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Severian arrives to the man's house but, due to time-travel related phenomena, the man disappears as he is led away. Upon returning to the camp, Severian discovers it has been attacked and abandoned. Severian soon finds the new camp where most of those he met during his stay are dead or dying. Eventually, Severian is drawn into war against armies of the North composed of people known as Ascians. Severian nearly perishes but is rescued by the androgynous spy he met in the House Absolute, the Autarch of the Commonwealth. Severian is nursed back to health and converses with the Autarch about his role in the Commonwealth.

They board a flier and while heading out over the war zone, they are shot down. The Autarch is dying and tells Severian to consume the alzabo vial around his neck and consume his flesh, as Severian is to be the next Autarch.

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Severian does so and thus he acquires hundreds of consciousnesses that the Autarch once had. Before the Autarch died, he messaged Vodalus that the Autarch was aboard the flier. Thea and a group of Vodalus' men descend on the crash site and rescue Severian from the Ascians. Severian is held prisoner and is visited by Agia who attempts to kill him once again. He survives and is rescued by the green time traveler whom he rescued earlier in The Claw of the Conciliator. The green man opens a passage through time in which Severian is then visited by an alien who takes the form of Master Malrubius and Triskele.

Malrubius tells him that he must one day face a challenge that will either allow man to return to the stars if he succeeds or strip him of his manhood, leaving him infertile, and unable to produce an heir if he fails. Severian realizes that the last Autarch must have failed which feminized him and gave him his androgynous looks. After the meeting, Severian is left on a beach. He discovers a bush covered in thorns. He claims the single black one, grown from a species of bush that grow exclusively white Claw shapes, and ponders the meaning of the Claw in relationship to higher beings, time-travel and the New Sun.

Severian makes his way back to Nessus aboard a ship whose crew revere him on sight. He visits with people of his past and assumes the role of Autarch. He returns to the waiter who slipped him the note in the Shadow of the Torturer saying that Agia had been there before. The note was meant for Dorcas who reminded the waiter of his mother. A picture of Dorcas in a locket around the waiter's neck confirms this suspicion.

Severian also notes that the waiter very much resembles himself and it is implied that the waiter is Severian's father. The book ends with Severian exploring the citadel and retracing Triskele's steps through an underground building.

Seeing the dog's footsteps and his own he follows the latter, returning to the Atrium of Time. The book is yet again a continuation of Severian's narration of the aftermath of his ascent to the throne and subsequent journey "between the suns" to be judged and win back the fountain of life that will rejuvenate the slowly dying sun and revive life on Urth. When the book begins, Severian has already rewritten his accounts of before and is beginning his new log aboard the spaceship that will take him to Yesod, an enigmatic planet, home to the godlike beings who have the power to grant Urth and its sun a new lease on life.

Aboard the ship, Severian meets Zak, a mysterious being, who begins small and soon develops human form and turns out to be the all-powerful Tzadkiel of Yesod. Once in Yesod, Severian faces an immense task of facing all the deceased people he has encountered since his childhood, including Thecla and Master Malrubius. When he faces the tribunal to be judged by Tzadkiel, he is told that the trial was already successfully passed. Severian is made the New Sun.

After his return to Urth from Yesod, he finds the sun still dying, and that the New Sun is still very far, far away, but nevertheless moving relentlessly. He learns that many years have passed backwards. He also learns that he possesses healing power that he once attributed the Claw of the Conciliator. He encounters an earlier version of Typhon who attempts to kill him. He manages to escape via the Corridors of Time.

There, with the aid of a version of Tzadkiel, he travels back to the future. In his palace he finds his wife Valeria sitting on the throne attended by his old enemy Baldanders who has grown enough to match the size of an undine.

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Shortly after Severian reveals himself, an apocalyptic flood washes away the citadel and much of the land of Urth, thus bringing destruction and rebirth. Severian, the main character and narrator to the series, can be interpreted as a Christ figure. His life has many parallels to the life of Jesus , and Gene Wolfe, a Catholic , has explained that he deliberately mirrored Jesus in Severian. He compares Severian's profession as a torturer to Jesus's profession as a carpenter in The Castle of the Otter : [7].

