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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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They solve problems ranging from how to bring up sex discrimination in a work performance review to how to deal with friends that mock your decision to be a stay-at-home dad. This case has everything a noir drama ought to: suspense, deception and plenty of twists. Why You Should Listen: Each season of Dissect breaks down a single album with an episode devoted to each song on that album.

Cuchna scrutinizes rhymes, sounds and themes with the academic diligence one might expect from a PhD. Why You Should Listen: In a world filled with true crime and chat podcasts, new ideas are hard to come by. But Ear Hustle , a podcast about San Quentin prison life made by prisoners, is something wholly new. The stories are intimate and often lighthearted.

It also won best podcast idea at the prestigious Podquest competition last year. Host Ben Brock Johnson and producer Amory Sivertson add new depth to these Internet-famous fables with interviews, narrative arcs and, crucially, their fact-checking abilities. Why You Should Listen: Soccer fans stuck in the states can tune into this podcast and feel transported across the pond.

Twice a week, host Max Rushden who recently replaced the James Richardson and his rotating group of guests discuss Premier League and European soccer.

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The show has a distinctly British sense of humor with the perfect balance of punning and punditry. Are women too compassionate? Is there a masculinity crisis? They invite on experts and guests — many of whom disagree with one another — in an attempt to untangle these knotty problems. Ultimately, the show serves an important purpose: Encouraging men and women to enter a productive dialogue with one another. So Sanders decided to have some hard conversations with white guests about bigotry and how to solve it.

Why You Should Listen: Larry Wilmore has picked up right where his Comedy Central show left off , mixing righteous indignation with a dose of humor and his usual thoughtfulness. Each podcast begins with either a monologue or a casual conversation followed by an interview with a famous guest.

Luckily Wilmore is fluent in a wide array of topics and can talk to anyone, from Forest Whitaker to Katie Couric. Each week , the two culture mavens devour the entertainment news of the week and revisit the cultural touchstones that impacted their lives with guests like Rachel Bloom and Phoebe Robinson. During the final minutes of the show, the hosts and guest rip apart something in pop culture. They have even expanded this segment into a series of delightful live shows, during which dozens of guests each get a minute to go off.

Why You Should Listen: The best biographical podcasts focus not on a person but on what that person represents, and Mogul is the best of the best. The show recounts the life and death of Chris Lighty — who managed Missy Elliott, 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes — and, in doing so, traces the history of hip-hop.

Combat Jack , who passed away last year. Every week , each host shares a personal parenting victory or failure. Like all parents, they have their own opinions and biases. Why You Should Listen: True crime obsessives will love this popular podcast that recaps at least one new crime per podcast, sometimes two. But in making light of the everyday terror of walking through the world as a woman, they flip the narrative of female victimhood on its head.

Rowling made it clear that Dumbledore was gay when she wrote the Harry Potter books or how gay Republicans reconcile their personal and political beliefs. Hosts Tobin Low and Kathy Tu approach each topic with care, beginning in the first episode when they interview their parents about their own coming out stories. Why You Should Listen: Eric Eddings and Brittany Luse, former co-hosts of For Colored Nerds , created a new show to explore stories of blackness, from the history of grape drink to a character analysis of Lawrence on Insecure. Recent impassioned arguments for or against people like Drake and Meghan Markle force listeners to reconsider the cultural influence of certain icons.

Expertly executed by host Brian Reed and his team, S-Town was a massive hit: Listeners downloaded episodes 16 million times in its first week of release.

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  • Why You Should Listen: Slow Burn digs up lesser-known stories from the Watergate scandal, like how the celebrity wife of a Nixon associate tried to blow the whistle on Watergate but was written off as crazy. The show effectively recreates what it felt like to watch President Richard Nixon unravel. Why You Should Listen: A number of political figures have started podcasts. Most are self-promotional and boring. But former U. Bharara, who served under Obama and was fired by Trump last year , uses his new platform to examine social justice and politics.

    Every week he talks with a guest — a politician, an activist, a police commissioner — about issues of fairness and answers listener questions. Host Sean Rameswaram asks questions like, how would Trump launch a nuclear missile?

    ‘Smallville’ Actress Allison Mack Arrested In Sex Trafficking Scheme – Deadline

    The show is moving, surprisingly funny and always cathartic. But the hosts are equally as interested in the politics of sex as they are in their fan fiction about John Cho or Chris Evans. Society has historically pressured women to stay silent about their actual sexual desires and instead act out what men think female desire is. The hosts of this podcast help overthrow those notions with an unapologetic discussion of what they want. Podcasts that tell a single narrative can get dull, but The Truth conjures up a new story each episode.

