was the author's intention to just tell the realistic story where there are no heroes and to show that even the seemingly noble causes are undertaken by people who are not necessarily defined as good or unselfish. At first, it seemed like the Western nobles were supposed to be good guys. But that quickly degenerated into various power plays and greediness. You could sympathize with the Kerberosi - living under the yoke of the conquerors, but really, it was their own fault.

If you go and try to invade someone then you can hardly complain when the tables are turned. Even so I could've liked the book a bit more if the rebellion didn't get crushed. If I really wanted to read a book which story I didn't like and with characters I don't care for I'd continue with Steven Erikson's Malazan series. At least the writing was better. Why 2 stars then? Well, because there are no half stars and I would have given 1,5 for the imagination and the basic plot. I don't normally read "war" novels. But the premise of this one with "griffins and gunpowder" intrigued me.

I was pleasantly pleased with the book.

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  • October | | Gunpowder Fantasy.

It was fairly easy to read, although the descriptions of so many of the characters got a bit monotonous. I was highly amused of the coincidence of names of people I actually know. I'm guessing it's purely coincidental as I don't believe the author knows the same people I do.

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I have already recommended the book to others and plan to continue. Well don I don't normally read "war" novels. Well done!

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Cerberus Rebellion is a science fiction piece set in a land filled with mythical griffins, elves, and nobles trying their best to rule. I don't always read science fiction, but this one caught my eye and held my attention. With palpable tension between the nations and the action of war, this story is fantastic. I found the writing to flow smooth and easy, and the lyrical words kept the read going.

Gunpowder Fantasy

Johnson has a vivid imagination, and his images have come alive on the page. I'd recommend this Cerberus Rebellion is a science fiction piece set in a land filled with mythical griffins, elves, and nobles trying their best to rule. I'd recommend this read for anyone who can set reality aside and travel into a world we can only dream of. This was a fantastical war novel that caught my attention with its "Griffins and Gunpowder" heading.

October | | Gunpowder Fantasy

There were many epic battles fought with sword and guns and flights on Griffins that later continued on trains. It was hard to wrap my head around the anachronisms but incredibly enjoyable. Like a giant game of fantasy Risk. I will definitely read another book in the series.

Gunpowder Fantasy

Good but not great I enjoyed the book but thought the story lacked a certain depth and detail. It was not easy to keep track of characters and locations. Marcel S rated it really liked it May 26, Carl Hoss rated it liked it Mar 02, Lope Nieves rated it liked it Apr 30, Freddiea rated it it was amazing May 19, Brian Q rated it liked it Jan 29, Brown rated it really liked it Aug 18, Alexander Grafen rated it it was amazing Nov 16, Rachel rated it it was amazing Oct 25, Jono Hakes rated it did not like it Jan 25, Ed marked it as to-read Sep 17, Kristian marked it as to-read Oct 08, Sadie Forsythe marked it as to-read Oct 26, Christopher Grunden marked it as to-read Nov 01, Deb marked it as to-read Dec 05, Trystan Vikar marked it as to-read Mar 24, Tywyll marked it as to-read Apr 03, May marked it as to-read Apr 17, Find out more about OverDrive accounts.

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