It has been remarked thousands of times that Christ died under torture. Many of us have read so often that he was a "humble carpenter" that we feel a little surge of nausea on seeing the words yet again. But no one ever seems to notice that the instruments of torture were wood, nails, and a hammer; that the man who built the cross was undoubtedly a carpenter too; that the man who hammered in the nails was as much a carpenter as a soldier, as much a carpenter as a torturer. Very few even have seem to have noticed that although Christ was a "humble carpenter," the only object we are specifically told he made was not a table or a chair, but a whip.

Severian's life parallels Jesus' occasionally, with his descent into the cave of the man-apes being a Harrowing of Hell scene, his resurrection of Declan being a Lazarus of Bethany scene, and his friendship with Jonas reflecting Ahasuerus. In this respect he represents the wandering Jew. Also mirroring the crown of thorns, the Claw of the Conciliator, a thorn that causes Severian to shed blood, later becomes a religious relic due to its relation to Severian. Terminus Est represents his crucifix , with Severian describing his sword in Urth of the New Sun as a "dark cross upon my shoulder.

Peter Wright calls the series an " apotheosis " of traditional Dying Earth elements and themes, and Douglas Barbour suggests that the book is a foundational mosaic of that literary heritage:. Wolfe has not only written a truly marvellous science fantasy set millions of years in our future on a dying 'Urth', he has written the book on such works Traces of this literary tradition can be found throughout the book. In The Sword of the Lictor , Cyriaca tells Severian a legend about an automated city, with rebirth as a central theme.

This mirrors John W. Campbell 's Twilight , where sentient machines remove the need for human labor. Wolfe himself said that when he was a teenager Twilight had a great effect on his writing, and this homage to that story is not just a passing reference, but an allusion to a literary predecessor. Later in the story, Wolfe alludes to The Time Machine , with the scene where Severian meets the glowing man-apes mirroring the Time Traveler's confrontation with the Morlocks. In both stories the protagonist holds up a light to awe the cave peoples, but in the Book of the New Sun Severian relates to the humanity of the man-apes with the glowing Claw of the Conciliator, while in The Time Machine the Time Traveler intimidates the Morlocks with his fire.

Don Maitz illustrated the cover of the first publication, and Bruce Pennington illustrated the second cover. The original tetralogy has also been split into two volumes, appropriately named Shadow and Claw and Sword and Citadel , both published in by Orb Publications. Each book has been separately translated into French , German , Dutch , and Japanese. The Japanese printings of the tetralogy and coda were illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano.

Each of the four original volumes won at least one major fantasy or science fiction award as the year's "Best Novel" as shown by the table below. Gene Wolfe uses a variety of archaic and obscure terms throughout the series, and Wolfe himself, in the appendix of The Shadow of the Torturer , explains that the words are used because they are the closest translations in our current language, and no words are created:.

In rendering this book—originally composed in a tongue that has not yet achieved existence—into English, I might easily have saved myself a great deal of labor by having recourse to invented terms; in no case have I done so. Thus in many instances I have been forced to replace yet undiscovered concepts by their closest twentieth-century equivalents. Wolfe admits, however, that some mistakes may have been made in spelling or exact meaning. His choice of words often come from an English—Latin dictionary or an English—Greek dictionary, where he finds roots of words to use.

Wolfe states that he uses strange and arcane words because he "thought they were the best for the story [he] was trying to tell. He compares the narrator, Severian, and the reader to an English-speaking person and a German-speaking person building a boat: [18]. They were actually doing something, you see; and the German understood what it was they were doing. Because they were working together exactly as a writer and reader must the unintelligible request was heard as "I need something," and the German had little difficulty guessing what was needed. Why bother, in that case, to learn English?

Or learn German? In the narrowest sense, you don't But knowing is better and broader and deeper than even the best guessing, and knowing is more fun. Two examples of the arcane words Wolfe uses are " Ascian " and " Hydrargyrum ". Ascian, despite its similarity to the word "Asian" is derived from a Latin word meaning "without shadow", as the Ascians are tropic dwellers who have no shadow at noon. Hydrargyrum, the fluid contained in Severian's sword Terminus Est, is derived from the Latin "hydr", meaning water, and "arguers", meaning silver, as hydrargyrum is liquid mercury.