    With debates raging over confederate statues and an HBO show reimagining an America where slavery is still legal on its way, the lessons of that era still feel relevant. One powerful episode explores how Robert E. The Weeds is different. Those interested in legislation instead of gossip on the Hill should definitely tune in. The hosts beautifully communicate how a tragedy can impact a town and its people in devastating ways. Listen on Audible. After all, these nuptials will upend centuries of British royal traditions.

    Will you will feel guilty for listening in on such intimate details? But the sessions are spellbinding. Dream Eyes , by Jayne Ann Krentz. Gwen knows Evelyn was murdered because Evelyn told Gwen so herself. Now Gwen needs an expert paranormal investigator, and Judson Coppersmith fits the bill.

    Witty and imaginative Krentz creates a perfect fusion of suspense and romance.

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    Evening Stars , by Susan Mallery. Everything but a Groom , by Holly Jacobs. For Better, for Worse , by Elizabeth Jeffrey.

    See a Problem?

    After army captain John dies in WWI, his widow, pregnant Stella, a commoner, is overwhelmed by her Machiavellian in-laws and the grandeur of their estate. For King and Country , by Kate Sedley. Forever and a Day , by Delilah Marvelle. In the first title in her new Rumor series, an incisive tale of social divides set in lower-class New York City, circa , Marvelle brings together down-to-earth Georgia and a Good Samaritan afflicted with amnesia who turns out to be a duke.

    Hell for Leather , by Julie Ann Walker. Walker supercharges her Black Knights series about a Chicago special-ops group working undercover as bikers with this high-action, hilarious, sexy military romance about imperiled bar owner Delilah and Black Knight Mac. Romance superstar Phillips creates a tartly humorous and very sexy variation on the gothic novel, in which quirky Annie Hewitt returns to Peregrin Island to search for her desperately needed inheritance, only to run into Theo Harp, who once tried to kill her.

    Hot Flash , by Kathy Carmichael. Hot Point , by M. How to Handle a Cowboy , by Joanne Kennedy. How to Marry a Duke , by Vicky Dreiling. An enchanting Regency romance debut involving a rake and a matchmaker, a tricky dilemma, and witty repartee. Jilted , by Rachael Johns. Laced with Magic , by Barbara Bretton. The Lady of the Storm , by Kathryne Kennedy.

    After Marisol ends up in rehab not for substance abuse but for a shopping addiction and her trust fund is put on hold, she becomes a nanny and comes to the rescue of a former NFL star who is the father of rambunctious kids.

    The Lone Texan , by Jodi Thomas. Having become a doctor, Sage returns home to Galveston only to run into Drummond, the bane of her existence and now a Texas Ranger. Thomas concludes her Whispering Mountain historical romantic-suspense series with another fast-paced and colorful tale. The Lord of Illusion , by Kathryne Kennedy. In her superb third fantasy-steeped romantic-suspense novel in the Elven Lords series, Kennedy follows outcast Drystan as he searches for the rainbow-eyed girl of his visions and finds enslaved Camille. Lord Perfect , by Loretta Chase. Love Letters from a Duke , by Elizabeth Boyle.

    The Marrying Season , by Candace Camp. After praying to St. Will this merely be a marriage of propriety? Wherever fearless suffragist Arabella Beckett goes, trouble follows. Never Romance a Rake , by Liz Carlyle. Carlyle brings her Neville family trilogy to a splendid conclusion with the captivating story of a tormented rake and a delightfully unconventional heroine in this luscious and funny historical romance.

    The Night Is Mine , by M. Buchman sends chef and helicopter pilot Captain Emily Beale on special assignment to the White House in this hard-to-put-down tale of nonstop action, a surprise villain, and forbidden love. Once a Thief , by Suzann Ledbetter. Only Mine , by Susan Mallery. The Pelican Bride , by Beth White. Practice Makes Perfect , by Julie James. The Prayer Box , by Lisa Wingate. Rainshadow Road , by Lisa Kleypas. Kleypas begins a new trilogy with this emotionally riveting, lightly paranormal tale about romance-leery glass artist Lucy and Sam, who is not now nor ever will be interested in a long-term relationship.

    River Road , by Jayne Ann Krentz. Rough and Ready , by Sandra Hill.

