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How to use this index: Poems are cited by first line as it appears in the manuscripts as given as well as when it is incomplete and ends imperfectly. When the first line of a partial poem is not metrically complete, the citation also includes the next succeeding line.

Series: Zephyr Hollis

Poems found incomplete in Houghton manuscripts are thus marked in the index. First lines are alphabetized word for word, including definite and indefinite articles. For alphabetization, the first line is usually spelled according to modern orthography; exceptions are Anglo-Saxon verse, where the aesc, eth, thorn, and yok have been transliterated, and Middle English and Scots, which have been copied as they appeared in the manuscripts. Each first line is followed by a Houghton manuscript call number, followed when applicable by a roman numeral to indicate the volume of the manuscript in which the poem appears.

The remaining number indicates the folio, folder, or page in that manuscript. For example, "A Belgian Hanks of noted rank incomplete MS Eng , ii, 56v" means that a partial extract, beginning with that line, will be found in volume ii, folio 56v of MS Eng However, some Houghton manuscripts are not foliated.

For loose leaves, the location of a verse within a manuscript cannot be specified. For bound but unfoliated manuscripts, Seng himself counted the foliation. This index includes manuscripts in the Library's collection that were cataloged at the time Peter Seng compiled it about The index has not been maintained. Additional Description. Arrangement Organized in the following series: I.

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