The Ascian language further expounds on the idea that word choice alters the thinking of people, as the Ascian language is simply a set of quotations from government propaganda called "Correct Thought". In order to communicate, Ascians must memorize many quotations. This government regulation of language directly regulates the thought of Ascians.

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The Book of the New Sun Front cover of the first one-volume edition Dewey Decimal. Main article: Ascian language. Novels portal. Le Guin 's Earthsea series. Retrieved Select a title to see its linked publication history and general information. Select a particular edition title for more data at that level, such as a front cover image or linked contents.

Martin on Magic Vs. Locus Publications. Archived from the original on Gene Wolfe.

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Starmont reader's guide reprint, annotated ed. Wildside Press LLC. Liverpool University Press. Worlds Without End. Oxford University Press.

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Lexicon Urthus, Second Edition. By Michael Andre-Driussi illustrated ed. Sirius Fiction. Greenwood Publishing Group. Works by Gene Wolfe. The Knight The Wizard Severian Terminus Est Ascian language Inhumi. Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel. The Silmarillion by J. Tolkien Harpist in the Wind by Patricia A. Tehanu by Ursula K. Le Guin Beauty by Sheri S. Rowling A Storm of Swords by George R.

Nebula Award for Best Novel.

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Under the Skin. Black Hole. The New 52 ongoing Animal Man features many body horror elements including grotesque mutations, disease and decomposition of animals, plants and humans alike. Later adapted into the Guinea Pig film series. Features transformations and mutilation. A massive pit causes numerous ailments for returning explorers, depending on depth. The gatherer enemies are deformed human-like monsters; their eyelids are cut off and their bottom jaw is mutilated and stretched down and attached to their chests leaving their mouths permanently open. Both BioShock and BioShock 2 consist of enemies called Splicers, who were once normal humans that were heavily mutated and driven insane from a drug called ADAM, which they used to re-write their genetic codes to develop "psychic" powers such as telekinesis and pyrokinesis.

The game also contains the iconic Big Daddy, which is a man whose skin has been removed, and whose organs have been grafted to the inside of a modified deep-sea diving suit. BioShock Infinite uses a similar premise, although in this case series of compounds called Vigors grant the player extraordinary abilities; however, unlike ADAM they are consumed orally rather than injected. In this game, the Big Daddy has been replaced by the Handyman, a human whose spinal cord, head, and heart have been connected to a steampunk robotic frame with minor effects like psychological trauma.

The primary enemies of the series are called Necromorphs, which are mutated humans with protruding appendages, open wounds, and rotting flesh. The fallout games take place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and as such, many of the enemies and species have physical deformities from the radiation.

Parasitic monsters known as Headcrabs attach themselves to heads of people and cause them to develop mutations such as elongated claws and gaping jaws in their chests. An indie puzzle platformer developed by Playdead. Inside tells the story about a young boy as he struggles against evil forces trying to take over the world.

The boy infiltrates a massive facility where scientists perform mind-control and underwater experiments on human bodies. A pharmaceutical company uses a mutagenic T-Virus in order to produce monsters to sell as weapons. The most basic were zombie versions of whatever organism was infected or giant versions of insects. Later games introduce, for example, more viruses and las plagas an ancient parasite which take over animal nervous systems.

Parasite Eve series. The Squaresoft now known as Square Enix video game based on the Japanese SF horror novel of the same title , was released in The premise of both the novel and "cinematic RPG" being that the mitochondria , organelles from early aerobic bacteria that formed a symbiotic partnership with cells of most present-day multicellular eukaryotes , e.

A dispersed intelligence, known as Eve, was able to take over the consciousness of certain individuals to make them reproduce and form an ultimate organism that will bring the downfall of humanity and other creatures alike. Special Forces team sent to the Antarctic outpost featured in the film to determine what has happened to the research crew.

The enemies encountered come in three main forms. A SF survival horror game developed by Frictional Games.