    The 50 Best Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

    Hill continues her fantastic saga of time-traveling Norsemen and bawdy women in this wildly inventive tale of a rampaging eleventh-century evildoer, a heroic U. Navy SEAL, and the gal who wins his heart. Say Yes to the Marquess , by Tessa Dare. Secrets of a Scandalous Bride , by Sophia Nash. Shadow Touch , by Marjorie M.

    Sixteen Brides , by Stephanie Grace Whitson. Sizzle and Burn , by Jayne Ann Krentz. Raine hears voices, and private investigator Zack sees visions as Krentz continues her addictively readable Arcane Society series, deftly fusing paranormal-flavored suspense with sexy romance. So Enchanting , by Connie Brockway. RITA Award—winning Brockway excels in a Victorian-era tale of a scandal-plagued widow, a young woman with strange powers, and a suspect lord in this sexy and bewitching battle of wits and wiles. Soul Song , by Marjorie M.

    Steamed , by Katie MacAlister. Captain Octavia Pye is surprised to find Dr. Jack Fletcher aboard her airship, and he is astonished to find himself in a parallel universe as the always-inventive MacAlister fashions a highly entertaining steampunk fantasy romance. Straight from the Hip , by Susan Mallery. Tempting , by Susan Mallery. Mallery continues her popular Buchanan family series with the story of feisty Dani, whose search for her father leads her to presidential candidate Mark Canfield, much to the glee of a rapacious media thrilled with the discovery of a secret love child.

    This Heart of Mine , by Brenda Novak. In this second-chance contemporary romance, Novak sensitively explores redemption, forgiveness, and the healing power of love. Carlyle is at her luscious best in this dark, sensual, and richly emotional Regency romance about two complex individuals who are given another chance at love. Clair, who thinks Thorn could use some serious sprucing up, too. Through Waters Deep , by Sarah Sundin.

    Adams and Cathy Clamp. This popular duo launches a new paranormal series with an imaginative, sexy, and suspenseful tale featuring tough Kate, a world-traveling courier in danger of being forced into becoming a vampire queen, and Tom, a heroic werewolf firefighter. Trouble in High Heels , by Christina Dodd. The Ugly Duchess , by Eloisa James.

    James expertly infuses her latest fairy-tale love story with humor and sensuality as wealthy Theodora Saxby, certain that with her looks only a fortune hunter will marry her, is forced to reconsider her best friend, the Earl of Islay. An Unlikely Suitor , by Nancy Moser. Virgin River , by Robyn Carr. Carr launches a new, edgy contemporary series set in rural California, focusing here on Melinda, a nurse and midwife seeking peace and quiet and finding that while there is much to embrace in Virgin River, life is as precarious as anywhere else.

    A Wedding in Springtime , by Amanda Forester. What a Duke Dares , by Anna Campbell. Campbell continues her Sons of Sin series in this lusciously sensual, scintillatingly witty Regency romance about a fraught encounter between highly desirable Camden Rothermere, Marquess of Pembridge, and Penelope Thorne, the woman who turned him down years ago. When the Duke Returns , by Eloisa James. Eleven years after their wedding by proxy, Lady Isidore finally meets her husband as James puts a clever spin on a classic romantic plot in the latest scintillating installment in her superb Georgian-era Desperate Duchesses series.

    The Wicked Wyckerly , by Patricia Rice. Wild Jinx , by Sandra Hill. This list is incomplete. I just wanted to say thank you so much for including Everything But a Groom on the list!! And did I compeletly miss Nora Roberts. And did I compeletly miss Nora Roberts? Some new authors to check out… but a list like this seems incomplete without Kristan Higgins! No Nora Roberts or Debbie Macomber? Who picked these books?

    This List is bogus. No credibility. There must be a lot of books she has never read so understandably she has missed the best. Usually when I read a list like this I buy a book or two but she gets no bucks from her recommendations.

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    Nalini Singh? Kresley Cole? Kristan Higgins? Molly Harper? Julia Quinn? Jeaniene Frost? Rachel Gibson? Karen Rose? Sonali Dev? All who have published many books including many of my favorites in the last decade not to mention last year! Great list, several of my favorites are there and some Ive not yet read, thanks for putting this together! I am looking for the title and author of a certain book. I only remember the summary about a sculptor who is the male character who fell in love with an american teacher.

    Please assist anyone. Hi Great Listing of Books. I have personally read accidental bride, which is cult classic. Planning to read more.